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Indulging Sunday's Fire

"Are you getting hungry?"

Brennan turned in his arms to be able to look at his face. "Is food all you ever think about?"

"Now, you know I think about other stuff." His fingers tapped against her shoulder as he enumerated, "Sports. Work. Sex." He gave her a wolfish grin. "You."

"Those last two thoughts better be concurrent."

Booth chuckled, rolling until she was under him. "Mmm, definitely. Sex with you." His mouth lowered to her jaw, pressing sucking kisses over her mandible and down the side of her neck. "Guess what? Sex with you trumps food."

"But does it trump sports?" she asked with a knowing smirk.

Booth raised his head, pretending to consider. "Let me think about it."

Her hands had been stroking his back, but now she dug her nails into him in retaliation.

"Ouch," Booth winced, rolling again so she was now the one on top of him. "Jeez, just kidding. No need to hurt me."

"You're such a baby," Brennan murmured affectionately, smiling against his mouth. His fingers tunneled in her hair as his lips opened under hers, but before she could even taste him, a phone rang.

"Ugh." Brennan's forehead dropped to his. "That's your phone."

"It's Caroline," Booth frowned as he recognized the Laying Down the Law ring tone he'd assigned to his favorite prosecutor. "She'll never give up."

"I know," Brennan sighed in resignation as she rolled away from him and onto her back. "Just answer it."

"Hold my place." Shooting out a hand, Booth grabbed the phone from the nightstand and flipped it open. "Caroline, it's Sunday," he grumbled by way of greeting. "Even God rested on … what? What the hell do you mean, you can't find it!" Booth shot up on the bed like a spring, fingers tensing automatically on the phone. "Of course, I did! No way any of my agents broke chain of custody, I'm telling you … yeah, I'll be there in fifteen minutes."

With a foul word, he snapped the phone shut and jumped out of bed. Brennan watched him yank open a drawer and mutter another colorful curse word. "Booth?"

Grabbing a T-shirt and throwing on the first pair of jeans he found, Booth sat back on the edge of the bed to pull on his tennis shoes.

"Some of the evidence from the Henderson bust is unaccounted for," he explained, naming the major case he'd spent weeks working on and had just closed the previous Friday. "Caroline sounded like she was about to have a damn heart attack." Booth felt close to one himself as he thought about the repercussions. If the evidence wasn't found or if someone misplaced it and broke the chain of custody, the case would go downhill in a hurry and heads were going to roll, beginning with his. "Shit, shit, shit."

Brennan knelt on the bed and ran a soothing hand over his back, unsure what else to do. "I'm sorry."

"I'll figure it out." Turning his head, he placed a soft kiss on her cheek, before rising from the bed and grabbing his weapon automatically. "I was on the scene for hours. I saw all the evidence get bagged and tagged. There's no way it just freaking disappeared."

Walking into the bathroom, Booth splashed some cold water on his face and quickly brushed his teeth. He couldn't contain his frown at the way his morning had gone to hell in the span of one phone call. From lazing around in bed with his partner to goddamn missing evidence. Fucking A.

"I don't know how long I'll be." Grabbing his keys and pocketing his phone, Booth sighed as he leaned over the bed to kiss Brennan goodbye. "But I'll call you once I've figured out what the heck's going on. Don't forget to have lunch."

The automatic reminder told Brennan that he didn't think he'd be back anytime soon. She could practically see the stress already imprinted on his face and it frustrated her that she could do absolutely nothing to help him.

Flopping back against the pillows, she could only frown. Having been on the receiving end of a few of Caroline Julian's tirades, Brennan winced, just imagining what awaited Booth when he got to the Hoover building.


He tracked down the evidence, along with the idiot who logged it incorrectly, and finally was able to figure out why no one had been able to find evidence that had been in the FBI storage room, all along. With relief, Booth was able to assure Caroline that while someone had fucked up when listing the recovered items from the Henderson residence in the evidence log, the chain of custody was intact and the evidence was present and accounted for.

And it only took him four hours. God, he could use a stiff drink right about then. The thought made him feel a little guilty, considering he was planning on skipping church today and had been more than a little remiss in his attendance the last few weeks.

"How the hell did this happen, cher?" Caroline railed, still enraged at the mix-up. "Don't you all have protocol and training and all that good stuff to make sure criminals can't just mosey on out of prison because someone didn't properly log the evidence?"

"Caroline, of course there's protocol," he sighed, willing to appease. "But nobody's perfect and mistakes happen. I already gave the agent that logged it in a piece of my mind and corrected the mistake."

