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"Library Closets and the Dangers of Felt Reproductive Organs"

. . .

Mrs. Brooks had put the Book Club to work. She was doing a great and generous service, after all, by acting as club sponsor and allowing them to use her library. Why should she not reap the benefits of such an agreement?

She'd set the two gangly, tall boys the task of dusting all the library shelves. That included under the books. The other three she'd dispatched to clean the storage closet hidden in the back of the library.

Emmett, Angela, and Daisy groaned as they flipped on the lights to the closet. What looked like thirty years of wasted school equipment was packed inside — old Forks High t-shirts, newspapers, textbooks, retro-looking footballs and trophies, anything and everything imaginable from days long since forgotten.

"This is not a closet," Emmett said, taking in the sizable room.

The three students were equipped with brooms, dust rags, and dozens of trash bags. They had been instructed to throw out anything they deemed disposable and organize the rest. The task looked impossible from this side of the closet.

"You're right. It's not a closet. It's a tragedy," Daisy said, disheartened.

"We'll figure it out." Angela always was the optimist. "Emmett, you take that corner." She pointed to the space opposite the door.

"Righto, Madam President," he said.

"Bella," she nodded to the right side of the room. "And I'll take the other."

"On it," Daisy said.

For the next three hours, they sorted and scrubbed, moved and chucked, laughed and cried. They seemed to be making some sort of progress. Trails of empty space ran through the room, which, at the very least, made it easier to carry things in and out.

"Dudettes, come check this out!" Emmett called.

It took a second for Angela and Daisy to find their way over to him through the piles of crap. He was standing next to a tall, green felt board he'd propped up on a shelf, and was holding something that looked uncommonly like a deflated uterus.

"What the hell is that?" Daisy asked, taking the pink object from him. Upon inspection, she determined it was a uterus, cut out from felt fabric similar to the green board.

"I dunno," Emmett said. "I found it in this pile of sex shit. Look, it's a sperm." He dangled a small, squiggly cartoon sperm imprinted on white fabric in front of Angela's face.

Daisy sifted through a pile of textile reproductive organs. "This is like Sex-Ed from the seventies."

"We used to have those at church," Angela said.

"Really?" Daisy asked, holding up a fallopian tube.

"Not with sex parts, obviously. With nativity scenes and stuff. Here, watch." Angela unfolded a peach-colored cloth, that turned out to be a head-to-foot cut out of a boy's body, and stuck it to the green felt board.

"Ooooh," Emmett and Daisy hummed together.

"I get it now," Daisy said. "Then, this would stick to this." She placed a testicle where she approximated it would go on the groin.

"Exactly," Angela said. "We used them in church to—"

"Ah! Ah! It hurts," Emmett said, gripping his forehead.

"What's wrong?" Daisy and Angela asked urgently.

He smiled deviously. "I just got the best idea."

Thirteen minutes later there were both male and female body replicas (distinguished by their hair) stuck to the felt board, body parts were fixed to the replicas in a haphazard manner that no one outside the closet would understand, and Angela was blindfolded, holding a pink and blue scrotum.

"One… two… three…." Daisy counted, turning Angela in circles, then setting her in the direction of the board. Daisy took a step back next to Emmett to watch the blindfolded girl stumble her way towards the felt girl and boy.

Emmett and Daisy snickered as Angela reached the panel. She could only guess what body part they had given her and tentatively reached out to stick it on the board.

"That is excellent, Ange," Emmett said, applauding the scrotum's placement over the boy's left nipple.

Angela lifted the clean dust rag they were using as a blindfold and pumped a fist in the air at her handiwork. "I am president!" she said triumphantly.

"You certainly are," Emmett said, patting her on the back as Daisy gave her best friend a high five.

"My turn," Daisy squeaked, grabbing the blindfold. It was her opinion that Pin-the-Body-Part-on-the-Human should be an internationally produced board game for all to enjoy.

Angela secured the blindfold over her eyes, and Emmett handed her a body part. Three spins later and she was dizzily on her way to the board. Her fingers made contact with the fabric covering the hard surface and she raised the body part with her right hand, using her left to distinguish what section of the board she was on.

"Wait, a little to the left, Bella," Emmett said. "The other left. Little more. Perfect. Right there. Take a look."

Daisy ripped off her blindfold. She burst into a fit of giggles. "Oh, my God!" They had given her the penis. It was now positioned at the corner of the felt girl's mouth. "Emmett, you're such a perv!" She whirled to give her friend a teasing jab on the arm, and her laughter died instantly.

Behind the chuckling Emmett and Angela stood Swirl, arms crossed, in the doorway.

"We finished dusting the bookshelves," Swirl said. "I came to see if you needed an extra hand. Had I known you were having a party," he over-enunciated the word, "I wouldn't have bothered."

"No, we weren't! We were just, um, learning about..." Daisy looked at the board and scratched the back of her head. "Anatomy?"

Silently, Swirl walked over, not taking his eyes off Daisy as he peeled the penis from the girl's mouth and moved it to the boy's groin.

Daisy pinched her bottom lip between her teeth. "Yeah, I suppose that would go there."

Behind her, Emmett and Angela cracked up.