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"Bella? Is that you?"

"Yeah dad.'"

"Isn't Alice with you?"

"No, she just brought me home, because she needed to head home herself." I sighed. But honestly I was proud of myself that I was able to lie without blushing. After we were parked in front of my house, Edward opened my door, helped my out and kissed me softly.

"I'll be there as soon as Charlie is asleep." He whispered into my ear.

I wasn't able to form a coherent sentence so I just nodded. He smirked and drove away.

"I see. How was your night out?" Charlie asked without much interest, because his eyes were still glued to the screen.

"Nice, but you know, I like a quiet night in much more." I had to smile a little.

"Yes, me too." He murmured.

"Ok. So good night dad, I'm going get some sleep." I faked a yawn, hoping it was believable.

When I reached for the knob on my door I heard Charlie yell.

"I nearly forgot to tell you Bells that I won't be home till seven tomorrow… is this okay for you?"

"Of course dad, good night."

"Sleep well, Bella."

"You too, Charlie." I whispered to myself as I closed the door.

As I entered my room, I hoped that Edward would already be here, but of course he wasn't.

Why are so disappointed? He told you he wouldn't be here until Charlie is fast asleep.

Maybe I just thought that he would break is damn rules once. His stupid, precious rules!

I decided not to think about it anymore and rather take a shower. I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, because I needed to get my nightclothes from the laundry room. I brushed my teeth and headed downstairs.

Charlie wasn't in front of the TV anymore. I was so spaced out in the shower that I didn't even hear him go into his room.

As I made my way through the living room, I saw a shadow outside the window, but only for a second. My heartbeat accelerated immediately.


Don't freak out. It probably was just my imagination running wild. I took a few deep breaths and continued my way to my destination. As I took the last step down I tripped over my own feet and lost my balance.

I pulled my hands in front of my face and prepared myself for the most likely painful connection with the floor.

Suddenly two arms grabbed my waist and steadied me. After only a few seconds he let go of me again. I turned around and saw him standing there with a clenched jaw, taking deep breaths and letting his eyes travel my body up and down.

I looked down myself too and saw that the towel only hang loosely on my body now and blushed. I turned around again and fastened it.


"Don't be." He tried to smile but it was forced.

"You know, why don't you go up into my room and I'll meet you there in five minutes?" I asked trying to lighten the mood a little bit.

"Okay, but please pay more attention. I want my Bella in one piece." This time his smile was genuine.

"Yeah, Yeah." I grumbled, slightly embarrassed of my lack of coordination. And with that he was up the stairs and gone.

I exhaled loudly and changed into a pair of yoga pants and a t- shirt.

I made my way back to my room and closed the door quietly behind me.

Edward smiled at me and gestured that I should come to him. Without hesitation I climbed into the bed and curled up beside him. Then I remembered what happened earlier.

"Was that you? I mean that shadow?" I asked, a little bit afraid of the answer.

"Yes" He said. He sounded surprised. "You saw me?"

A wave of relief washed over me.

"Yeah, but only for a second, I was afraid it would be Victoria." I whispered the last part.

"Shh Bella, she's not going to hurt, I'll protect you, no matter what." He said and kissed my hair.

I wanted to tell him that there was a solution to the never ending problem of my safety.

Although I decided not to bring up the topic of my immortality, because it would just end in a fight anyways. Instead I decided to comment on another sensitive topic.

"I missed you lately, you know."

"I know love, I missed you too." He said, but I felt that he was elsewhere with his thoughts.

"No, I don't mean physically, I meant…" How am I going to say this without embarrassing myself?

"I meant your affection?" I asked uncertain, wondering if he would understand my concern.

When I looked up into his eyes the only thing I saw was confusion.

"What I want to say is that you didn't really kiss me lately, or touch me or anything that would imply that you are in any way attracted to me. I mean ok you have your stupid rule about us having sex, but the other things- I just don't understand." When I finished I was bright red that I was sure you could see my cheeks glow in the dark.

"Ahh Bella" he groaned.

"Of course you have to notice everything." He mumbled to himself. I waited for a further explanation.

"I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings in any way, but this way I have better control of myself. I always have to be in control of my every move around you." He said and gripped my hip with his left hand.

"You have absolutely no idea what I wanted to do to you the way you looked downstairs. And you have not the slightest idea of what I want to do now" He had closed his eyes again.

"But I can't." He whispered defeated.

I crawled up beside his body until my face was next to his. I stroked his hair a few times. Then I rested my hand on his cheek, willing him to open his eyes. He leaned into my touch but didn't change his demeanor. I took a deep breath and just decided to act on my stupid human feelings.

"Just let go." I whispered as I leaned in.

I was surprised that not only did he kiss me back but also deepened the kiss and I slowly drew my hands down his torso until he stilled them when I nearly reached his belt. After what seemed like only a few seconds he pulled away and rested his forehead against mine.

"Wow." Was the only word that I could muster at that moment.

"I couldn't have described it better." He chuckled against my skin.

"I want you too, Love, I don't think you know how much. I promise you that from now on I will show you the love you deserve." He said as he pulled me into his arms again.

I raised one eyebrow. He snorted.

"I'm trying Bella really, but you can't expect me to sleep with you right now. Give me some time."

"Okay" I yawned and snuggled deeper into his chest, happy with the outcome of our talk. I was nearly asleep when I heard his voice.

"Love? I forgot to tell you. The Denali clan is coming to pay us a visit."

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