"Mistake," she sniffed disdainfully. "Mistakes are the reason some very bad people end up back on the street. You know what it means whenever a lawyer is able to get someone off on a technicality?" She gave him a poke but didn't give him a chance to answer. "It means someone made a mistake. Usually the cops."

Booth sighed, knowing there was nothing to do but stand there and listen to her rail. Across the bullpen, he saw one of the junior analysts bounce around the cutest baby and he smiled when agents, analysts, and secretaries formed a circle around the little boy, all trying to get his attention. Booth saw Charlie making weird faces at the kid and laughed out loud.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Agent Booth," Caroline hissed frostily. "Am I amusing you?"

Booth realized that he hadn't been paying the proper attention to her rant and he quickly schooled his features into a more subdued expression. "I'm sorry." Her stony gaze told him she was unimpressed with his apology, so he grabbed her shoulders and turned her around to face the crowd of people surrounding the now giggling baby. "Look at that. You can't be mad when there's a laughing baby in the bullpen, can you?"

Caroline raised a haughty eyebrow, but he detected a slight twitching of her lips and so he risked a charm smile. "He sure is a cute little critter, ain't he?" she conceded.

"Sure is," Booth agreed, eyes sparkling as he confessed, "You know, Bones and I are trying to have one of those."

Caroline gave him a blank look. "One of what?"

Booth laughed at her expression. "A baby, Caroline," he sighed, just saying the words made him smile. "We've decided we're going to try and have a baby."

"You and Dr. Brennan?" Booth nodded happily and she raised her eyebrows. "Well, isn't that just adorable," she deadpanned in a dry tone.

"C'mon," he chuckled knowingly, giving her a one-armed hug. "You know you're going to love my little squint."

Caroline's eyes narrowed and she huffed a little, but her lips did quirk up. He really was her favorite FBI agent and though it pained her to admit, she was even fond of that squint partner of his. She was certain they would make one awfully pretty baby.

"Hope that baby gets Dr. Brennan's brains," she snarked pointedly, still displeased over the evidence log screw up.

"Me too, Caroline." Booth only smiled again, taking the insult in stride. "Me too."

"There better not be anymore screw ups on this case, cher," she ordered imperiously, shaking a warning finger at him. But before she whirled around, he caught the smile toying around her lips. With a smile of his own, he turned back to his office and pulled out his cell.

Brennan picked up almost immediately. "Is Caroline very angry with you?"

Booth found the question adorably telling. Very few people intimidated Temperance Brennan, but Caroline Julian might just be one of them.

"Nah," he shrugged casually, the tension of the last few hours finally dissipating. "It took me a while, but I figured out what happened. There was a mix-up when the evidence was logged in, but it's fine. No chain of custody broken, no lost evidence."

"Caroline wasn't angry?" Brennan asked skeptically, well acquainted with the prosecutor's temper.

"Well, of course she was. It's Caroline." Booth pocketed his keys and gave his office one final sweep, making sure there was nothing he needed to take home. "You know how she is. When someone screws up she goes nuts." He walked to the elevators, a smile hitting his lips. "But I mentioned we were trying to have a baby and it mellowed her right out."

On the other side of the phone, Brennan rolled her eyes. "Booth, did you just use our future child as a diversion to avoid Caroline's anger?"

"Well, not on purpose," he said honestly. "But you know, there was this really cute baby in the bullpen and she was fuming and I just, you know, mentioned it. And after that, she just kinda seemed to forget her rant."

"You can only get away with that because you're her favorite."

"True," Booth admitted shamelessly. "Look, I'm finally getting out of here. I'll be home in a little bit."

"Oh. You are?"

If he wasn't mistaken, she sounded distinctly disappointed. "Yeah." Booth gave a baffled laugh. "What? You don't want me to come home?"

"No, of course not!" she was quick to reassure. "You should come home."

"Okay, Bones, that didn't sound very convincing," he teased. "Do you have another man over and need time to sneak him out?"

"Are you crazy?"

"That was a joke," he laughed at her scandalized voice. "What's the deal, babe?"

"It's nothing, Booth, really." Her sigh filtered clearly through the phone line. "I just thought … perhaps, you might not want to come home, just yet."

"Why not? Where would I …? Oh." It suddenly hit him what she was getting at and he laughed self-deprecatingly. "Damn, Caroline is right. Our baby better take after you in the brains department."

"I'm sure you're tired—"

"Not that tired," he interrupted quickly. "What do you have in mind?"

"I was thinking, maybe you could meet me somewhere," she said, just a little hesitantly.

Knowing her, Booth was sure he should at least ask where before agreeing, but what would be the point? His answer was always going to be the same. "Any damn where you want, Bones."


