Author's Notes

And this the end. Told ya all I'd have it up before day's end. Half an hour to go before sunset here...

So I hope you all enjoyed this collection, though I was a tad disappointed with the lack of feedback. I dunno what I wanted though really...I rarely seem to get constructive criticism. But we can't have everything in life, can we?

Anyway, thank you to every body who has read and/or reviewed/favourited/alerted this fic, and I hope you enjoy the final installment to Fragmented Journeys.

See you all next fic, or a new update on an existing one. Anyone who reads Bloodstained Night can expect an update on that in a couple of days, few tops. It'll be hitting the climax soon too...


Fragmented Journeys

Tamer's universe – series of drabbles set before, during and after the series. Various POVs.

Title: Order and Chaos

Prompt: order

Character POV: 3rd Person POV (D-Reaper)

Word Count: 100

Warnings: can't think of any right now

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Simple as that.

25 – Order and Chaos

It churned beneath the depths of the digital world, biding its time. It had retreated, inexplicably to those who dwelt on the outer surface, but it still waited.

It's primary function was to delete all matter which exceeded its allotted space. Digimon had far exceeded their boundaries, and currently, it was the only forms of life accessible.

Then humans came, and unintentionally formed a bridge between both worlds.

And it saw that human beings had exceeded their natural perimeters as well.

On the surface was chaos, though life failed to recognise its futility.

That was okay. It would restore order.