Percy Jackson, Book 6.

It was finally over. I couldn't believe it, neither could some of the few campers remaining. The war had lasted so long, crushing us until we had no hope left, and Luke saved us all. Of Course, a few good things came out of him leaving us for the Underworld.

Annabeth and I were dating, Annabeth and I were dating, Annabeth and I were-

"Percy! Come here, Chiron wants to talk to you!" That's Annabeth, about 16 with curly blond hair like a princess and an expression that would kill you if you said that out loud.


I finished sword training with some new Aphrodite kid easily and told the new group of campers that I'd be right back. Maybe.

I raced towards the Big House, pausing to wave at Clarisse politely and running faster than before when she pulled out her new electric spear. That thing seriously hurt.

"Hey Annabeth, what's up?" I panted once I reached the door. She smiled in an almost worried fashion, I recognized it immediately. It was her I-don't-want-to-tell-Percy-because-he'll-do-something-stupid look.

"Ok, what is it this time." I groaned. Just last week, we had been sent by Chiron to collect a son of Apollo from South Dakota. What he was doing there-

"Percy? Hellllooooo? Earth to Seaweed Brain!"

I snapped out of it a grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, just hoping we don't have to cross the U.S on a buffalo again."

She giggled. "But that was so funny!"

The two of us went inside and sat at the long, oak table. Chiron was already there, reading a very thick book. I also saw the heads of other cabins talking with each other. Chiron then seemed to notice us as we found our seats. (In the only two chairs together)

"Ah, yes. Annabeth and Percy." He said as a few other people strolled in. "Good, good, good."

We looked at each other, as did a few of the other campers, in confusion. What, what, what was Good, good, good?

Chiron stepped out to talk to us. "Actually, I just need Percy and Annabeth right now. Mr. D will tell you everyone else's mission options. One of his sons is trapped in-well, I'll let him tell you."

Annabeth hid a snicker with her hand and we shared yet another look. I almost felt bad for Mr. D as he shuffled into the room filled with camper heads.

We followed Chiron into a small room to the left, filed with laughter and loud noises. Then I heard someone going 'shh' and everyone got quiet, though a few whispers were faintly heard. I let myself grin, I had a pretty good idea of who they were.

"Surprise!" yelled Thalia Grace, popping out as we opened the door. Annabeth jumped back but I came over.

"When did you get here?" Annabeth gasped, running over to hug her friend. "Are the other Hunters here? Where's Artemis? Did you end up finding that tiger that was destroying parts of-"

We all laughed as Annabeth stood still for a second to catch her breath. She gave us a dirty look and hugged Thalia again. I noticed that she grew her hair out longer and bought a light silver sweater.

Then I noticed the others behind her.

"Nico! Grover!"

I myself patted my two other friends on the back, Nico DiAngelo and Grover Underwood. Even if the latter was half goat, I found myself very fond of them. They, (and everyone else in this room) had been with me a month ago to fight Kronos. They had all saved my butt at least once.

Nico looked slightly different, his black hair was longer and even more crazy than before. He had on his classic aviator's jacket and black ripped jeans with skeleton ring.

Grover looked older somehow, even though I saw him a month ago. Everyone has just been so busy! I finally asked them what they were doing there.

"Wait, you don't know? I thought that you guys were gonna tell us." Nico said, looking as confused as I felt.

Annabeth shook her head. "I don't know, but I am so tired! We just had this mission in South Dakota-"

"I know all about it, girl." said Thalia groaning. "I've been super busy too."

That was something we could all agree with, Demigods were pouring in the camp and not. Satyrs were needed all over the country AND out of the country too. Nico was helping his dad with expanding the Underworld and Grover was directing new recruits on the Council of Cloven Elders. Thalia was obviously with her fellows Hunters AND doing quests as she was a half-blood.

Chiron then came in, accompanied by yet another tired soul.

"Oh, please tell me you don't need ANOTHER prophecy!" Rachel Elizabeth Dare moaned. "I just gave one out like 2 minutes ago!"

Then she saw the group of us. "No way, I am not giving out a death mission for this 'special' group!"

We all exchanged a look, hopefully Rachel was wrong. I myself knew I couldn't take another quest. Think how Thalia, Grover, and Nico must have felt when she said that.

Chiron stepped forward, holding his hands up to silence our Oracle.

"Actually, all of you are here for a different reason." He began. I stole a look at Annabeth, who looked just as confused as I did.

"Everyone here has been extremely busy, I and Mr. D have started to see signs of tiredness. We have therefore both decided for you to leave on a week long vacation."

We were all silent until what he said kicked in. "A vacation?" Thalia asked with wide eyes. Then, we all started talking at once.

"No way, is this some kind of joke?"

"But what about all the other prophecies?"

"Did you talk to my dad about this? I'm not sure he'd agree-"

"Where are we going?"

"What should we pack?"

"What about my school? I can't just leave!"

"And that is how hot air balloons were invented!"

