This story will combine different characters from other projects. While it maintains to the original story plot, certain plot twists will be added. The only original character from my creation, Sarox, is the son of Sora and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, who receives the Keyblade and sets on a journey under King Mickey's orders to provide as much protection as possible to the worlds. Traveling alongside this young boy is Marlene from Final Fantasy VII, Max Goof - Goofy's son and a Royal Knight-in-training; and Pete Junior, son of the mischievous Pete.

Hope you'll enjoy reading this story.


"We'll be arriving in the next world soon," I heard Max tell us from his captain seat.

He and Max had managed to keep our Gummi Ship stable thus far. Though they were skilled in flying the skip, there was always a risk that a meteor could hit our ship and we would crash, in space. Marlene and I had mostly watched them navigate the ship, and picked up some skills to help handling the engine. But for the moment, I just felt like laying low; my technical skills weren't as good compared to theirs.

I settled on the backseat to let them pilot.

Then, Marlene came in from the kitchen. Her light brown hair tied into a ponytail looked a bit wet - I guessed she was getting sweaty by all the steam in the kitchen. It took a second to realize that she was carrying a tray of coffee cups in her hands.

"Coffee, anyone?" she asked.

"I'll have one, thank you," I answered a little loudly. She handed me a cup with a charming grin spread over her lips. I had to smile back. "Thanks."

"You're welcome."

I didn't notice anyone else in the room.

"You just have to get so mushy, don't ya?" Max say loudly and broke our eye sharing. His face was still buried behind his seat. Marlene's smile made me completely forget there were two more persons - if you could call them 'persons' - in the room.

"Mind your flying, Max," I replied in a minor wave of annoyance. Max was always the teaser, sometimes I wondered if he and Uncle Goofy were really related, they had almost nothing in common other than their dog-faced looks.

I sighed, then took a sip into Marlene's coffee. Suddenly, I felt a soft shock flow down my spine. All the annoyance I felt before suddenly faded into my veins, replaced with a warm in my stomach. Marlene's magical handmade coffee always made me feel like the happiest person alive. The need to look into her eyes just rose from my stomach up to my brain, and the next thing I knew I was looking into her eyes and she was looking into mine.

"We have arrived, guys," PJ called from his seat, and that broke our eye contact. "Here's 'Forks'."

"'Forks'?" Max asked teasingly. "Sounds like a weird name to me. All right, everyone, prepare for landing."

I took a last, long sip into the coffee, then handed the cup on the tray in Marlene's hands. She immediately placed it on the round table next to us. Then we dashed off to the exit together, followed by Max and PJ.

"Let's see what Forks looks like," I heard PJ say behind us.

As soon as we were all in the departing chamber, Max looked up and called with his breath.

"Ready for departure!"

We were immediately surrounded by neon flashlights emanated from the walls. And then the landing began.

The moment my feet touched a muddy ground, I realized we had arrived. The forest around us was already withered, I was only able to recognize the piercing cold air to realize it was winter season. Snowflakes were already falling down upon us, it would have been enjoyable if the wind hadn't taken away the joy. It made my body shiver uncontrollably.

I wrapped my arms around my torso - my clothes were not prepared for the cold. I looked behind me and realized I wasn't the only one - Marlene had wrapped her arms around her torso as well, she was shivering more than I did. PJ had taken out his magic staff and wiggled his fingers around its head (I hoped he was performing some sort of magic to ease the cold for us).

Max was the only one who seemed to enjoy the snow, a large grin spread across his face. He sniffed.

"Ah! The winter breeze is so refreshing," he said as he sniffed. No doubt, he was the only one expressing joy for the season. Suddenly, his expression shifted in an instant. His eyes were filled with worry and anxiety. The joy from the breeze gone somewhere I couldn't find.

I turned to PJ, he didn't look worried though. He was absorbed by the fire he lit on his staff. Marlene was standing right beside him, her hands over the fire that was warming her up. I turned to Max again, his anxiety hadn't eased.

"Max, what's wrong?" I asked.

"There's something in the woods," he answered without looking at me.

Then a big shadow leaped out of the bushes. We all jumped backward at the sudden appearance of the unexpected creature. It took me a second to realize it was HUGE, the height of me, PJ and Max if we were climbing on top of each other, but it would still be taller. Its muscular torso resembled the size of a bear. It would look like a bear if you looked at it from a distance. The baseball sized eyes and russet brown fur were so beautiful that they were something to look at, if you could count out the uncanny, sharp fangs that looked like they could rip us apart with one bite.

Max laid paralyzed on the ground in between us and the giant wolf, a first target. It growled as it looked into Max' fearful eyes. My fear of the giant wolf suddenly vanished... and changed to instant anger. If it wanted to bite my friend's leg off, it would have to go through me.

It charged. I leaped as fast as I could to stand in between the wolf and Max. In that instant, I drew the Keyblade into my hand, flipped it under my arm... and swept upward to knock the wolf's mouth. It fell heavily to the ground.

"Pull yourself together!"

Max struggled to his feet, he was still trembling. And then, he held out his hand and the shield appeared in a form of light. PJ ran to his side, his wand ready to fight. Marlene dashed to my side, her Keyblade was already in place without my noticing.

While I concentrated on the angry wolf, who had stood up on his paws by now, a cry echoed to us from my right side. The voice was human, and so young that it could only come from a little girl. The wolf reflexively turned to the direction of the sound, his eyes less hostile. At least I thought they were. Before we could regain enough attention to the wolf, it darted to the trees, headed toward the little girl.

"Oh, no!"

In a sharp reflex, I pointed the Keyblade up in the air and concentrated. The power instantly expanded from my heart and exploded out of my body as I felt a new strength rise inside me. My outfit was now covered in crimson red and night black colors, and each sleeve and pant leg was tainted with a fleur-de-lis. I felt a new, solid pressure that appeared in my other hand, it was my other Keyblade. Immediately, I dashed past the trees to follow the wolf. There were hundreds of trees in front of me, but I managed to run past them without problem. I was as fast as the wolf, and I knew I would definitely be able to catch up with him. Hopefully before he got to the little girl.