*Flashback begins*

It was a sunny day in Ealdor. Merlin and Guinevere were outside playing happily when a royal carriage arrived in their small village. A tall, elderly man stepped out of the carriage and looked sternly at the two children. Guinevere cowered behind her friend Merlin.

"Merlin...I don't like that man, he's scary." Gwen whispered.

"It's okay Gwen. He's the king of Camelot. He's supposed to be really nice." Merlin murmured back.

The elderly man, known as Uther Pendragon, gave a cold glare to the two small children.

"You two should not be out on the streets. It is not safe. You could be trampled by the horses." Uther warned them.

Gwen gulped, cuddling closer to Merlin. Merlin responded to Uther politely.

"Sorry sir. We were only playing a game. Did you want to play with us?"

"I am not 5 years old. I do not play games."

Behind Uther, a small blonde haired boy and a raven haired girl stepped out. The blonde boy had a golden crown upon his head, which was too big and kept slipping over his eyes. The raven girl was wearing a very elaborate gown.

"Father, are we there yet? Morgana is getting grumpy and she's beginning to annoy me." The blonde boy looked up to Uther, his crown slipping once again and he pushed it back up quickly.

"Arthur, don't say that about your sister. And we are here, so you can go and play." Uther told off his son. Arthur looked down to the floor.

"Come, Morgana, we'll go play knights and dragons." Arthur declared. Merlin was curious about the little blonde boy, so he followed the duo to the forest.

"Merlin! Wait for me! I only have little legs!" Gwen was running to catch up to him.

When Gwen caught up to him, he'd stopped and he was watching the boy and girl arguing.

"I'm the boy, so I get to be the knight!" Arthur shouted.

"Well, I don't want to be a stupid damsel! I want a sword!" Morgana shouted back.

"Merlin, what are you doing?" Gwen whispered.

"Watching, now Shh!" Merlin hissed.

"What was that?" Arthur stopped shouting and looked over to the bushes where Merlin had managed to cleverly crouch behind. Arthur took his twig and Morgana's hand as they went to investigate the noise. Arthur jumped behind the bushes.

"Hands up where I can see 'em!" Arthur was pointing his twig at Merlin's neck.

Merlin put his hands up and Gwen put her hands up too, cowering behind Merlin.

"Who are you?" Arthur demanded.

"I'm Merlin, and this is my friend Gwen. We live here in the little village." Merlin responded calmly.

"Why were you following me?"

"We saw you get out of the carriage and we wanted to see if we could play with you."

"Well, you're not royalty, but you'll have to do." Arthur helped Merlin to his feet and Morgana helped Gwen to her feet, who was still frightened and very shy.

"Hello Gwen, my name is Morgana. Did you want to play knights and dragons with Arthur and me?" Morgana tried soothing Gwen.

"Um... Okay..." Gwen smiled shyly.

"Arthur, you need to say sorry to Gwen, you scared her half to death with you being so scary." Morgana started to strop.

"Not my fault she was behind the bushes with Merlin. I thought it was some sort of madman trying to take us away." Arthur refused to apologise.

"Arthur, you're a pig head. Say sorry."

"Well you're a fish face and there's no way I'm saying sorry."

Morgana stormed up to him and stole his crown.

"Hey! Give that back!" Arthur screamed.

"Not until you say sorry to Gwen!" Morgana teased Arthur with his crown just out of reach.

"Fine. I'll say sorry." Arthur turned to Gwen and rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm sorry I scared you."

"That's okay." Gwen was blushing red as a cherry.

"So what's this game of knights and dragons about?" Merlin interrupted.

Morgana had just given Arthur his crown back. "It's a game where there's a knight and a damsel and the knight has to rescue the damsel from the dragon." Arthur grumbled.

"Cool. Can we play?"


"I'm being a knight!" Morgana squealed. "Merlin, you can be the damsel."

"What? Aw, no fair!" Merlin moaned.

"Well I'm not being a damsel. Arthur always makes me a damsel and I hate it."

"But I'm a little boy! I'm not being a girl!"

"You're a damsel or you can't play." Arthur had finality in his tone.

"Fine, I'll be a stupid damsel."

"What part can I play?" Murmured Gwen.

"You can be a damsel with Merlin. I'll rescue you and Morgana can rescue Merlin." Arthur blushed.

"Um...Okay..." Gwen whispered.

"Arthur and Gwen sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-" Morgana sang teasingly.

