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CH. 5, Svalbaard

Cold and wind greeted the young teen's face as he hiked up the nameless mountain, a task proving itself quite tiresome. It had been one day since Kari had been banished from Krigeren and the wounds both mental and physical where nowhere near healed. He remembered vividly how his "father" had ruthlessly bestowed punishment upon him and how the closest thing he had to a friend had seemingly forsaken him. Kari winced as a fresh surge of pain came from the semi fresh whip marks on his back.

"This SUCKS!" He yelled as loud as he could to drown out the pain. He sat on the ground and started thing about a few things. Kari had come to the conclusion that he could not stay here for long. So the next best thing to his home would be to locate another village. He knew that the Krigeren people had predatorily sailed to some and horse ridden to others; therefore, at least one village had to be close enough to reach on foot. He didn't really know which general direction to head in so he just settled on South being the best.

"Man I'm starving…" Kari had noticed the trees bear no fruit this time of year; heck, they barely had any during their spring! "Let's see…my survival instructor told us not to count on fruits because they never grow, so that means I'll have to hunt something." Kari had seen two rabbits before on his way up so he figured that's what he was getting. He pulled out the small knife he carried in his boot and stood up to go hunting. Yet after 2 hours of searching, Kari couldn't find a stupid rabbit and weary with injury and fatigue, he plopped down on the ground and rested. "Stupid exile… Stupid Krigeren."

The next day Kari set out southbound with no real high hopes of reaching the next village today. Along the way he had found an old bird bone and started whittling it to pass the time. Within a few hours of uneventful hiking, the boy had something that started to look like a crummy flute. Then something colder than usual greeted Kari's face. "Whaa!" he exclaimed and realized that it had started to snow. "Of course, you're in the high mountains now…" He thought to himself. The boy wrapped the fur around his shoulders more for good measure and pressed on.

Further into the snowy mountains, Kari decided to start fiddling with the crummy flute he'd previously made. To his surprise, it actually made nice sounds and he soon found out a simple melody. "Hey cool, it actually sounds nice." His exuberance was short –lived however, as he was soon hit by a dizzy spell and had to sit down. "Whoa… that's not good…" Then again, this turn of events shouldn't really surprise him. Because after all, he hadn't eaten in two days and it was obviously catching up to him. "Still, I gotta keep going…" Kari rose and trudged on forward, determined to make it out of the freezing mountains. However, the freezing winds had picked up and now the boy found himself in a blizzard that his fur shawl was doing its best to protect him from. "G-great…narrow mountain p-passes and icy winds, this s-sucks so hard…" He stated through chattering teeth. Another cold blast hit him and he seriously wanted to turn back, but he knew that wasn't an option. The narrow pass soon opened up to a drop however there was a ledge on the mountainside large enough to walk on. "Gotta…keep…going…" Kari's eyes were starting to close and his balance was waning. Suddenly Kari saw a blurry silhouette emerge from the white of the blizzard. "Huh… What is that..." He heard a growl and smiled to himself, "Oh great… an ice demon… that just grea…" The boy didn't even finish his sentence before his eyes finally closed and he slipped off the mountainside. The last thing the boy saw was the mountain speeding away from him and a large blurry shape coming at him. "Grei…"


"I knew it, I'm dead…" Hiccup stated in disbelief at what he saw before him.

"No, but you gave it your best shot" His father chuckled as he approached his son. "So, what do you think?" He motioned out over the village.

"Hey look! It's Hiccup!" Someone down below happily exclaimed and everyone started coming up the hill to see their hero.

"Turns out, all we needed was a little more of… this" Stoick continued as he motioned towards his son.

"You just gestured to all of me…" Hiccup replied, and his father merely nodded in confirmation.

"Well…most of ye," a familiar voice to which Hiccup put Gobber's face to quickly said. "That bit's my handy work. You think it'll do?"

"Eh… I might make a few tweaks" the teen humorously replied.

Suddenly a familiar punch befell Hiccup's right arm and the boy turned around to see none other than Astrid.

"THAT's, for scaring me." She stated with an edgy look on her face. Hiccup stuttered for a second in protest before her lips came upon his and all thought momentarily ceased.

"Welcome home." Gobber said as he handed Hiccup a new saddle and fin for Toothless. As if on cue, Hiccup's best friend ran up to the scene, eager as he was to take flight once again.

"It's go time…" The boy thought with a smile… "Let's go Toothless!"


Darkness slowly fled to make way for light as Kari's eyes came into focus. "Whoa…what happened?" He looked around, "where am I?" He immediately realized that was a stupid question given his dark stone surroundings. "Ah, a cave…" He started to get up when he heard a growl and froze. A winged figure flew into the mouth of the cave and blocked the way out. "Ah! Who and what are you?" Kari exclaimed in surprise. The creature rolled its eyes at him and dropped what seemed to be a rabbit in front of the boy. "Um…what are you doing? Aren't you…supposed to be…you know…hurting me?" The still nameless creature shook its head and then nudged the fallen prey forward. "You…hunted that down…for me?" The beast nodded and stood back to let the human do what he needed to do. "You saved me didn't you?" The creature nodded and gave a slight growl in reply. "Well…given the circumstances, I guess I won't complain. You don't seem like you're going to eat me… and I know you can understand me, so I guess I should introduce myself; I'm Kari." The creature nodded and gave a grunt and growl as if introducing himself. "Ok…yeah I'm not gonna be able to say that." He studied the beast's features; he was pale and had large blue eyes. He looked down and saw the awesome claws and decided on a name for him. "How does Svalbaard sound?" The beast turned its head to the side in confusion. "C'mon… the other one is too hard and…beasty." The creature rolled its eyes and nodded somewhat unenthusiastically. "Alright then, Svalbaard it is." Kari tore some fur from his cloak and struck some rocks together to start a small cooking fire. "Thanks for the rabbit though, I am really hungry…" Sval nodded happily and rested on the cave floor, watching the human make his fire.