Chapter Nine

Buffy was never one for waiting. For that matter neither was Spike. Each was deep in their thoughts and only the sound of a light wind could be heard. If they where able to pull this off no one from the Scooby gang would ever be bothered again. Buffy didn't want to think about the alternative. If the Watchers weren't stopped today then she and all her friends would be condemned to death. It was one of her greatest fears.

I guess that was why Slayers worked alone. She thought and perhaps that would be something she would have to think about later when this was over. How could she continue putting her mom and friends in jeopardy. How was it that in the whole history of the world that know one even question the fact that slayers had such short lives? There must of been friends or family and some watchers that would of said or thought about it. Buffy knew that she could forgive Giles but she would never again trust him like she once did. She would above all else keep her friends and family safe. Buffy caught the movement of the shadow and she felt Spike tense as well.

As one they stepped out of the alley. Spike gave her a look of reassurance with a smile. Then his demeanour changed and his well known smirk came over him. She could not help but return it.

Spike turned his back to them and with a loud voice spoke.

"Slayer! You are one daft bint... You know that? How is it that whenever you go on patrol you come across my cheeky ass and bother this ole poor vampire who just happens to be minding his own business...Uh?

Buffy crossed her arms and and put on a stern face. "Yeah, Right! When are you not up to something? Yeah I must be Mother Theresa and not the Slayer."

" Oi! I like to see you in a habit? Do I get to peek under your frocks?'

" Your such a pig?"

"Always luv." he laughed as he lit a smoke.

"And don't call me luv." While they had been talking Buffy had kept an eye on the forward moving shadows. There was at least six or seven of them. For so called trained assassins they weren't very stealthy. Thought Buffy. She gave Spike a hidden meaningful stare.

"Right! well luv got things to do be on my way." And with the toss of the smoke he was dodging toward the cemetery and trough the gates.

"Hey, come back here. Not finished dusting your flat ass." She shouted after him.

She could hear the quite snort from him as he darted to the right and against the wall of the cemetery. Buffy was right on his heels and she jolted to a stop beside him. Together, they pressed themselves close to the wall waiting for their tails to show up. Within moments the first shadows appeared.

Like two bounding cats they leaped forward. Buffy in the lead. She grabbed hold of the first man and pulled him toward her and at the same time she struck him in the face she was reaching for the second man as she pushed the first out of her way. Within her she could feel unfamiliar powers coming into motion. All her senses seemed heighten and she let a giggle escape at the superior way she was feeling.

It was like she was moving faster then anyone else and she danced among them.

As for Spike he was also dancing as he punched out. Striking multiply at two and then tripped a third. Within seconds they where running again. Buffy and Spike could hear the chanting as they came into the area that the rest of the Scoobies where hiding.

"Hurry." Yelled Buffy. As Buffy and Spike ran by them the Watchers where right behind them. As they entered the clearing a Orange light surrounded them.

Giles,Tara and Anya spoke words, furiously.

Giles tossed powder in there direction and it entered the circle. The men dropped with out a sound. As the orange lite dissolved Anya and Tara stepped forward. Words of power being spoken they too tossed dust. The dust turned to red sparkles and landed on the unconscious men. The red dust seeped into them.

As one the last words where spoken.


Buffy and Spike made there way close to the others and just then from the other direction Xander came to a skidding halt.

"Holy Hamburgers. I can't believe you guys took care of them so fast."

"Hey it's all in the team work. These guys won't know what hit them. They will wake tomorrow with no knowledge how they got here nor what there purpose was and with every person they come in contact with who knew about this, will not remember as well." Giles said. Confidence oozed from him.

"Yes, We are brilliant." said Anya as she beamed as well.

"Well, lets get these guys into your car Xander and back to there hotel." Buffy was happy at how it all easily had come together.

"Yeah. OK.. I just get the car closer anddd...OH CRAP!"

All eyes shot to the Xander. His eyes widening in alarm.

'What!" Exclaimed Spike and Buffy at the same time

"There are only 7 guys here! There should be eight!"

"OH CRAP!" Echoed all present.

"Are you sure Xander? Maybe you miss counted?" Asked Buffy as she felt anger raising within her.

" Hey! May not be that swift with math, but I can count to at least count to 8. So Yes am sure. I followed them all the way from the airport and somehow you missed one." Said Xander concern shinning on his face not only at this new problem, but at the way Buffy was starting to look. Where her eyes actually turning gold?

"You told Willow that they where all following Xander!" Accused Buffy. She took a step toward Xander as he took a step back. Spike lightly grabbed hold of her hand and she instantly calmed.

"They all left at the same time Buffster. I only lost sight of them when they first spotted you and Spike. He must of booked it when you guys where fighting. Am sorry Buffy. I was just doing what you asked and staying away so that they would end up following you guys."

" Am sorry Xander. I didn't mean to get angry at you. I know you where trying your best." She smiled in reassurance at her friend.

As if sensing Spike looking at her she turned her gaze at him. There faces where matched. A mix of concern and disbelief at this new problem. Both warriors knew that the plan was to make sure that they where all present and now that one of the watchers was missing. They and all the Scoobies where in deep, deep trouble. Then again when where they not?

Ok So I know it was not much of a battle but that was the plan. We got a Assassin missing and you can bet that he will be after them. I wanted to thank those that reviewed and are following along. I would love to hear some suggestions if you have any. Thanks