After parking his FBI issued vehicle, he took a deep breath and glanced at the text message she'd sent him.

Was she serious? Ha, of course she was.

Booth made sure to put his phone on silent before entering the building. He showed his photo ID, signing in as required, and hoped he wasn't blushing. A few lines above his, he noticed her name, which made sense since she had arrived before him. He didn't need to glance at his phone again to follow the directions she'd given him, he'd already memorized them. His mind was already rioting with all kinds of erotic images and Booth wondered if maybe he should feel a little bit more hesitant about the whole thing.

This was not a locked bathroom or classroom, or even the deserted Lincoln Memorial at nearly one in the morning. Oh no, this was Georgetown's main library at only three in the afternoon. He should be concerned, except he couldn't get past the near obscene excitement that was hitting him right in the gut.

He was going to sex her up right in the library stacks. Holy crap, he was going to lose his mind.

Booth was thankful he didn't run into anyone when he got on the elevator because he already had an erection pressing against the front of his jeans. Getting off at the floor she'd indicated, he made his way through the rows and rows of books without encountering a single soul. Not running into any students made him think studying really wasn't a very big priority on a sunny Sunday afternoon. On the other hand, looking at some of the titles on the book shelves also gave him a good indication why maybe this part of the library was deserted.

Really, was anyone desperate to read Mathematical Aspects of Seismology? Right next to that he saw Physics of Blown Sands and Desert Dunes and he had to laugh. Yeah, fascinating. No wonder she had picked this part of the stacks.

Except when he found her, she actually had one of those dusty textbooks opened across her lap. He froze when he saw her at the end of the aisle, sitting on some kind of small study table, her feet on the chair in front of her. And she was obviously engrossed in the book propped across her knees.

Even though it was sunny outside, there wasn't much natural light filtering in. The whole section had a dim, muted light that was probably a testament to how often anyone actually bothered to search for books there. But even so, Booth could clearly see her and he swallowed painfully at the picture she presented. From her high-heel pumps to a very familiar set of slanted cat-eyed glasses, she distilled sexiness.

Sexy, sexy librarian sexiness. Oh, Jesus.

Booth didn't know why he was surprised to find her playing the part. He should have realized it the second he figured out where she wanted him to meet her. Even though this was his particular fantasy, he'd learned she liked to role play. Nothing crazy or anything, but just enough to remind him why she always seemed to love going undercover.

He walked forward silently, but her head snapped up. Her nostrils flared slightly while she casually closed the book and set it behind her on the table.

"Hello, Agent Booth." Her voice was soft, almost casual, just like the way she pushed back the chair with her foot. A clear non-optional invitation for him to sit.

Clearing his throat, Booth took a seat. "Hello, Dr. Brennan." He was close enough to touch, her knees actually bracketing his as her legs dangled off the table.

"You seem tense," she noted with a tilt of her head. "Are you feeling guilty about something?"

"Um …no?" He slid his palms over his jean-clad thighs, eyes glued to edge of her tight pencil skirt and the way her legs were parting and giving him a glimpse of the lacey edge of her sheer, white thigh-highs.

"You don't sound very convinced." Her eyes were clearly disapproving, magnified under those crazy sexy glasses.

"I … I'm not sure," he conceded, snapping his gaze back to her face. "You're obviously upset about something, but I don't know what I did."

"You don't?" Her eyes widened in surprise and she slithered off the table and straight into his lap, hands hiking up her skirt to make room as she straddled him. "Allow me to enlighten you."

He couldn't contain a slight gasp at the unexpected move. She looked strict and so prim and proper with her beautiful hair wrapped in a bun and the strand of pearls around her neck. But now her skirt was high enough that he could see her garters and she ground against his erection very deliberately.

"Please do," he whispered, running one hand up her side over the silky, deep yellow blouse that was neatly tucked into the skirt.

"Books in a library are not yours to keep, Agent Booth," she explained sternly, hands resting delicately on his shoulders. "There are due dates for a reason, you know. And you …" she sighed with a shake of her head, "you just seem unable to play by the rules."

"I'm sorry," he murmured as contritely as possible.

"Sorry is simply not good enough. I'm afraid you're going to have to be penalized." Her smile was slow and just a touch evil. "Tell me, Agent Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?"

"No," he breathed dazedly, hands automatically running down to cup her softly grinding hips. "But I'm sure you'll tell me."

"Oh, I will," Brennan confirmed. Without warning, she deftly flicked open his jeans, her hands shoving down his underwear to fist him tightly. "And you will do as I say."

Yes, I will.

