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Damon smashed on the door, ignoring Stefan's annoying stutters of 'being calm' and 'not jumping to conclusions'. He forced down the urge to bash Stefan's sainted head against the wall. "Pearl open this door or I swear I'll bust through and rip your head off!"

The door opened partially to reveal the smug face of that scumbag Frederick from the tomb. He grinned casually. "Pearls not home…" Damon stepped back as Frederick leaned out to sniff the wet air.

"mmmm… beautiful weather. Not a ray of sun in the sky…"

Damon scowled fed up with this bullshit. "Where's Elena?" he demanded. Stefan shifted uneasily at his side, weakly attempting to diffuse the situation. "It's not that we think you have her… it's just that she's missing and…" Damon thrust his elbow into Stefan's pathetic stomach, shutting him up, while Frederick smirked and opened the door wider. "Billy!"

Behind him two vampires walked out of one of the rooms, dragging with them….. "Elena", Stefan breathed his eyes misting over. Damon remained silent, struggling to contain the rage erupting inside of him.

Elena stood hunched over, her eyes clouded with tears as she silently begged them to do something… Anything. Her hair had been tied away from her face reveal a fresh bite on her neck which was slowly oozing blood. One of her captors bent down and casually licked one of the drops while Elena shuddered under his touch and tried feebly to get away.

Damon snapped. "You are dead!" He charged forward only to be stopped by an invisible barrier over the door.

Frederick laughed. "Woooo, I'm sorry. You haven't been invited in…. Mrs Gibbons", he called to the side beckoning a dazed old lady. "Never let these bad men in."

Mrs Gibbons glazed eyes swept over Damon and Stefan. "I'll never let them in", she promised before turning away.

Damon felt his heart clench and turned his eyes onto Elena's terrified ones. They couldn't get in. Ever. They couldn't help her. He roared with fury smashing his hand into the side of the house, ignoring Stefan's pitiful attempts to reason with Frederick.

Elena let out a cry as one of the vampires holding her shoved her down onto her knees, her face glistening with tears. Frederick stood enjoying the expressions on the Salvatore brothers faces.

"145 years left starving in a tomb thanks to Katherine's infatuation with the two of you. First few weeks every nerve in your body screams with fire. Kind of pain that can drive a person mad." He smiled cruelly… "Well, since Katherine's not here for me to extract my revenge, her doppelganger will have to do. And the fact the two of you are so obviously in love with her just shows what a great substitute for Katherine she is."

He wandered backwards down the hallway. "I thought I'd give Elena here a taste of what I endured in the tomb… before I kill her. Maybe I'll even give her some of my blood and bring her back to continue the torture… after all we have over 100 years of time to make up for…"

Drawing a wooden stake from his pocket he spun suddenly thrusting it deep into Elena's stomach. Elena doubled over screaming in agony as the two vampires supporting her dragged her away.

Stefan started shouting, raining curses of damnation down on the amused vampires within the house. Damon stood shaking silently with fury, watching as Elena was dragged from sight, her terrified eyes locked with his own.

Frederick stepped back up to the door, calmly licking the blood off the stake in his hand. "You have a nice day", he said, slamming the door shut.

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