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Chapter 7

Dean woke at the sound of pained whimpers and sat up; he gently rubbed the younger males back. "Shh Sam, you're alright." He whispered and Sam started. "Easy Sam, it's just me. Calm down." Dean soothed and Sam reached blindly for him so Dean took his hand.

"Dean." Sam whispered.

"Yeah, it's me." Dean assured him, turning the lamp on. "You in pain?"

"My eyes, burning." Sam whimpered.

"It's alright, I'm gonna get a cool cloth for them." Dean told him and got up to go into the bathroom, coming back with a damp cloth and a glass of water. He sat Sam up to drink and then put the cloth over his eyes and Sam settled down, gripping Dean's hand tightly.

"Don't leave me." Sam whispered and Dean rubbed his back.

"I'm not going anywhere Sammy, you just rest." He whispered and Sam soon settled, falling asleep again. Dean stayed awake, watching over him as he slept, making sure the cloth over his eyes stayed nice and cool to help. He prayed that any damage Bloody Mary had caused was only temporary.

Dean gently helped Sam into the Impala; happy that he was no longer in pain even is his sight was still very blurry. Sam sighed as he sank into the seat and Dean chuckled but got into the driver's seat and headed for the highway, both glad to be leaving. Dean picked a random direction and drove, stopping for lunch but other than that just driving. They stopped for the night at a small motel and Dean helped Sam to the room with only one bed since Sam was a lot calmer when he could touch Dean. Sam sat on the bed while Dean set everything up and then sat beside him, Sam immediately clasping his hand. "Hey, you're gonna be fine." Dean assured him gently and then smiled slightly when Sam leant against him.

"I hate this."

"I know. You're lucky you're alive and still have your eyes Sam. You're healing, just give it time." Dean stroked his hair gently, feeling Sam relax. "You hungry?" Dean asked and Sam sighed but nodded so Dean rolled up his sleeve and made a shallow cut, placing the wound to Sam's lips. Sam latched on and Dean closed his eyes as Sam licked and sucked at the wound. Dean shifted to lean against the headboard as Sam fed off his blood. When he was done Sam curled against him and Dean relaxed, stroking his hair. Sitting in silence with Sam just felt….comfortable and right. With Sam he could be himself and not be judged, unlike with his Dad. Sam never expected him to be anything other than himself and it felt great. Sam cuddled closer, nuzzling into him and Dean blinked in surprise but kept up the gentle stroking, with compromised vision Sam was simply seeking comfort and reassurance. "You want food?" Dean asked softly and Sam made a soft negative noise so Dean nodded and closed his eyes. Sam curled up practically on top of him and Dean held him in place as the young half demon drifted off to sleep. Dean knew the more Sam fed and slept the faster he'd heal so he let him rest.

Dean led Sam towards the house and Bobby frowned in confusion. "Boys?" He called, seeing the way Sam leant into Dean.

"Hey Bobby, is it okay if we stay for a bit?" Dean asked.

"Sure. What happened?" He asked, seeing that Sam's eyes weren't really focused.

"Had a run in with Bloody Mary." Dean answered and Bobby's eyes went wide in shock.


"I'm okay, it's just….my visions a bit…."

"It's coming back but too slowly to be safe on the road." Dean finished softly.

"You know where the guestroom is Dean." Bobby answered and Dean grinned at him.

"Thanks." He led Sam through the house and upstairs. He helped Sam find the bed and watched as the younger male curled up. "Hey, it'll be okay, your sights getting better everyday." Dean assured him and Sam nodded miserably. He sat down and rubbed Sam's back gently, smiling when Sam relaxed. "Get some sleep, I'm gonna help Bobby with dinner." Dean whispered after a while and Sam nodded again.