There you go, folks, my new story. I know I said I'm gonna rewrite "He still stands inspite of what his scars say" first. I will eventually rewrite it, but I decided to have this one up first.

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI Miami or it's characters, nor any real persons or events that turn up in the story at some point. I do own my OC Nicole Ferguson, though, as well as her pets.

This story is obviously set before the season finale, somewhere after "L.A." but before "Time Bomb". So, there will be some spoilers, but not huge ones. The title of this fic is taken from Lady Gaga's song "Paparazzi". I don't own the song.

1. I'd date him if he was major

It was a bright and sunny morning when Ryan Wolfe arrived at the Miami Dade Headquarters. But he had not even got out of the car properly when, dangerously close to his Hummer, a silver Mercedes stopped. He sighed deeply and opened his window. "So, the lunatic Brit is back in town. Don't you have two weeks off?"

Nicole Ferguson scrolled her window down too and leaned over the passenger's seat. Her blue eyes sparkled like only eyes that had just returned from a two weeks holiday could, "It's been already a fortnight, sugar. Today's my first day back. How are you?"

Now, Ryan smiled, "Glad to have you back. It's been really boring. How was L.A.?"

Now, Nicole looked gloomily, "Oh, it was great. Valera and I had the fun of our lives. We met a whole bunch of A-list celebs. Do you remember the blonde kid from The war at home? Cute as a button. If it wasn't illegal… Anyways, as I said, we had the fun of our lives, until we ran into Delko and Horatio on the beach. Can you imagine?"

"I know, they were there on business. Something about Cardoza… You went to L.A. with Valera?"

"Of course. We wanted to take Nat along, but she hadn't anymore days. Why do you ask?"

"So… you live with Valera, you work with Valera, and you go on holidays with Valera… Don't you two have some sort of an… over dose?"

Nicole laughed, "Never! I love being with her. So, everything alright with Prince Jesse?"

"Of course, what do you think? He's as clear as the Miami morning breeze. If that had been me… but at least, it's always fun with him and Walter."

"Yeah, but that's mainly because of you and Walter. Is biggie around?"

"Sure. I was just on my way to get in and listen to some new jokes about my size."

"What's there to joke…. pint-size?" She grinned.

Ryan frowned, "You weren't there. Valera wasn't there. How the hell did you find out?"

"I still have my beloved boyfriend in there. But don't worry, that cutie from The war at home is only 5' 8'', and still, I'd date him if he was major."

"I never thought you were a little pervert. Come on, let's get in. Maybe there's a crime scene for us to go to."

"I'm sure there is. Oh, by the way. Don't tell Cardoza about me and Travers. I don't trust him."

Ryan grinned, "Nicole, most of the lab knows about you and Travers. Don't you think that he knows?"

"I don't know. Travers told me Cardoza has out of nowhere asked him if he had a girlfriend. He guessed it was because Cardoza thinks he's a little freako, but now that you say it, probably he was just asking him to find out if the lab's gossip is true… But then again, this lab isn't really the brightest. Remember, you were the only one who noticed about Calleigh and Eric."

"True, yeah. You could prolly nail Travers right in Trace Lab and they wouldn't notice."

There was indeed a case for them. Murder in South Beach. When Nicole and Ryan arrived at the crime scene, Walter Simmons, Jesse Cardoza and the new M.E. Tom Loman were already there. Nicole warmly greeted Walter and Tom, but ignored Jesse. Ryan had to grin; Nicole was known for her loyalty to anybody she liked, and if somebody somehow insulted them… He wondered if, after that comment to Travers, Nicole would talk to Cardoza anytime soon. He actually was asking himself why she and Tom got on so well. He was quite a prickly man, and Ryan himself just couldn't warm up to him. He found the silence now a bit awkward and asked Jesse, "So, what do we have?"

Jesse pointed at the body at Loman's feet. "Grandis MacLellan. Apparently killed last night. Husband Marcus MacLellan found her." He pointed at three men standing behind the crime scene tape. "The tall blonde one is Marcus. The other blond is the brother, Daniel MacLellan. The last one is their friend Robert Donovan."

