The Little Misfit

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The little boy didn't know how long he was drifting on the coldest water he's ever know before strong hands pulled him out. Then he was thrown into a wooden cage aboard what he saw as a massive canoe. In some strange tongue, the boy could hear men speaking and even though he could not understand what they were saying, he knew it was not good.

"Look at this brat, he looks nothing like our kind. His skin is the color of dirt and his hair of burnt wood. Why did you fetch him from the sea Arngeir? " Said the largest man's friend.

"I saved him Bardi, because our tribe's children need to learn how to fight and what a better opponent than one you care nothing for?" Said the massive man covered in blackened armor. The two men sneered menacingly at the boy through the cage.

The poor boy could take it no more, he was robbed of his home, his family, and now his freedom? He simply would not have it! He would rather die in the sea than to be in a cage forever. Angry tears started to leave the boy's eyes and small sobs escaped his throat.

"Aw now look at him, he is crying like a baby girl!" said Bardi with a cruel laugh. Arngeir said nothing but merely studied the boy.

The boy started to throw his arms out at the bars and then his legs. He did so to two more times before the wooden bars started creaking and then he threw his back into it.

"Arngeir he's going to escape!" Bardi exclaimed as he made for the cage. However Arngeir put up an arm to stop him.

"IF he manages to break free he has earned his freedom."

The boy was so mad that pain was nothing to him at this point even through the splinters bit at his back and arms he was close to breaking free. And with one last mighty thrust, the boy broke the wooden bars atop the cage and looked at the large man with defiance.

Arngeir studied the boys eyes, "Hmm…perhaps he could be more than just a punching bag…"

"And so he may remain free on the ship!" He said to the crew. "Give him a piece of food."

And so a piece of bread was thrown at the boy's feet. He didn't care why but he was hungry so he ate it. He looked at the leader man's eyes and saw a bit of respect begin to mingle with the cruel.

As he watched the boy eat, Angier was also busy thinking about this boy. "Hmm, this boy is strong willed and he has potential to become a good raider. Perhaps...Yes, I will train him to be a fierce warrior." Angier nodded to the boy and went over to the bow of the ship leaving the boy to his meal.


"Hiccup! Don't leave your fishing rod unattended." Stoick Said to his little 8 year old son.

"But dad, I'm looking for a troll!" The little boy said as he looked behind a large boulder.

"Oi… this is going to be a long fishing trip." Stoick said to himself while pinching his nose bridge. "Be careful or that troll will get you." Hiccup looked back to his father in horror and ran back to his fishing rod. "Aye, that's more like it."