She gave him one punishingly tight stroke and he groaned. His hands sneaked under her skirt and his fingers curved over her thighs, thumbs brushing the front of her panties. He could tell they were damp and he shifted one hand, pushing the delicate fabric aside and slipping a finger inside her. His other hand moved from beneath her skirt and up her body to mold one round breast.

For a second, she wavered in her control, moaning as he fingered her and pushing her breast into his hand. But then she grabbed his wrists, giving him a severe warning look. "That's not allowed."

Placing his hands back on her thighs, she grabbed his cock again and using one hand to move her underwear aside, she sank into him. Booth's fingers dug reflexively into her skin and his hips bucked up, eager to be deep inside her.


Brennan ignored his tortured moan, rotating her hips experimentally and trying to find the best angle. Rocking forward, her lips brushed kisses over his jaw and up until she reached his earlobe.

She gave him a nip before whispering hoarsely, "I will fuck you until I come and then you will fuck me until I'm screaming out an orgasm all over again." She squeezed her internal muscles, wrenching another desperate groan out of him. "That's the penalty, Agent Booth."

His jaw clenched viciously as she started moving. Instinctively, his hands went to her waist, but he wasn't setting the pace. It was all her. Lifting up before slamming down and then rocking forward so that her clit received some stimulation too. Her lips parted on soft, barely audible sounds and he couldn't help leaning forward to kiss her. His tongue moved wildly inside her mouth, the only outlet he had for the tense coils winding around his stomach.

With a gasp, Brennan wrenched her mouth away, but he moved with her, trailing his lips over her throat in damp, sucking kisses. Her fingers gripped his shoulders and her movements became faster and less controlled. The wet, hot slide of her over his cock had him muffling a moan against her throat.

Brennan felt the sound vibrate against her skin and she shuddered, rocking her hips quicker and quicker. She could tell his entire body was one tense line, she could feel it in the curve of his shoulders under her hands, in the way his fingers dug into her waist. But his control was all the more impressive because of it, exciting her brutally.

Eyes snapping shut, she came in a rush, nails digging through his T-shirt as her muscles clamped him tightly.

"Fuck," he panted, the strain of holding back covering him in a light sheen of perspiration. She collapsed against his chest and Booth was afraid to even breathe, knowing she wasn't done with him yet. He tried every trick in the book to disconnect his mind from the fact that his cock was still hard and throbbing inside her hot, tight pussy.

He tried to focus on her breathing, the way it went from ragged and heavy to just merely irregular. Her lips feathered lightly over his jaw line and his eyes fluttered shut. And then she spoke into his ear. "I want it from behind next."

Though soft, the words were nevertheless an order. He was to do as she said, Booth remembered, and she wanted to be fucked until she screamed.

With a growl, he lifted her, both of them grunting as he slid out of her warmth. But just as quickly he whirled her around to face the study table. "Bend over."

The words were rough; almost a command and Booth hoped she wouldn't make him pay for the audacity. To give her some incentive to cooperate, he lifted her skirt all the way up, exposing her ass along with the minuscule, provocative panties she was wearing. They were a virginal white, just like her thigh-highs and he ran his hands over her bottom and the back of her thighs, fingering the soft material.

That she obeyed without a word told him she was nearly as anxious to get him back inside her as he was to sink himself into her luscious body. In a flash, he lowered her panties just enough and sheathed himself in wet, hot flesh. Instantly, he started pumping, driving into her in one slick glide after another. Booth didn't know whether it was the height of the table, the heels she was hearing or a combination of both, but he was sliding inside her at the most fucking perfect angle.

"Holy fuck, that's good," he rasped out. Her answering moan said she agreed and he grabbed her hips, enjoying the feel of her under his hands as he slammed forward, over and over. "Shit, you're so wet. So hot. Damn, I'm gonna come so hard."

"Oh, god, Booth … there, yes, yes, right there," she panted huskily, forehead thudding heavily on the table. "I'm so close. Don't stop, don't stop, don't st—Ohhh!"

Her husky shout was loud enough that if there was anyone around, they would definitely be busted, but it was pretty hard to care. Her orgasm made him wild, nearly desperate to shatter inside her. But Booth realized he wanted to see her; his sexy, naughty librarian who made him absolutely nuts.

Gasping, he pulled out and flipped her. She was no longer looking so prim, with little wisps of hair around her temples and her eyes dazed behind those glasses. Not to mention the skirt wrapped around her waist and the panties around her thighs.

"So sexy," Booth murmured delightedly, yanking down her flimsy underwear all the way off so he could easily slide between her thighs. In relief, he entered her drenched sex again, kissing her in appreciation when her legs wrapped around his waist.