The last one was Chiron, he said this very loudly and we all turned to look at him. He had a glint of mild amusement as we looked at each other in confusion.

"To answer your questions, It is not a joke Percy. Rachel, you don't have to worry about any prophecies in 1 week, I did talk to your father Nico, and don't worry about your respective schools Miss Chase."

He paused to take in a deep breath, during which Thalia raised her hand.

"Why didn't you answer mine or Grover's questions? Where are we going? And what should we pack?"

Chiron smiled simply. "You might want: bathing suits, sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses- I and a few neireds booked the 6 of you to the Edgewater Beach Hotelin Naples, Florida-"

"OH MY GOD!" screamed Thalia. She ran up to our centaur friend and hugged him. "THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!"

I was too shocked to speak. Florida? That was like, forever away from New York. Beach Hotel? He has got to be kidding.

"Are you serious? Naples, Florida?" I asked. "I can't get on a plane for New Jersey!"

Thalia rolled her eyes. "Come on! Be positive Percy, we're going to Florida! As in, the sunshine state!"

"It might be fun, I could definitely use a break." Annabeth admitted. Rachel and Grover both nodded and I had to agree.

Only Nico wasn't happy.

"A beach? That's why I like New York! I hate the sun!" he yelled. "Why can't we go to the mountains or something?"

"Relax Nico." Thalia assured her cousin. "We're all going to have so much fun!"


Hogwarts, Gryffindor Common Room.

"But he was obviously showing off for Parkinson, wasn't he? Interjected Ron quickly, before Hermione could say anything.

"Well," she said uncertainly, "I don't know...It would be like Malfoy yo make himself seem more important than he is...but that's a big lie to tell..."

"Exactly," said Harry with a I-told-you-so look at Ron. Hermione rolled her eyes at the two boys' antics and proceeded to the read the note she had been given by an unknown 2nd year.

"Hm, it's from professor Dumbledore." She said to herself, walking up to the Girl's Dormitory.

"Dear Miss Granger. I would most like for you to tutor a young exchange student. She is from a school in America, she does not need to know spells, but instead History of Magic, Arinthmancy, Potions, etc. She will be arriving shortly, Thank you!"

Hermione Granger was silent for a moment. An exchange student from America? Perhaps Dumbledore wouldn't mind if she asked a few questions. What school, what age, and what was her name?

She walked through Hogwart's halls, not exactly concentrating on what was going on around her. Not much did happen, excepting that her two best friends caught up to her, Of Course.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked, walking backwards against the school's traffic. As sixth years, most of the younger students would step out of the way. Add in the fact that this certain sixth year was Harry Potter, the 'Chosen One'.

"I have to ask Dumbledore about something, he sent me a very queer note."

"How so?" said Ron, exchanging a look with Harry. Their friend's idea of queer was someone misspelling the world 'ambidextrous' with one too many 'e's or without the 'u'.

Hermione was silent for a moment as the trio continued to trek down through the hallway towards their Headmaster's office.

"He said something about an American exchange student, that I needed to tutor her or something. Kind of weird, huh? I don't even know her name!"

Harry shrugged, "Yeah, but how common are exchange students? You must have gotten some of them before, right?"

Ron and Hermione looked at each other, then the former said, "Actually, I don't think so. Foreigners are kind of kept away from Hogwarts. Well, you saw how they acted 2 years ago from France and Bulgaria."

They were all silent until reaching the lone statue with a griffin. Until then, Hermione had forgotten all about how they would get in. Password Anyone?

"I've got it." Harry said after a pause. "Acid Pops." The griffin swiveled upward, and Ron and Hermione looked at Harry with raised eyebrows.

"Dumbledore wrote me."

The trio continued up and knocked on the brass knocker. "Come in."

They all stepped inside, the boys allowing Hermione to go first. After all, she wanted to see him to start out with. She nervously stepped forward, walking up to the elderly man. She smiled politely and then began to ask her questions.

"Sir? About the note you sent me-"

Albus Dumbledore laughed and winked at Hermione. "I thought you would come with a few questions. First off, she is an American Muggle who is not at all magic herself, but is a prophet."

"You mean a real Oracle?" Ron asked skeptically. "Yeah, right."

Dumbledore waited patiently, but then continued.

"She is actually one Mr. Weasley, and while she can not perform magic, she has a magical gift for all theory subjects. She would be in your grade level, and is coming in about a week."

Hermione frowned, nothing she had read about stated that real prophets might not be able to use magic, or not start out in a school...but anything was possible in this world.

"Just one more thing sir, will you notify me when she is here? I obviously don't know what she looks like, or even her name-"

"Yes." said Dumbledore looking directly into her chocolate eyes. "She has light, green eyes and thin, red curls. Her name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare."


At that time, Rachel Elizabeth Dare and all the rest of us were boarding onto an airplane at the JFK airport.

