"And now here's our main reporter, Sunny Green. Sunny?"

"Yes… I'm here, standing next to Espen Byström and I'm on board the HMS Aqua Jet. It's bound for a course along the shoreline where some whalers have been spotted. Now, here's our interview…"

Espen's POV

"I live in the extreme place on earth. It's called Antarcticiss. It is the coldest, most desolate, loneliest place… It is about 15 degrees during the day, and at night, it drops to -25. There aren't very many species of Pokémon living there except a few ice types like Dewgong and the penguin Pokémon: Piplup, Prinplup and Empoleon. Of course, there are whales such as Wailmer, Wailord, Baleos and Orcinus. Food for these creatures includes krill and fish. (This is our diet too but we like to bring along frozen and freeze-dried food too.)

"I don't actually live on the continent; I live on a ship called the HMS Aqua Jet. My crew is made up of 30 anti-whalers. What we do? We protect whales. We are their voices. We'll do anything to drive whalers away from Antarcticiss and surrounding areas. My name is Espen Byström. I'm the captain and the crew leader.

"I don't have very many likes. I love to be out here, sitting on the deck of my beautiful ship. I love to cook and apparently, I make the best buttered krill. Sunny, you'll to try some, would you like to?" I asked, confident (even though I was on national live television).

"Yes Espen, I'd love to. I'm sure our viewers would be interested in your tastes. Maybe they'll want to try some too."

"I'm sorry but we cannot export any living things from here but I'm sure the viewers would be interest anyway."

"Well folks, I'm going to be spending a month on the HMS Aqua Jet. I will post a video log everyday of what happens. You can see it on our website: sinnownow (dot) org. Back to you, Jennifer." The camera operator turned off his camera and I sighed. I knew this was going to be one long month…

"You all right, Espen?" Sunny looked at me with concern. I nodded slightly. "Please, show us what you do all day." This cheered me up, sort of. I smiled and nodded.

"Right, I'll show you, but be warned. You're going to need a thick jacket. It's minus four out there right now," I pointed to the thermometer. Sunny gulped. "Don't worry… it won't bite," I said jokingly. Sunny fainted spot-on. "Well, damn… I scared him to death!" I sighed and spun the helm around – en route to our target ship…

A/N: Yeah… strange beginning but I hope you like it… I haven't seen very much of Whale Wars but I'm starting to watch it now.