Cupping her bottom, he scooped her off the table and braced her against the nearest bookshelf. "My turn," he whispered against her lips, moving his hips in deep thrusts. "Baby, please let your hair down."

Smiling, Brennan raised one hand, pulling pins and the elastic tie keeping her hair up. She let the pins and the little black band fall to the floor as her arms went around his neck again and her hair cascaded down. Booth moaned harshly, burying his face against the curve of her neck and feeling the soft strands brush his cheek.

She was like heated velvet around him, lush and tight. He couldn't have stopped pounding inside her if his life depended on it. Against her neck, he mouthed her name and exploded. Hard. So damn hard, pouring everything he had inside her. And it was good, oh hell, so fucking good. The pleasure refusing to subside, simply slamming into him in wave after wave.


Hours later, they were both still slightly dazed.

Stretched out on the couch, his arms wrapped around her as they watched The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. But since they had both seen it multiple times, paying attention wasn't strictly necessary.

Booth trailed a fingertip over the shell of her ear, a smile toying around his lips. "Bones, I can't believe you kept those glasses."

"I didn't keep them," Brennan objected virtuously. "They were a gift."

"She gave them to you?" Booth chuckled, remembering his cheerful seatmate back in coach. Amateur sleuth and avid Brennan fan. "I don't think those were hers, you know."

"Regardless, they're mine now." Brennan smiled too, feeling lulled by the soft path his finger was tracing over her ear, down to her jaw, and back again. "Mmm, that feels nice."

Recognizing her sleepy voice, he grabbed the control remote and shut off the movie. "You wanna go to bed?"

"No, it's too early," she mumbled, turning on the couch so that her cheek rested against his bare chest. "I'm just going to close my eyes for a few minutes."

"You'll fall asleep," Booth warned.

"I won't," she immediately replied.

"Okay," he agreed, knowing full well she would. For some reason, Sunday nights after dinner she tended to get sleepy and unless they had plans to do something, she would invariably nap for a little bit. But since they had a late dinner and it was already past 9pm, this wouldn't really be a nap, more like an early night. Dropping a kiss atop her head, he closed his eyes. Even if he fell asleep too, Booth figured he'd get up in a little while and move them both to their bed.


He woke up to soft kisses, over his jaw, his cheeks, and against his lips. Blinking, he looked at his partner.

"I fell asleep," she confessed sheepishly and he gave a lazy smile, raising one hand to tangle in her hair.

"I know," Booth murmured, cupping the back of her head and kissing her mouth softly. She made a little mmm sound against his lips and he deepened the kiss, running his hand down her back and cupping her bottom through the comfortable robe she'd changed into to watch the movie.

Brennan slid one leg over his hip and their sleepy kisses turned heated. Booth grunted and maneuvered on the couch until she was under him, his hips cradled between her legs. Running her hands over his bare back, she panted softly and arched her neck, giving him better access. He peppered kisses everywhere, tugging on the robe impatiently and opening as much of it as he could with the sash still tied around her middle. She felt him growing hard between her thighs and she tilted her hips up, rubbing against him. His skin was smooth and warm and she tried to run her hands all over it, but the constraint of the narrow couch was making her impatient.

"Booth," she husked, hands pressing against his chest. "Bed."

"What?" He raised glassy-looking eyes to her, his breathing already irregular.

"Let's move to the bed," she repeated, giving him a seductive smile. "I would like to touch you everywhere."

He leaned down for one brief kiss before getting up from the couch and scooping her in his arms. Next to the bed, he placed her down on her feet, hands immediately going to the tie of her robe, when the time on the nightstand clock caught his gaze.


There was something important about the time and he had to fight the fogginess in his brain to figure it out. "It's not midnight yet."


"It's still Sunday, Bones." He sounded ready to weep.

"Oh." Brennan followed his gaze, realizing he was right. It was only a measly half an hour, but she remembered during her week, they had adhered strictly to the timeline she'd set and from the look in his eyes he was remembering that too.

No sex in the apartment for the entire week, he had requested. Which meant they still had another thirty minutes to go before the deadline ended. "Damn it."

She nearly smiled at his curse. "We'll just wait thirty minutes."

Booth's gaze raked over her, over the gaping robe and flushed cheeks, and the stiff nipples he could clearly see pushing against the soft material. "I don't want to wait."

Her eyebrows went up in surprise. "Do you want to forgo the—?"

"No," he replied quickly, not even letting her finish. No way was he caving on the last thirty minutes. But the thought of sitting around for the next half an hour, nursing a hard-on, was not especially appealing either.

