Ron's head snapped to the side as Josh kicked him in the face.

"Motherfucker" Ron growled out as he spat out a bit of blood. Josh smirked as he squatted to look Ron in he face.

"Aww you don't look very happy to see me "Ron-man". I thought we were pals?" Josh laughed as he kicked Ron in the face again knocking him onto his side. Ron groaned as he glared up at Mankey.

"What the hell are you doing here Mankey? You going from tortured artist to gun smuggler? That a big step for a little boy." Ron says as he struggles to his knees. Got to keep him talking. Give myself time to get out of these cuffs. Josh strutted around the tent like he was king of the world.

"You still don't get it do you? There is so much you don't understand. Like how far above your head this really is. You should have stayed in the background Stoppable." Josh said as he picked up a crowbar that was on top of a crate in the corner. Ron kept himself facing Josh as he picked the lock on his handcuffs. Just keep talking monkey boy. Tell me everything.

"Hahaha Josh you never were a smart one so you must be someone's puppet. This is supposed to be some kind of high class smuggling, that means big names. So which one of the nut cases is it? Drakken, the Senor's, maybe you became the middle man for the middleman Jack Hench lord knows he doesn't have the brains for anything big but he does have the money." Ron rattled on as he got the cuffs to click open. Josh sneered at Ron as he twirled the crowbar taking his time savoring his "victory".

"Of course someone like you wouldn't recognize greatness when it's right in front of him. I do believe the two of you have met. He has a deep hatred for you Stoppable. I still don't understand why he even sees you as a threat." Josh raises the crowbar as he talked. Aw hell not him of all people. Don't let this be about him. Josh stands right in front of Ron the crowbar held above his head.

"All hail Lord Monkey Fist." Josh yells as he brings the crowbar down on Ron. At the last second Ron rolled forward causing Josh to miss and stumble forward from the momentum of the swing. Ron throws his handcuffs off and gets to his feet facing Josh. Dropping into his fighting stance Ron readies him self.

"Just how the hell did you fall in with Fist of all people. The freak nasty king of monkeys." Ron says suppressing a shudder at the though of monkeys. He may have changed a bit but monkeys were still just so wrong. Josh turns around growling and runs at Ron swinging the crowbar wildly.

"How dare you insult the master. He came to me seeking information on you and Possible and I willingly joined his cause. I was tired of seeing you and her walk around like you were better then everyone. YOU ARE NOTHING STOPPABLE AND IT IS TIME I SHOWED YOU THAT. Josh roared as he swung the crowbar at Ron's face. This guy is seriously tweaked. Ron quickly stepped into Josh's guard and shoulder tackled him knocking him off balance but not fast enough to avoid getting hit in the arm with the crowbar. A shockwave of pain spread up and down his arm.

"Fuck" Ron grabbed at his arm as he looked around the tent for a weapon. He spotted his holsters on top of a weapons crate marked grenades" They actually left my guns in the holsters? Idiots. Ron was clearly not dealing with professionals. Monkey Fist just hires anybody these days.


Ron's left leg buckled and he dropped to a knee. Josh stood behind him crowbar raised.

"You aren't so mighty now are you Stoppable." Damn how did I forget him? Ron turned around just in time to kick Josh in the chest before the crowbar caved his skull in. He pulled him self up to lean on the crates before trying to focus himself. He could feel the power at the edge of his mind and focused into his hand. This was always the hardest part of his training, focusing his mind. It was always moving a mile a minute never being slow enough to grasp details. When he finally got the hang of it he could feel the power that sat underneath the surface of his mind. Grabbing it and morphing it to his will became easy it was better then the raw feeling he used to just force out. He focused a ball into his and launched it at Mankey catching him square in the chest. His mouth formed into an O of surprise before he was hurled into side of the tent and through it. Ron's power wasn't deadly but it packed a punch and he was sure Mankey would be sporting a few cracked ribs. Guards ran in threw the newly torn hole in the tent guns already raised. Ron dived over the crate grabbing his holster as he hit the ground with a painful thud. His knee was shattered and there was no running on it. I need backup. Ron strapped on his holster and checked his ammo. He had at least four clips and three smoke bombs. He pulled a small capsule out of a slit in his holster. It was no bigger then a thumb tack and completely black. He held it between his fingers and pressed the ends in together. It turned red before changing to green Ron put it back in its slot before peaking over the end of the crate. At least 20 guns were aimed at him…again. They hadn't fired yet which means they can obviously read "grenade" on the side of the crate he was currently using as cover. Which at this moment seemed to be a double edged sword for Ron. He was trying figure out what he was going to do. They could easily exit the tent and throw a grenade in or fire on. Either way the options weren't good. If he exited the tent he wouldn't get far on his bashed knee but it would give him more room to operate. The goons starter murmuring and seemed to have decided on a plan. They were slowly exiting the tent guns still trained on him. Shit. Seems like they had the same thought I did. This didn't leave Ron with as many options as he was hoping for. He leaned back against the crate , closed his eyes and started to focus and hard as he could on one of the first things Master Sensei had taught him. It seems like time passed hours at a time when a grenade rolled into the tent. Ron snapped his eyes open.


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