Ryan checked them out, "How come brother and friend are here?"

Jesse reviewed his notes, "They had a guys' night and crashed at Donovan's place, because it's just around the corner from the bar they were hanging out at. They drove him over this morning and saw the door was open. Hubby went in, saw her lying in the kitchen, screamed… and here we are."

Ryan nodded again, "I see. So, MacLellan… the name sounds Scottish."

"It is. The wife was American, but the brothers are Scottish. Let me tell you, I had trouble understanding what he was saying. Not only was he in tears, but that accent… You know Scottish is a lot worse than what Travers and Nicole talk?"

"You mean, British? Or Nicole's cockney slang when she's talking to herself? Anyways, I know she lived in Glasgow for a year or so. She might understand them, so go and ask her to take the statements later."

"Right, as if she would do that. I can sense some hostility from her side."

Ryan grinned, "Ah, don't worry, no one can resist your charms… exactly, what is Nicole doing there?"

Jesse looked at where Ryan was pointing to, "She's talking to a bush…."

Ryan frowned and walked over to Nicole, "So, what does the bush tell you?"

"Very funny. It's a cat. And it's scared."

He grinned, "I can sense a new adoption coming ahead. So, you've talked to Tom, has he found something?"

"Why don't you talk to him yourself? He won't bite you. You always bite him… Come here, little kitty, come here… Where are my cookies?"

Ryan sighed and walked over to Tom. Since their first meeting, they had bumped heads on countless occasions. Now he said, "Okay, I don't want any beef today, so… what can you tell me?"

Tom looked at him, "I don't want any… beef either. Your victim has been stabbed. Multiple times. One stab punctured her lung. You can see around her mouth she exhaled blood. My guess: it was fatal. More when I have her on the table."

"Thanks. Any potential murder weapon around?"

"I got it here!" Nicole said.

Ryan turned to her. She had managed to get the cat out from under the bush, and now the little snow-white kitten sat on her lap and enjoyed being caressed. He sat down next to her and noticed immediately the red smears on the cat's fur. "Is she hurt?"

"No, I don't think so." Nicole pointed under the bush. "There's a knife lying there. From the blood on it my amateur CSI eyes tell me it could be the murder weapon. I think she was sitting on it. Maybe she wanted to guard it until the cops come. Don't you, my little cutie? Don't you? Yes, you're a bright one, my little angel. What's your name, lovey?"

"Her name is Liz." It was Marcus MacLellan, screaming from behind the crime scene tape.

Nicole smiled, "Oh, isn't that cute? My second name is Liz, too."

Marcus MacLellan looked at his brother, frowning, and then back at Nicole, "Are yer kidding me? Mah wife has been killed, and ye talk to the cat?"

"Is it your cat?"

"It's mah wife's… listen, she's been killed! What's so damn important about the cat?"

"Well, the cat is still alive and hungry…" Jesse and Ryan looked at Nicole, who now noticed what she had said and bit her lip. "That was rude."

MacLellan looked at her, "I cannae believe…" Then he ducked under the crime scene tape and walked towards Nicole, who got up immediately, ready to face him.

But Walter Simmons, who had been taking pictures of the scene so far, stepped in front of her. He looked down at MacLellan, "There a problem, Mac? This is a crime scene, so go back behind the tape and leave the young lady alone."

MacLellan seemed to think that it was not the best idea to mess with the huge man. So he just turned away, muttering, "Ye can keep her. Never liked the damn cat anyway."

"I'm sure that was mutual…" Nicole and Walter murmured simultaneously.

Jesse and Ryan looked at each other and shrugged, and Jesse said, "Seems like I need to talk to them without her being my Scots-American dictionary… Or you wanna play a game of rock-paper-scissors?"

This was Chapter One. Special thanks go to the amazing DragonFriend95, my beta reader, who not only sorts out my grammar mistakes and typos, but also helps me with the Scottish guys' accent. Thanks a lot.