Walking to the dresser, he opened a drawer and donned a faded T-shirt. Pulling out an old pair of trunks, he quickly discarded his comfortable sweatpants, as well.

"What are you doing?" Brennan gaped as she watched him change clothes.

"What do you have on under that?" He eyed her robe consideringly. "You're wearing a bra and panties, right?" Booth was pretty sure he detected both while he was feeling her up on the couch.

"What?" Brennan gave him a baffled look. "Of course."

He smiled in satisfaction. "Let's go."

"Go where?"

She followed after him and saw him grab a couple of towels from the linen closet. He grabbed his keys and reached for her hand, pulling her close and kissing her soundly. His eyes were dark with excitement.

"Let's make use of that ridiculously huge pool."


When they had decided to move in together, they agreed that the one non-negotiable perk they had to have was a pool. Parker would have never forgiven them otherwise. And since moving to their new apartment, they had made use of the pool many times, but certainly never for this.

Brennan stood at the edge of the calm, blue-green surface, watching Booth drop his T-shirt and their house keys onto one of the lounge chairs. The pool closed at sunset, but the gate was never locked so getting in had not posed a problem. She wondered how many residents over the years had snuck in for a late night swim or some late night sex.

Walking over to him, she dropped her robe and smiled when his eyes darkened. Before he could grab her, she turned and jumped over the edge of the pool. It felt a little strange to be inside the pool in underwear rather than a swimsuit, like she was doing something particularly naughty. Which Brennan supposed she was. It had surprised her that he was willing to do something like this, but then again, after the past week, she should have learned that he was quite a surprising man.

"The water's warm." Treading water towards him as he joined her inside the pool, she suggested innocently, "Maybe we can swim a few laps."

"That better be a joke," he growled playfully, chaining his arms around her and whirling her around.

They were in the shallower end, the water level just barely skimming over the top of her bra covered breasts. Brennan's legs wrapped around him and he used his body and the buoyancy of the water as he trapped her against the pool wall. Eyes glinting, he lowered the straps on her bra, pushing the garment down until it was wrapped around her middle, leaving her chest bare. His head lowered and he caught a wet nipple in his mouth, sucking roughly.

"Booth," she moaned his name, surprised at the jolt that went straight through her.

"Shh," he soothed, kissing softly across to the other breast. "Drop your legs, baby."

When she obeyed, his hands dipped under the water, pressing against the inside of her thighs and spreading her legs. Brennan gripped his shoulders, panting heavily when he smoothed two fingers underneath her panties, inching them slowly inside her. At the same time, he suckled her neglected nipple, the suction hard and a little rough.

She clenched around him and he pushed both fingers deeper, drawing a breathless, "Oh yeah," out of her. He growled against her breast, pumping his fingers a little harder, wanting more of those breathy sounds coming from the back of her throat.

Between his fingers deep inside her, his mouth on her breast and the water lapping all around her, it felt like full body stimulation. Spearing her fingers through his hair, Brennan wrenched his head up, crushing his mouth to hers. His tongue slipped inside, mimicking the thrust of his fingers and she felt her stomach tighten in an impending orgasm.

"Inside me," she gasped, even as she rode his fingers hard enough to make the water nearly churn. "Booth. Now."

Not that he was going to argue, but she ensured obedience by plunging her hands through the water and yanking down his shorts. It was his turn to gasp as the slide of the water against his erection felt nearly like a caress. Not wasting any time, Booth moved her underwear aside instead of pushing it down, since he didn't want the material to tangle around her legs. Cupping one hand around her ass, he lined himself at her entrance, the head of his cock bumping her folds. Brennan hissed and he did it again to tease her, but she wound her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, pushing forward and sending him inside her.

She took him by surprise and he grunted, sliding all the way inside in an almost instinctual glide. "Bones … shit, I almost came."

Brennan laughed. "That's what you get for teasing."

Keeping one hand on her ass, he used the other one to grip the edge of the pool as he started moving. He could feel the edge of her panties scraping against his dick with every thrust. Her nipples, wet and peaked to hard little points, scraped his chest and her fingernails were digging into his back. And all of it was combining to make him lose it like a freaking teenager.

"Baby, damn …" he rasped heavily, slamming her against the wall and sending water crashing over the edge. She kept squeezing him from the inside, her sharp little teeth sinking into his shoulder and Booth thought he might be seeing stars. His balls were drawn and heavy and the pressure was about to break him. "Shit, babe, I'm gonna go off if you …oh fuck … fuck, Bones."

"It's okay," she whispered, tightening purposely around him. "Come inside me. Don't hold back."

