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You can do this, Bella. Just try again, it can't be that hard. That was the mantra I was telling myself over and over.

I was sitting in my room for nearly three hours now and studying math, with the glorious result of: nothing, nada, niente, null.

It is so frustrating, why can nearly everybody on this earth understand these things and I don't? At this moment I'm clinging to the thought that it is the fault of my solution book and my results are totally correct.

Not that this week was stressful enough, I just got my period yesterday. Edward said nothing about it and I wondered if he didn't realize it or if he was just the gentleman, he always is. I bet on the last.

I glance at my watch on my nightstand and sigh. Half past twelve. Great. Tomorrow is a normal school day and I'm going to be exhausted from the moment I stand up.

I take my wash bag and go into the bathroom. After my shower I was looking at my reflection in the mirror. I was wearing leggings and an old t-shirt and once again I curse myself for not bringing the Victoria's Secret robe with me.

On the way to my room I hear my dad snoring in his room. When I got back into my room I opened my window, like every night. I decided to sit a moment beside the window and breathe the fresh and cold air of Forks. The air was cold and wet, so different from the hot and dry one I was once used to. Once I thought again what Edward was doing now. He told he had to help Alice today with something. I didn't listen properly, but it was all I was thinking at the moment. I missed him terribly already and I had to wait until the morning so I can see him again. It was torture, but he ensured me that he will meet me downstairs first thing in the morning. I sighed and closed the window; it was going to be a cold night. I pulled the covers over my head and fell into a restless sleep.