"Shut up, Morgana!" Arthur hissed.

Gwen was cherry red still. Arthur had a tinge of pink on his cheeks, but he didn't deny that he liked Gwen.

"Right, since you two are damsels, you have to pretend you're tied to that tree over there." Morgana pointed.

"Tied to a tree?" Merlin raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. Tied to a tree. It's better than being trapped in a pillow fort." Morgana turned to Arthur with her eyes narrowed.

"Hey, that was only one time!" Arthur argued.

"Don't pout at me, Artorius Pendragon." Morgana mimicked Uther's voice.

"Artorius?" Merlin burst out laughing.

"That's my birth name, don't laugh. And you can talk, Merlin." Arthur drawled sarcastically.

"At least I don't sound like an old man when someone mentions my real name."



"What's a Prat?"

"My mum said it meant a pregnant goldfish."

Arthur's eyes narrowed and he made a leap for Merlin, landing on top of him, trying to strangle him.

"I'll kill you for calling me a goldfish! Besides, you have me mixed up with fish face over there."

Morgana got annoyed and decided to join in, attacking Arthur and slapping him. Arthur clutched his face and a tear streamed down his face. He ran away through the forest.

"Stop it! Stop it both of you!" Gwen yelled at Morgana and Merlin who were laughing. This was the first time anyone had ever heard Gwen shout. "You've seriously hurt him!" Gwen ran after Arthur, tears streaming down her face.

Morgana and Merlin just stood there in shock.

"Gwen never shouts. She must be really angry." Merlin turned to Morgana.

"She must like Arthur a lot then." Morgana went to sing again. "Arthur and Gwen sitting in a tree-"

"No, Morgana. This isn't funny. Gwen and I are best friends. We've seriously hurt her feelings. We should go and apologise."

Merlin offered out his hand to Morgana. "You coming?"

"Sure." Morgana took his hand and they both went off to find Arthur and Gwen.

"Arthur!" Gwen called out.

"What?" Arthur replied. Gwen followed the sound of his voice, finding him sat on a log, holding his face.

"Are you okay?" Gwen sounded worried.

"I'm fine."

"You don't look okay. You ran off crying. She must have really hurt you."

"Well, it does sting a little..." Arthur took his hand off his face to reveal a red patch.

"Oooh...ouch. That looks like it does sting..." Gwen sat next to him on the log.

"Well, Morgana can be pretty vicious."

"What does vicious mean?"

"She can be very nasty."

"Oh. My dad says when some one is hurt; the best way to make it better is to kiss it better."

"My dad said that people don't get injured. And they don't need healing when it comes to something like a slap."

"Well, sometimes the big people can be wrong. Would you like me to kiss it better?" Gwen blushed, unsure if he'd let her.

"Erm...okay...If you want to." Arthur took his hand from his cheek. Gwen leant forward and gave him a small peck on his cheek, gently so that it didn't hurt.

"Does it feel any better?"

"Yeah...yeah, it does. Thank you."

Gwen smiled. Arthur smiled back. Merlin and Morgana emerged from the bushes, hand in hand.

"Gwen! There you are! I was worried." Merlin rushed over to Gwen and gave her a cuddle.

"I'm okay now. I wasn't happy that Morgana had slapped Arthur."

"Yeah... About that... I'm sorry, Arthur." Morgana hung her head in shame.

"It's okay, Morgana. It was kinda a good thing because Gwen kissed it better." Arthur was bright red.

Merlin looked at Gwen, shocked.

"What? I just did what my dad told me to. He says if you're injured, someone has to kiss it better."

"Gwen, Arthur is the prince. You don't kiss princes." Merlin used his sarcastic voice.

"It doesn't matter who it is, Merlin, you know that. Everyone is a person, not just what title they have."

"Fair enough, you do have a point." Merlin admitted defeat.

"Are we going to play knights and dragons now?" Arthur asked hopefully.

"Yeah. And I suppose I'll be the damsel." Merlin sighed.

"Yay! You two, over there so you can be tied to the tree." Morgana demanded.

"Yes, ma'am." Merlin rolled his eyes.

Merlin and Gwen made their way over to the tree and pretended to be tied up with imaginary rope.

"You guys will have to call out for help too." Morgana added, a Cheshire cat like grin on her face.

"Oh, how embarrassing..." Merlin shook his head.

Morgana laughed evilly. She took a twig and held it at Merlin's throat. "You will call out for help, or I'll have Uther behead you."