He couldn't. With her, there was no holding back. Even when he needed to, even when he thought holding back was the only thing that would save him; he'd never really been able to do it. Burying his face against her white throat, he pulsed inside her with a loud groan. His release hit her, hot and wet and it pushed her right over the edge. Internal muscles rippling helplessly, she dropped her head back on a gasp, while her body milked him dry.

The water lapped more gently now that their bodies were still and it felt surprisingly cool against their heated skin. Booth braced both hands against the tiled edge, looking down at his partner and smiling at the picture she made with her head resting back against the rim of the pool. Drops of water spiked her lashes from where the water had splashed her face and she looked utterly satisfied and relaxed.

It was hard not to be smug, knowing he'd put that look on her face. As if reading his mind, her eyes opened and she smirked at him. "I believe I can ascertain what you're thinking."

"That's because you're so smart," he grinned shamelessly. "So smart and pretty and sweet."

She gave him an oh, please look that Booth was sure she'd learned from Angela. He burst out laughing, tugging her bra up and helping her get her arms through the straps. Carefully, he slid out of her body, tugging his shorts up, as well.

Smoothing his hands through her wet hair, he tilted her face up for a kiss. "You are, you know," he murmured softly, brushing his lips back and forth against hers. "All those things and more."

"You're horribly biased," Brennan argued, but she had to smile against his lips. No longer did she fool herself into thinking she was immune to his charm. "But thank you."


Towels wrapped around them, they made their way back to their apartment. On the elevator, they ran into a young couple who eyed their wet hair and towels knowingly. The young woman gave her companion a suggestive look and a smirk and Booth felt his cheeks flame.

"They totally knew what we were doing," Booth griped, once inside their apartment. He headed for the bathroom to hang his towel and Brennan followed suit, arguing with him just because his sense of modesty amused her.

"They don't have magic powers, Booth, so they couldn't have known," she stressed, stripping her underwear. "Maybe they conducted some deductive reasoning based on our attire or such other variables, but that does not mean—"

"Oh, are you kidding me?" he scoffed, slipping off his damp T-shirt and soaked trunks. "All right, no, they couldn't have known, but they still knew, okay."

"That doesn't make any sense!" she laughed at him.

"Makes perfect sense," Booth shot back, flicking the shower on at a warm temperature. "You know that smirk she gave him?" He extended a hand to help Brennan climb onto the shower with him. "That was an I-know-what-they-did-and-I'm-remembering-when-we-did-that-exact-same-thing smirk."

"Wow," Brennan's eyes widened in mock surprise. "You got all that from a slight twisting of the lips?"

"You know I'm right," he accused laughingly. "You're just disagreeing to drive me crazy."

Brennan merely shrugged demurely, refusing to confirm or deny. Though their shower was quick—mainly an attempt to wash off the chlorine—they spent all of it bickering. Even as Booth wrapped a big, fluffy towel around her and grabbed another for himself, she was still amusing herself at his expense.

"Your alarm at their possible knowledge is quite nonsensical." Brennan grabbed a smaller towel and rubbed her wet hair vigorously. "However, I am unsurprised at your puritanical concern with the matter."

"You're wrong. I'm right. I know I'm right, they knew … you know what," he huffed, "not arguing with you about this anymore." His eyes narrowed when she walked out of the bathroom, laughing at him and he followed after her, towel around his waist. "And hey, you'd think after this week you'd be a little more careful before you start throwing words like puritanical around."

Brennan acknowledged his point with a nod. "It is true that you've proven yourself more than capable and willing to disregard your traditional notions of sex." Walking to her dresser, Brennan combed her still damp hair and then discarded her towel around the nearest chair. "You've been quite the rule breaker this week."

Booth watched in surprise as she slipped into bed stark naked, usually she wore at least a faded T-shirt. Figuring she just didn't want to bother, he shrugged and threw his own towel on top of hers before joining her under the covers.

"Hey, I'm still a traditional kinda guy," he defended with a smile. "I'm just, you know, fun too."

"You are," Brennan agreed, turning on her side to face him. "You're very fun."

"That's right," he murmured, absentmindedly curving a hand around her waist and smoothing his palm softly over her skin. "I can be a rogue rebel."

"I know that," she conceded with a laugh, skimming her fingertips over his chest. "I already knew that, but you've certainly proved it this week."

"You know what else I proved?" His smile was smug. "I'm better than you at the sex experiments."

"What? No." Brennan had been more than happy to agree with him on his previous observations, but now she quickly shook her head. "First of all, an experiment has to test something. For example, I hypothesized that sexual contact without release would be more effective than mere abstinence. You have not tested anything."

