Ok this is my first attempt at Vampire Diaries. Wish me luck. This is in the place of 'Let the Right One In'. Except I took the liberty of switching Stefan and Elena's roles around. I'm not sure how far I will take this story but there will definitely be some Damon/Elena undertones.

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. If they did I would be fabulously rich and ridiculously snobbish.

Damon groaned as the phone buzzed, drawing him from his comfortable state of oblivious intoxication. He took another sip of his scotch hoping the damn thing would just spontaneously combust; its buzzing was making his sensitive ears ring. Not a good addition to the alcohol.

After 13 more buzzes he decided to intervene. Rolling over he grabbed it and flipped it open.

"Saint Stefan can't come to the phone as he is currently out having dinner with his good friend Saint Bernard… and I so do not want to take a message, so can you call back in about… a month or something?" He heard a sharp intake of breath. "Cut the crap, Damon. It's Bonnie. Look do you know where Elena is? I've been trying to call her all day. It's not like her to just bail on school without letting me know. Have you or Stefan pulled her into more of your vampire crap that I should know about?"

Damon frowned, a small prickle of ice jabbing through the warm fumes of alcohol that his body was currently running on. "Surely you know by now, Vampires don't have crap. Not the kind you witches have anyway… and she isn't here but just this once I'll pass on the message when I see Stefan." He hung up on her infuriating babble and zipped out of the house through the woods. Catching the smell of blood he found Stefan busy eating a… gross! Was that a rat? How Elena could kiss that mouth was way beyond his realm of understanding.

Stefan quirked a brow "What is it? Pearl again?" Damon bit down a sneer at the trickle of blood coating Stefan's lips. Could that shit actually be considered blood?

"You just got a call from the bonnie little witch. Elena didn't show up at school today and apparently she thought we had her. Can you believe how judgmental that little witch is? I don't see her ringing up the local werewolf family and questioning them…"

Stefan ignored him, grabbing his phone out of Damon's hand and dialing while he started to speed in the direction of Elena's house.

"Elena. It's Stefan. Look when you get this message could you please call me back. I'm worried about you. Call me soon…ok? Love you."

As they reached her house Stefan jumped up through Elena's window while Damon waited down by the road listening hard. As soon as he heard Elena and Stefan's souls reconnecting with the light of their everlastingly soppy love he would return to his happy state of intoxication. Maybe visit the local college campus- make some new friends, taste some real blood… Shit, he didn't even know why he was waiting. Why should he care that Elena had gone awol? Why did he care?

He turned to speed off with what was left of his rather questionable dignity when he noticed something splattered on the footpath. Leaning down he dipped his finger in it before lifting it to his nose. Fear resonated through his body freezing him on the spot. The kind of terror he hadn't felt in over 100 years, not since Katherine had been carted off with that horrible mask over her face. Fuck!

A swish of movement behind him broke through his panic. "She isn't in the house and her scent is cold. Where do you think she would have gone… Damon?" Stefan's ramble broke off as he took in Damon's expression. "What is it? Do you know where she is?"

Damon dragged his eyes up from his blood coated fingers.

"I have an idea… but you aren't going to like it…."