Merlin gulped "Yes, ma'am."

"Arthur! Behind you! The dragon!" Morgana cried out.

Arthur ducked and rolled across the floor. "Attaaaaack!" Arthur cried, lunging at thin air.

Morgana ran over to Arthur's side, holding up her twig in defence against the 'Dragon'.

"Come on, Arthur! We need to rescue them!" Morgana grabbed Arthur's arm and dragged him over to the tree.

Arthur 'untied' Gwen from the tree and he swept her up into his arms. Gwen smiled.

"My hero."

"Thanks. I still haven't killed the dragon yet." Arthur held up his sword in one hand, defending Gwen from the dragon.

Morgana went to untie Merlin when she paused.

"You're not calling out for help." Morgana looked blankly at him.

"Well, you're here now, so there's no need." Merlin was not going to shout for help.

"Fine, I'll just walk off and let the dragon eat you then."

"No! Don't leave me to the Dragon! Please! Help me."

"Much better." Morgana untied Merlin.

"You're not going to sweep me up like Arthur did with Gwen, are you?"

"Nah. Not strong enough."

"Thank god. That would just make my embarrassment the worst."

"I could always get Arthur to sweep you up."

"Oh no you don't!" Merlin picked Morgana up before she had a chance.

"Put me down! This isn't right, I'm the knight!"

"I'm the boy, so I can do this."

"Fine." Morgana frowned.

"Don't frown. It will give you wrinkles. My uncle Gaius has plenty of those from frowning too much."

Morgana laughed.

"That's better."

"You're really funny."

"I wasn't trying to be funny, I was telling the truth."

Morgana laughed even more.

"Well then, are you gunna slay this dragon or is Arthur gunna do it?"

"Arthur always slays the dragon, I never get to." Morgana put on a sad face.

"Well, I'll soon change that." Merlin marched up to Arthur with Morgana in his arms. "Arthur, can Morgana slay the dragon?"

"But that's my job." Arthur pouted.

"Yes, but it's nicer to share."

"Fine. Morgana, you can slay it."

Morgana smiled. "Thank you Merlin!" He put her down and she slew the dragon. Arthur pulled a sad face which Gwen noticed.

"You're still a hero to me, Arthur." She cuddled him. Arthur smiled and returned the embrace.

"Artorius Pendragon!" Came a yell from somewhere outside the forest.

"Uh oh. I'm in trouble." Arthur groaned.

Morgana, Merlin, Gwen and Arthur all headed in the direction of the voice. Uther was stood there waiting for them.

"Arthur, what on earth have you been up to?" Uther gave him a cold stare.

"He's been with us, sir." Gwen piped up. "We were playing knights and dragons."

"Very well. Arthur, Morgana, we are to stay the night. Hunith has been kind enough to let us stay with her."

"Hunith? Who's that?" Arthur asked.

"That's my mum." Merlin grinned.

"Oh god." Arthur put his hand to his head.

"Merlin!" Hunith called her son over from his friends.

"Mum!" Merlin ran into his mother's arms. "Can Gwen stay round tonight too?"


"Yeah! Thanks mum!" Merlin kissed his mum on the cheek and ran back over to his friends.

"You mean we have to spend the night with Merlin?" Arthur moaned.

"You know Gwen's staying over tonight too, right?" Merlin looked to Arthur, who was now smiling.

"I'm in." Arthur was grinning ear to ear.

"My dad doesn't seem to mind. Plus, it will do me some good to have a sleepover with other girls, not just Merlin." Gwen added.

"You and Merlin have sleepovers?" Morgana questioned.

"Yeah. He's like an honorary girl with the amount of sleepovers and the talks we have."

"Gwen!" Merlin was cherry red.

"Sorry, did I say too much again?" Gwen put a hand to her mouth.

"Well, I find that kind of cute in a boy. The fact he can be girly is a skill." Morgana admitted. "Arthur's not too bad at the whole being a girl thing either. When I have bad dreams, Arthur lets me stay with him in his room."

"Morgana!" Now it was Arthur's turn to blush.

"Ha! I'm not the only one!" Merlin blurted.

"Shut up Merlin." Arthur stropped.

"Gwen, do you like Arthur?" Morgana asked bluntly.

"Must I really answer that question?" Gwen blushed, as Uther was still listening.

"What? Just a question..." Morgana pouted.