"Sure I did." Booth gave her a gotcha grin. "I tested just how far we're both willing to go when it comes to public displays of affection."

She rolled her eyes. "That doesn't even make sense. You merely imposed a limitation on our sex life." Her fingertips pressed against his chest when she made her point. "You did not hypothesize a theory, ergo you did not experiment."

"Nu-uh, Bones." Booth rose over her, the move pressing her unto her back, his shoulders filling her field of vision. "You're not gonna gyp me on a sciency technicality. I won fair and square."

"Even if I accept your awfully liberal definition of an experiment, how do you figure you are the winner?"

"Because I'm pretty sure you lost count of how many orgasms I gave you this week."

"I believe that goes both ways," she pointed out primly.

"It sure does. Ergo …" Booth smiled as he used her fancy word. "I win."

Brennan pursed her lips consideringly. "I'd be willing to concede a tie."

"And I'd be willing to accept."

Booth sealed the deal with a kiss on her mouth. She smiled under his lips and he loved that. He also loved the soft skin under his hands so he ran his hands over her belly as he brushed butterfly kisses over her jaw and down her neck.

"Booth …" Her sigh was soft, hands lazily smoothing over his shoulders.

"Bones, this week was amazing." He petted her with gentle, sweeping strokes and soft, sweet kisses. "Thank you."

"You don't have to thank … ohh." Her breath escaped in a rush when his lips closed tenderly over one nipple. His tongue swirled delicately over the very tip before lining more of those angel-soft kisses over her sternum. "Booth? W-what are you doing?"

"Making love to you in our bed," he answered simply. "We haven't done that in over a week."

"No, we haven't," she agreed softly, stroking a hand gently through his hair.

Booth took his time touching her, he was in no hurry. His fingertips skimmed over her curves and his lips skated across her skin in tender, sweeping caresses. His touch wasn't meant to arouse her, it was simply meant to worship her. Brennan touched him with equal reverence, sighing as her hands glided over his chest and his shoulders.

This wasn't about sex, she knew. They had more than enough sex over the last week to make up for the near celibacy of the previous month and to hold them in the future, should work interfere in the same vicious manner. No, this was simply about making love, about connection. When his hands curved over her stomach and his mouth peppered very soft kisses all over her belly, she knew he was thinking of the baby they were trying to make.

"I love you," Booth whispered, tracing the edge of her belly button with his tongue before continuing to line kisses across her pelvis and her thighs.

"Hey, come here, please." Her request was soft and he immediately obeyed, moving up her body and bracing his arms at either sides of her face. Brennan cupped his face, tracing her fingertips over the planes of his face. "I love you too."

"Oh. Oh, Bones." His mouth descended with fervor on hers, kissing her over and over again. Those three little words always wrapped around him like magic, leaving him nearly breathless. He knew she loved him, but whenever she said it out loud, it was like he was hearing it for the first time. Remembering all over again the utter shock and exhilaration that had raced through him when those words came out of her mouth one day, seemingly out of nowhere. "I know. I know and I still can't quite believe it."

"I love you so much," she repeated on a husky murmur, pressing kisses on his throat.

Gently, so gently, he slipped inside her, one hand curving around her thigh as her legs draped around him in welcome. Booth showered kisses over every part of her he could reach; shoulders, neck, chin, and lips. Her arms went tight around him as the heat build, warm and sweet, between their surging bodies. Pleasure shimmered like liquid gold and soft, soft moans filled the air.

Booth buried a hand in her hair, gasping her name hoarsely. "Baby, come with me," he whispered against her parted lips.

The warmth spread gently, almost soothingly throughout her body. So often they seemed to make love in a passionate frenzy, almost as if their bodies couldn't quite believe the reality of the situation and were simply trying to gorge on something that might slip away. But, right then, there was no need to do so, their bodies getting the message that this wasn't something that would slip away.

Brennan kissed him, breathing his name and sighing as he shuddered with her. Fingers tangling with hers, Booth's forehead dropped to her shoulder, soft pants coming out of both of them.

"So perfect," he murmured with near awe against her skin. Brennan nodded wordlessly, running her fingertips in a lulling caress down his spine. Booth re-arranged the tangled sheets around their bodies, tucking her securely back against his chest. Her sigh of contentment whispered throughout his body. "You feel and you taste, and you pretty much make everything perfect."

"You know I'm not perfect," Brennan argued with a soft smile.

"Mmm …maybe not," he smiled into her hair. "But you're perfect for me. We're perfect together. This is pretty much perfect."

There was no room for debate or argument. That was simply the truth, sure-fire and uncontestable.