Me? I was incredibly nervous, we were all counting on the fact that since Thalia was in the plane too he wouldn't set the plane to explode.

That, or the fact that unless I got hurt directly in my lower back, I'd be the only one that wouldn't die anyway-

"Come on Percy!" yelled Thalia herself, slipping a pair of sunglasses on. "We're goin to Florida! We can't miss the flight!"

I sighed and set the last of our insane amount of luggage down. I was the last aboard on out of our group, meaning I (to my pleasure) did not get the window seat. I was placed next to Thalia and Nico, because the closer we were to Zeus's daughter, the better.

I was on the edge (of course) and ended up being hit by a tourist couple that sat behind us.

"Oh, Matt! This is going to be so romantic!"

The woman's voice was high pitched and nasally, tinted with the unmistakable New Jersey accent. Nico (being immature at 13) turned around in his seat to ask where they were going.

I almost died when the man said it was none of his business, but the lady smiled sweetly.

"A glamourous hotel in Naples, The Edgewater I believe."

"No way!" said Thalia, also turning around. I seriously wanted to die, these two really hadn't been around mortals too much.

"We're staying there too! Actually, me and all of them." She pointed a long silver fingernail at me, and the other three across the aisle.

The lady looked shocked, "Really? That is so weird! I'm sure that you are your, er- cousins will enjoy the hotel immensely. We go every year for our anniversary, the view is gorgeous!"

Then some movie came on about cardboard posters coming to life and this jock inviting a cheerleader to prom...lame.

So obviously, I had a dream. And not just any dream, the infamous demigod dreams.

I was in a wide, tall room. The sky was completely open, it was a bright sunny day. We were surrounded by people, we meaning my "entourage" + Mrs. O'Leary? Anyway, I was experiencing the sickening feeling like I had shadow-traveled with Nico. Then I saw Nico almost knocked out, yeah we shadow traveled for sure.

"Who are you?"

The voice came from a short brunette in black robes with an English accent. All around us actually, the people were clad in black and whispering in English tones. I spared a look at dream-Annabeth. She had on sunscreen at sunglasses, plus a really nice blue sundress...

The vision changed.

I was alone this time, in a dark enclosed space. Or, there was one other person. He had messy black hair and dark green eyes. He was kind of thin and bony, with a small scar on his forehead. He seemed to be mouthing, or shouting something.


I then realized I couldn't move, I was chained to a post. There were needles sticking out of me, with-my blood. Oh, no.


I was jolted awake by Nico. I ran my fingers through my hair, thoroughly relieved that it was just a dream.

"Bad dream?" He asked sympathetically. "You were moaning about something, couldn't tell what. Anyway, we're somewhere over Virginia I think."

I then noticed that Thalia was rocking out to some music on her i-pod, probably Green day or Aerosmith or something.

Annabeth was reading a thick book on architecture, Grover was sleeping, and Rachel was staring out her window seat. I unbuckled my seatbelt and walked over to her.


She turned and smiled. "Just thinking about how I never ride in Economy Class, It's always First."

It was then I remembered that she was extremely rich and had been on more private planes than regular. She just seemed so-normal.

"I'm honestly thinking how fun it's going to be at the beach." she said smiling. "We all need a giant break, hopefully I don't need to say any life shattering prophecies on this vacation." She closed her eyes.

"The one who touches the sand first shall be doomed forever!"

We both started laughing as I returned to my seat, apparently food was included with our plane tickets.

Roast beef of French bread with sodas and pretzels, Chocolate cake for dessert. Nico nearly cursed our waitress to Tartarus for bringing him a Kid's meal.

We were all giggling as he (red faced) ate his smiling cow's cheeseburger and happy potato fires. He threatened to break our arms if we ever mentioned this to camp.

(I then saw Thalia snap a photo of the 'Kid's Meal' on her silver cell phone.)

"We are now crossing over the Atlantic Ocean." The crackling loudspeaker woman said after about an hour of playing on my DS. I jumped over to the window seat, the water was still below. It looked almost like glass, cool and green glass. I could barely make out a pack of dolphins below, I almost wished I could jump out and say hello or something.

The rest of the trip passed without much commotion. (Excepting when Grover had to go to the ladies room bathroom because he ate a bean enchilada-Never mind.)

We were descending into Naples-and being told to fasten our seat belts. I did so, both me and Nico holding each others shoulders. Maybe we would make it, maybe we would make it...

"Thank you for flying with us today, please exit in an orderly fashion."

"Screw orderly fashion!" Thalia yelled, bumping past us and slipping on black frames. "We're in Florida baby!"

We exited into the sunshine, all of the others running ahead. Rachel and I stayed back.

"I'm nervous." Rachel admitted after me trying to get why she was all silent. "I feel like I was supposed to do something, something my dad said I guess."

"Don't worry about it." I assured her. "Whatever it is, it can't be that important. It's not like your dad knows anything about the Gods or us or magic. Nothing's going to happen."

I was so wrong.


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