"Well, do you like my son?" Uther demanded.

Gwen hid behind Arthur and nodded.

"Please don't chop off my head!" Gwen pleaded.

"Don't worry Gwen, my dad only does that to sorcerers." Arthur soothed.

Merlin gulped unintentionally.

"You like my son?" Uther asked again.

"Yes sir." Gwen whispered, frightened still.

"Don't be frightened of me, young Guinevere." Uther used a softer tone.

"But you're so scary..." Gwen murmured.

"I may seem scary, but really I'm not. If you like my son, that's okay with me."


"Yes. It doesn't worry me in the slightest."

"Arthur and Gwen sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Morgana finally got to finish the song.

"Morgana, don't tease your brother." Uther told her off harshly.

"Sorry, father."

"Well, you guys want to sleep in the house or camp out in the garden?" Merlin suggested.

"Oh, can we camp out tonight?" Gwen squealed excitedly.

"Sure. Arthur, Morgana, you want to sleep out in the garden with me and Gwen?"

"Well, Gwen's going to need a better protector than you, Merlin. You'll probably squeal at the first sign of danger." Arthur commented.

"And Arthur needs a protector too." Morgana laughed.


"Well it's true, Arthur. Don't deny it. Remember when we were outside in the dark in the garden. You screamed at a scary looking bush and hid behind me!"

"MORGANA!" Arthur was fuming.

"What?" Morgana stuck her tongue out at Arthur. Arthur snapped and lunged at Morgana.

"ARTORIUS!" Uther bellowed. Arthur cowered instantly.

"Sorry Father. Morgana wound me up." Arthur was white knuckled.

"You can't hit ladies, Arthur. It's improper." Morgana sneered.

"I'm willing to put that aside for you." Arthur growled.

"Arthur." Uther used his stern tone.

"But Father, you can see, she's teasing me!" Arthur whined.

"Morgana, stop teasing Arthur, you know how he gets." Uther turned to Morgana.


"Yeah, Morgana. It's not fair on Arthur." Merlin stuck up for Arthur.

"You got something else to say, scrawny?" Morgana scowled.

Merlin looked to Morgana with teary eyes and ran off, tears streaming.

"Morgana, that wasn't nice!" Gwen ran to find Merlin.

"He was sticking up for me, Morgana, there was no need to call him scrawny!" Arthur followed Gwen.

Morgana stood there and started to cry also. Uther took her under his arm and she cuddled close to him.

Meanwhile, Gwen had found Merlin who was crying, sat on a rock.

"Merlin?" Gwen called gently.

"Gwen..." Merlin sobbed.

"Aw, Merlin...it's okay...you're not scrawny." Gwen ran to Merlin's side and cuddled him.

"She called me scrawny! I liked her and she called me scrawny!" Merlin put his head in his hands.

"Woah, back up. You like her?"


"Aw...That's so cute!"

"Gwen!" Arthur called out and joined Gwen and Merlin. "Merlin, are you alright?"

"No. Morgana called me scrawny. I feel like she hates me and I liked her..."

"You like her?"

"I just told Gwen the same thing, yes, I like her."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"Well, I was too shy and she obviously doesn't like me back."

"Last I saw, she was crying her eyes out to my dad. I think she likes you too and she feels guilty for saying what she did."

"She was crying?" Merlin sounded worried. "Well, I better go see if she's okay, never mind me!"

Merlin got up from the rock and ran back to see if Morgana was okay. Arthur and Gwen followed, hand in hand, smiling.

"Morgana!" Merlin yelled. Morgana looked up and pulled a sad face before burying her head in Uther's side. "Morgana, are you okay?" Merlin stopped, panting and out of breath.

"You came to check on me even after what I said to you?" Morgana was surprised.

"Yeah... I don't like seeing people cry, so I always come to see if they're okay."

"But, I was so mean! I'm really sorry for calling you scrawny. You're a good boy, Merlin." Morgana smiled.

"Thank you, Morgana. It means a lot, coming from a pretty girl like you..." Merlin put a hand over his mouth. He went red and turned to run away when an arm stopped him.

"You think I'm pretty?"


"You like my step-daughter?" Uther became defensive.

Merlin squeaked in fright. "Eep!" was all he could say before running away.

"Well done, father, you scared him too. What is your problem?"

"Excuse me?" Uther sounded threatening.


"I thought so."

"But honestly, do you have to scare every boy I like? At least say sorry to him."

