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Rating: PG13 for language and violence.

Note: There is a lot of swearing in this fic, but from what people say now-a-days I don't think readers would be surprised…I'm still warning you though, other than that, enjoy!

Prologue: "The Reunion"

A fist connected into my jaw, pain shot through my entire body, and I crashed to the floor. "Hah, that bastard can't take a punch." One man said, cracking his knuckles. "All talk." The other said, leaning a baseball bat on his shoulder. Gathering up my legs underneath me, I hunched in a kneeling position. What the fuck is wrong with me… I growled to myself. I put one hand to my head, my baseball cap rested on my head still, my hair crammed into it.

"Ohh…" I said, getting up. "That was a damn strong punch." I stood up and wiped off the blood that dribbled down my chin. "I think I'm gonna die from it." I grinned. The two men growled at me, veins showing out in their heads.

"What the hell you talking about punk?" Baseball bat asked. "What's up with your damn sarcasm!!?" He lifted the bat off his shoulder and swung it around at my head. I blinked at this attack, and then caught the bat in my left hand, pulling it to the side. "What the…?" I cut the asshole off, punching him in the stomach with my right and kicking him in the head. He fell to the floor and the baseball bat skidded and rolled to where he lay.

"Bastard!!!" The other man shouted, running at me. Grinning like an idiot, I sidestepped his pathetic punch. He swerved around suddenly and kicked me in the chest. I crashed backwards and hit….

"Are you okay?"

What…who the hell is that…Can't they shut the fuck up…? Damn… my head hurts like hell…

"Excuse me…?" It was a lady's voice, or maybe a girl's. It sounded familiar. I cracked my eyes open. A lady, no a girl in her late teens, maybe nineteen or twenty… looked at me. I was lying on my back. Damn! I must have hit my head on the fire escape…Damndamndamndamn!!! Those assholes… A toothed grin. At least I didn't have any money with me… "Kaoru-kun?" What…???

"Kaoru-kun…?" I repeated, sitting up and holding my head in my hands, the hat was still on. "Itai!" Blood… on my left hand, from the back of my head. Damn assholes!! I looked up and the lady rested her hand on my head. The pain faded away. "Ya…Yanagi-nechan??" I looked at her face…It was similar to the Yanagi I knew, in three years she had only changed slightly.

"It is you…" she said, smiling softly at me. I gave her my famous fanged grin.

"Koganei Kaoru at your service, Yanagi nechan."

"Hey! Hime!" a voice shouted. "What are you doing in there? It's not safe in alleyways!!" A man with spiky black hair and red highlights ran in, and upon seeing me, jumped in front of his Hime protectively. "What are you doing to her?" He set his angry glare at me. He hasn't changed one bit.

"What do you think I'm doing to her," I said, grinning, "Recca-niichan."

"Niichan?" Recca said, stooping down to peer at me. I took off my hat and my hair fell out and into its…spikiness. I grinned. "Koganei!" What's up with the idiot… He can't recognize my face like nechan can?

"Yo! Recca-niichan!!" I shouted, jumping on him in my expected fashion. We crashed onto the ground.

"Koganei-no-baka!!" Recca shouted. "Get offa me!!" I rolled off of him. "Geez.. you gotta realize you've….grown.." We stood up, and I was taller than him by a fraction. I look down on him, a fraction. I grinned inwardly. Now I don't have to damn look up at everyone.

"Kaoru-kun, we were just going to meet everyone." Yanagi said, mumbling slightly. "We have something to talk about." I blinked.

"Everyone?" I said. "As in Mikagami-nichan, Fuuko-nechan, Domon-nichan?" What were they gonna meet about…why the fuck didn't they try to find me? It's not that damn hard…I'm in the damn phone book…There's not a lotta damn Koganei Kaorus!

"Koganei…" Recca said. "Come with us. Something bad may happen…to Hime." I blinked again. Damn! Someone's trying to hurt Yanagi again! I'll fucking kill them!!!

"Sure niichan." I said, stretching. "Who is it now? Mori again?" Recca held onto Yanagi's arm and walked out of the alley.

"We were actually gonna meet at my house." Recca said. "But…it ended up at that abandoned factory…'cause it's more private…" The couple walked away. Damn him! Can't he give me a straight answer!!

"Niichan! Are we fighting?" I said, walking after them, putting my hands behind my head. "Cause if we are, I need kougon anki, it's in my room…" No damn reply again!!! What the hell is wrong with him!! He expects me to come with him like a freaking little puppy or some shit like that? Then he doesn't give me a damn straight answer!!! I pivoted on my feet and headed the other direction. "I'll get kougon anki and meet you there."


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