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Chapter 8

"How's he doing?" Bobby asked when he saw Dean coming down the stairs.

"Tired, bit depressed." Dean answered as he grabbed a beer."

"So what happened?"

"We found where Bloody Mary's mirror was, were working on trapping and killing her when the cops showed up. I went to deal with them and Sam….he shattered every mirror in the building plus all the windows. He got her but she managed to attack him too. His eyes were bleeding so badly I thought….." Dean ran his hands through his hair and Bobby winced.

"He still has his eyes though, he'll heal." Bobby told him as he moved to the fridge. "So how has it been other than this?"

"Good. He's a quick learner and eager to help. It's….having a partner my age, that I can just talk to…" Dean shrugged and Bobby nodded, he'd always warned John he was keeping Dean too isolated from his own age mates.

"Any problems?" He asked, despite his parentage Bobby found he liked the kid but he had to stay a little wary for all their safety.

"Other than poor Sam having to hold a demon down while I recited the exorcism? And then him having to destroy the demon when I lost the book leading to him passing out for ages?"

"Ouch." Bobby winced in sympathy.

"Oh yeah. And during all this we were several thousand feet in the air." Dean shuddered and Bobby bit back a chuckle at that, he knew about Dean's fear of flying.

"Dean?" Hearing the soft voice Dean turned and moved up the stairs to find Sam standing at the top, squinting hard, a hand on the wall.

"Hey Sammy, thought you'd sleep longer." Dean commented softly as he took Sam's arm and Sam shrugged. "Okay, let's go downstairs then." Dean gently guided him down the stairs and settled him in a kitchen chair.

"Dinner's almost ready." Bobby told them, he'd remembered Sam's dislike for red meat so dinner was chicken. Dinner went well as they chatted quietly, Dean helping Sam whenever he needed it without even needing to be asked.

Sam moved hesitantly around the yard, in the three weeks they'd been there his sight had improved but things too far away were still blurry. At least he could read again. He could feel Dean watching him from the veranda, waiting in case he needed help. But Dean was letting him do this himself, he needed to get better. He didn't want to be any more of a burden to Dean and Bobby than he already was. He knew they'd deny it but with his vision impaired the way it was he was a liability, especially if his Father sent someone after them. He would not let his family kill Dean and Bobby, not when they had taken him in the way they had. He would not lose them like he had lost Jess. So that was why he was in Bobby's yard, using the wrecks as an obstacle course to test his vision.

Bobby just shook his head in amusement as he watched the two in his yard. Sam's sight seemed to have finally fixed itself and now they were messing around all in the name of training. Sam was telekinetically sending various objects at Dean who was dodging them as best he could. Sam wasn't throwing anything too heavy or even dangerous at him so that when he was hit it didn't really hurt. It was a good way for Sam to keep practicing his control as well. He knew they'd be heading back out on the road soon and could only hope that John continued to keep his distance. He dreaded to think what would happen if the eldest Winchester ever learnt about Sam. The revenge obsessed man wouldn't stop to listen; he'd go after Sam with everything he had.

Sam curled against the window, smiling sleepily as he soaked up the sun, listening to Dean's music blaring from the speakers as they sped down the highway. It felt nice to be back in the car, just the two of them. Yes it had been nice to spend time at Bobby's despite all the wards and traps he had but being back in the Impala just felt right.

"Okay?" Dean asked, glancing over and Sam looked at him, smiling softly.


"Soaking up the rays huh? Sure you're not part cat?" Dean teased and Sam laughed, shaking his head.

"It's just nice, being back on the road."

"I agree." Dean grinned at went back to focusing on the road. Sam smiled happily, staring at the passing scenery as they headed east.