"Fine. Fetch him back here and I'll apologise."

Morgana ran in the direction Merlin escaped and found him behind a wall, bright red and his knees quaking in fear.

"Merlin..." Morgana went over and placed a hand on his shoulder. Merlin looked up and relaxed.

"Has Uther ordered my head to be chopped off?" Merlin whispered.

"No, he hasn't. He says he'll say sorry to you."

"Can you hold my hand when he says sorry? He scares me."

"Of course." Morgana took Merlin's hand and smiled sweetly. Merlin smiled back and Morgana dragged him over to Uther.

"Now, Merlin, I'm sorry if I scare you." Uther apologised. 'Why does everyone find me scary?' he thought.

"That's fine, sir. You just sounded like you'd chop off my head because I like Morgana." Merlin admitted.

"Why does everyone always say that?" Uther shook his head and put it in his hands.

"Come on, Merlin, let's go find Arthur and Gwen!" Morgana smiled at Merlin before skipping off with him.

"Aw, young love." Hunith smiled.

"Way too young if you ask me." Uther grumbled.

"Arthur!" Morgana called out to the blonde boy who was sat on a log with Gwen.

"Morgana! Are you okay?" Arthur called out.

"Yeah. Merlin came to see if I was okay...even though I was mean to him."

"It's because he has an uber massive crush on you." Arthur confessed.

"I found that out when dad asked him."

Arthur smiled, noticing Morgana and Merlin were holding hands.

"Morgana and Merlin, sitting in a-"

"ARTHUR!" Morgana was fuming. Merlin held her back.

"He's only teasing, Morgana." Merlin said innocently.

Morgana smiled and planted a small kiss on his cheek.

"Ew! Gross!" Arthur stuck out his tongue in disgust.

"You can talk, Arthur." Gwen was sat next to him, tapping her foot.

"Um, sorry Gwen..." Arthur looked down to the floor. Gwen smiled.

"Exactly. You guys want to play kiss chase?" Gwen grinned. Morgana grinned also.

"Oh no!" Arthur and Merlin both went wide-eyed. "No tongues, right?"


"RUN!" Merlin and Arthur ran into the forest. Gwen and Morgana chased after them, giggling.

Not long after trying to escape, Merlin stumbled over a twig and grazed his knee. He yelped and Arthur soon came to his rescue.

"Merlin! Are you alright?"

"No, I got a boo-boo on my knee." Merlin's eyes were teary.

"Ouch, that looks nasty."

"Merlin!" came a voice behind the bushes.

"It's Morgana! Go on without me, Arthur! Save yourself!"

"No! I won't leave a man behind!" Arthur picked up Merlin and slung him over his shoulder. He soon started running, when he heard footsteps closing in.

"Merlin! That's cheating!" Morgana cried out, desperate to stop Arthur.

"Arthur, put me down! I'm slowing your escape, just let me go!" Merlin pleaded.

"No!" Arthur kept running till he tired out. Morgana caught up with them.

"Merlin!" Morgana grinned like a Cheshire cat. The smile dropped when she caught sight of his knee. "Oh my, Merlin!" Morgana ran to his side. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Just got a boo-boo my knee."

"Well, I say I'll do what Gwen did for Arthur and kiss it better." Morgana smiled. Arthur put a finger in his mouth, making a gagging sound.

"Shut up, Arthur. You weren't whining when Gwen kissed you."

That stopped Arthur. Morgana placed a light kiss on Merlin's knee.

"Any better?"

"Lots better. Thank you, Morgana." Merlin smiled.

"You're welcome, Merlin." Morgana smiled back.

"Shall we go set up camp back at the house?" Merlin looked hopeful.

"Sure...but where's Gwen?" Arthur queried.

All of a sudden, Gwen jumped out and kissed Arthur full force on the lips. Afterwards, Arthur wiped his mouth.

"YUCK! GWEN!" Arthur was a bright red.

Morgana, Gwen and Merlin all laughed. "Now we can get going." Arthur grumbled.

"Morgana, you owe me a gold coin." Gwen held out her hand.

"Okay." Morgana gave Gwen one gold coin.

"What's the coin about?" Merlin looked confused.

"Well I said she couldn't kiss Arthur on the lips and she said she could for one gold coin."

"Thank you, Morgana." Gwen said happily.

"No problem. Merlin, you don't look like you can walk back on your own...You can lean on me if you like." Morgana took his arm and put it round her.

