Cherry Petals

I believe that if I should die

and you were to walk near my grave

from the very depths of earth

i would hear your footsteps

Sakura placed her palm against the rough texture of the bark; her fingers tracing every little ridge and dip.

Slowly, painfully, her fingers drew back in a clenched fist. A silent tear fell off her rosy cheeks and onto the base of the cherry blossom tree. Cherry blossom petals stirred around her in a slow dance, a gentle wind glided past her cheeks in a caressing manner.

Little by little, she slumped against the tree, behind her the sunset painted her emotions in the sky. Gradually, her white dress became enveloped by the crimson petals. Her teardrops cascaded down her already moist face.

His forehead bumped softly against hers, his arms embraced her small frame, his smile smiling ...for her.

"You look great in white," he breathed out slowly ", you look like an angel. My angel."

Her pale fingers trembled tenderly, grasping the white fabric that touched her thighs. In her other hand, she clutched a black rose clip. Black rose, a symbol of death...and sin.

"Close your eyes," he whispered.

Obediently, the cherry blossom complied, fluttering her eyes closed. She could feel his smooth hands on her forehead and refrained from giggling out loud.

Quietly, Sasuke slid his arms around her waist from behind, and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Because you're my addiction," he said quietly, "my drug, my sweet sin."

Sakura's orbs slowly faced the mirror in front of her, noting the beautiful black rose in her hair.

Sighing softly, Sakura rested her head against the tree, her emerald orbs , silent and devoid of emotions.

Slowly, one by one the street lights flickered on, illuminating the area around the field. Silently, the fireflies entered the field with the glow. Sakura's eyes gave a flicker of life as the fireflies appeared, turning the night sky into a drawing board as they took flight around the meadow. Some resided into the depths of the ancient blossom tree, allowing the tree to glow with a mystical aura.

Bit by bit, Sakura mouth smiled. Softly. Sadly.

Gently, she relaxed her head against the gravestone of her lover.

Sasuke glanced at the pinkette lying between his legs. He rested his back against the cherry blossom tree, watching the fireflies danced in the air.

Quietly he said, "When I die, I want to be buried here, next to this beautiful blossom tree, as a lasting connection to you."

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