New Beginnings

I make no money from this just expanding my writing abilities . This story started during the last week of Their sophomore year all the movies got pushed back a year so that Kim and Ron started dating at the end of sophomore year.

Glass shattered as a heart broke in half. Ron barely noticed the snow globe with his and Kim's name in it, as it fell to the floor and shattered. Before his very eyes was the girl of his dreams, his girlfriend, his best friend making out with her ex- boyfriend Josh Mankey in the middle of the hallway. It was as if she and Ron weren't together, or it didn't matter. Tears streamed down Ron's face as he turned and ran through the school, and out the front doors. School was already out and everyone else had rushed home for the weekend, so the school was practically empty. Ron breathed heavily as he sat down against the school doors. How? How could she do this to me?

"I really am the loser that everybody thinks I am." Ron banged his head back against the doors of the school. As it started to hurt he stopped and let his head sink down between his arms as he pulled his legs towards him. Time passed slowly as he sat there against the cold metal doors detached from the world around him.

A car horn honked startling Ron making him jump. He had that woozy feeling you get when you get up to fast and fell over down the stairs in front of the school. He groaned as he heard footsteps coming towards him. He lifted his head of the ground enough to see a pair of slender brown legs in front of him.

"Ron? What are you still doing here?" A familiar female voice said.

"Mon?" Ron said lifting his head up further tearing his eyes away from the shapely legs before him. Her found a pair of dark brown eyes looking back into his own. Monique could tell her boy had been crying.

"What's wrong Ron? What happened baby boy?" She asked in a hushed voice. Ron gave her a hard look before shaking his head and standing up. Monique backed up as Ron stood up and she got a good look at him. The front of his trademark red jersey was soaked in water. His eyes were red and his cheeks flushed. Overall he looked like hell.

"Ron what-" Monique started to ask before Ron shook his head and just walked past her mumbling to himself incoherently. Monique followed him and caught parts of his mumblings.

" friends for so long...tried so hard...Kim...loved her.." Monique stopped in her tracks at the last part understanding it. Kim? He loved her. Monique knew Ron had been digging Kim for a long time. Hell everyone knew that. It was plainly obvious, but she didn't know it was as far as he loved her. Something or someone hurt Ron and it had something to do with Kim. Monique ran in front of Ron and held her hands out in front of him forcing him to stop and look at her.

"Ron stop okay. WHAT happened?" Monique said trying to get through to her friend. Ron looked at her confused before tilting his head sideways.

"Kim...Mankey...kissing hallway...too good for me...loser...always" He blurted out. Monique didn't need to be a genius to figure that out. Her arms dropped to her side. Kim was kissing Josh. No way. How could she do that to Ron? That's SMU (seriously messed up). Monique barely noticed that Ron had went around her and started walking in the direction of his house. She turned around and ran after him.

"Ron! ..Hey Ron stop okay?" Ron stopped and turned to look at her. What she saw in his eyes rocked her to the core. His eyes had lost all signs of life in them. The usual joy found in Ron was gone. All that was left was a shell. Monique shook it off remembering this was her friend and that his usual self was in there somewhere.

"Hey let me take you home. I have a car its faster." Truthfully she was worried about Ron walking around in the depressed state he was in. Ron just looked at her before slowly nodding. Monique started dragging him towards her car when he spoke in the first coherent fashion since she'd found him.

" I a loser?" The tone sent chill down her spine. It was absent of all true emotion. Ron never worried about how people had perceived him. He was always the happy outcast doing his own thing. The fact that he even asked just spelled all kinds of BM (bad mojo). Monique turned to look Ron dead in the face.

"Never baby boy. You're the Ron-man. Come on, nobody has Ron shine like you." She said hoping to cheer up her forlorn friend. Ron smiled slightly although it didn't reach his eye's. But hey it's a start. They continued walking towards where Monique left her car. She managed to get Ron into some idle chat about normal topics: Rufus, Wrestling, Bueno nacho, etc. Ron seemed to be coming around a bit. Finally they reached her new baby blue charger. Ron let out a low whistle.

"Nice Mon. 2010 model v8 engine, neon lights, leather seats, this is one sick ride." Ron belted out. Monique rolled her eyes.

"Yea thanks my bro TIO'd It for me. " She said as she got in the drivers seat. Ron stopped halfway getting in and mouthed TIO'd, confused.

"Tricked it out Ron." Monique called from inside the car .

"Ah got it." He said as he got in. The ride home was mostly quite aside from the sound of breathing. Soon they pulled up in front of his house. Monique put her hand on his shoulder as he was getting out the car.

"Ron no matter what has happened you're not a loser. You never have been and never could be. You're far from it, you're the Ron-man. Now go get some sleep so you can spread that Ron shine tomorrow." She said heartily. Ron looked at her for a second before busting out a true Ron style grin.

"Yea Mon no worries, the Ron-man never gets rained on. I'll see ya later." He said before getting out and walking into the house. Monique waited until he got inside before she drove home. As she got out her car she noticed something blue in the passenger's seat. She reached over and picked it up. It was the Communicator that Kim's tech dude Wade gave Ron ,so he could have his own. The Ronunicator she thinks it was called.

"Ron must have dropped it I'll give it to him tomorrow." She said pretty much to herself as she walked in the house pocketing the communicator.

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