"Um, thank you, Morgana." Merlin smiled.

Morgana helped Merlin up from the log and she put an arm round his waist. Merlin plucked up his courage and kissed Morgana lightly on the lips. Morgana went a bright red and Gwen just laughed. Arthur looked ready to hurl.

"Now you can say you were kissed by a boy." Merlin blushed. Gwen squealed happily and ruffled Merlin's hair.

"I knew you could do it, Merlin!" Gwen was grinning ear to ear. Arthur turned green.

"Yuck..." Arthur mumbled.

"Oh, quit whining, you big baby." Morgana rolled her eyes at Arthur. "At least Merlin can show a sensitive side."

"I do have a sensitive side, just don't like showing it." Arthur pouted.

Merlin patted Arthur on the shoulder. "It's okay, Arthur. Loads of boys I know don't like showing a sensitive side. Like Will for example, he likes being tough."

"See, Morgana? I'm not the only one."

"What ever." Morgana looked the other way.

They were back at Merlin's house when Hunith came rushing out.

"Merlin! Merlin, my baby, are you alright?" Hunith cuddled Merlin close.

"I'm okay mum, just a boo-boo on the knee. Morgana kissed it all better though." Merlin choked out.

"Let's get a bandage on that." She ushered Merlin inside.

"He is sooo a mummy's boy." Arthur rolled his eyes. Merlin re-emerged with a bandage on his knee.

"Thanks mum." Merlin smiled. He ran back over to his friends nearly taking a tumble as he reached them. Morgana and Arthur caught him just in time."Thanks guys." Merlin grinned goofily.

"Honestly, Merlin, you're like a trip up waiting to happen!" Arthur drawled. Morgana punched Arthur in the arm. "Ow!" Arthur frowned.

"Come on, mum says the tents are already up in the garden. She says there's two, One for Me and Arthur, the other for Morgana and Gwen." Merlin looked to each of his friends.

"You know, that so isn't going to happen." Morgana chuckled.

"Well, how will we sleep then?" Merlin didn't like the sound of Morgana's laugh.

"Arthur and Gwen in one, you and me in the other."

"Well, Morgana and me can't protect ourselves. We need you boys to keep us safe." Gwen said logically.

"Um, I suppose..." Merlin thought it over. "Yeah, it could work."

Morgana and Gwen smiled. Arthur looked fearful.

"Arthur Pendragon, I never thought you were afraid of anything...Or was I right when you really were scared by that bush?" Morgana teased.

"Shut up, Morgana." Arthur snapped.

"Alright, puffy. No need to get your pantyhose in a twist."

"Morgana. Shut. Up." Arthur was firm in his voice.

"Sorry." Morgana took hold of Merlin's hand. "Are we sleeping in the left tent?" Morgana asked. "My chambers were always on the left."

"Wherever you're more comfy. I'm not fussed." Merlin gestured to the left tent.

"So that leaves me and Gwen in the right one." Arthur stated.


"After you, Gwen."

"Thank you, Arthur." Gwen smiled and went inside the tent. Arthur followed.

"Merlin, you don't mind being in the tent with me, do you? I do get bad dreams." Morgana warned.

"That's fine, I don't mind." Merlin smiled, comforting Morgana. Morgana smiled and went into the left tent. Merlin followed inside.

"Well, I'm tired after a long day... I'm going to sleep. Night Merlin." Morgana snuggled down into her blanket.

"Good night, Morgana." Merlin snuggled down into his.


"Yes Morgana?"

"I'm scared of the dreams. Can you cuddle me?"

"Um...sure." Merlin put an arm round Morgana protectively.

"Thank you." Morgana closed her eyes. Merlin smiled and closed his eyes also.

In the right tent, Arthur and Gwen were laughing.

"Yeah...It was really funny to see my dad with a pink scarf round his neck." Arthur smiled. Gwen was giggling. "Glad I make you laugh."

"Well, I find you funny." Gwen mumbled. They smiled at one another for a while till Arthur broke the silence.

"I'm tired, so I'm gunna go sleep now." Arthur yawned and pulled up his blanket over him.

"Okay. Night Arthur. Sweet dreams." Gwen yawned also and cuddled into her blanket, slightly sad. As if Arthur could feel what she was feeling, he instinctively turned to face her and put an arm round her. She smiled before closing her eyes.

'She is so going to marry me.' Arthur thought before closing his own eyes.