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Chapter 1: The End of Days

So this was it. Blank never thought it'd happen this way. He never thought he'd die like this. The world was ending. The sky rained fire and ground the earth to dust. And from the dust came monsters, golems. Not true animals, oh no. Agents of the dark one, created by the wish of an evil megalomaniac. But a wish this powerful could only come from one source, Jirachi, the legendary wish-maker. He knew, of course, how the man had got his wish. Team Rocket had managed to obtain Jirachi in a far off land and sold it to the highest bidder, it had said so in the news. Another boulder of molten rocked smashed its way through the atmosphere and scorched a path across the sky before resting with a deafening "Boom!" as it hit the ground. He sighed, went back inside and turned the TV on.

'At least they weren't targeting civilian populations, right?' He thought to himself.

Wrong. He flipped over to the news channel.

"Recent reports confirm that the Dark One is now targeting small pockets of civilians. We now go to our in-the-field reporter, Natali Gowin."

The picture changed to the face of a very distraught looking woman. She had long golden hair which flowed down her neck and shoulders, despite its bedraggled state. She glanced up, her blue eyes wide with panic, before addressing the camera.

"Run! For God's sake run! If you live in a small town or village then GET THE HELL OUTA THERE! YOU ARE HIS PRIME TARGETS, YOU STAY STILL YOU DIE!"

The reporter clearly had more to say but was cut off by an eerily familiar sound. Then the reporter was running for cover but it was too little to late. A massive meteor crashed in the middle of the village. On the edge of the screen, just before the camera was obliterated the reporter was still visible, her skin being wrenched from her body by the sheer force of the shockwave. The microphone lasted longer, just long enough for Natali's screams to be heard over the sound of collapsing buildings.

A surreal silence ripped Blank's eyes away from the horror before him and forced him to rise from the sofa he had collapsed upon. Suddenly he was frustrated. This world was coming to an end because of one man and a stupid Pokemon! He hadn't even touched one of the damn things and THIS was his reward? Greaat, just super. But his anger didn't hold up against the absolute clam and silence, it was so unnatural that it grabbed attention from any and all other matters. He began to walk to the door as if on impulse, his mind elsewhere. Then it occurred to him why the silence was freaking him out. It was total. Not even his footsteps made a sound. Curious, stopped. He lifted his left foot as high as possible then slammed it down fast. Pain shot through him as ankle slipped to one side, but apart from that, nothing, not a sound. Wincing, he hobbled outside to investigate the source of such obtrusive quiet. He opened the door, gasped, staggered and then almost fell over as he tried to put weight on his bad ankle. Outside his door were the three most bizarre creatures he had ever laid eyes on. One looked like a hairless cat, or rather a hairless cat plushie, except it was pink, and floating. As were the other two, floating that is. The central one was star-shaped, it's crest and two flowing tails were yellow whereas the rest of its body was a pearly white. Hanging off of each point on its head were blue ribbons. The right hand on was fairy-like, with tiny wings and two blue-green antenna. Its entire body was various shades of green except for its eyes, which were a bright blue.

The three glanced at each other, holding some sort of mental conversation.

/Are you sure he's the one?/

[Yes I'm sure. He is the one we want.]

\But what if he's not?\

[Listen, Mew, Jirachi. I can travel time. I have the traveller's insight. He is the one. Not the one we want, no. The one we NEED.]

They turned back to Blank, then looked at each other, then at Blank again. The one to the left, the one which looked like a plushie, waved at him to get his attention. Blank was about to ask when he made eye contact with it. Almost immediately he felt another presence in his mind, but before he could question it, it began speaking to him.

/You are Blank?/ It asked.

*Yes,* Blank replied, *and who are you?*

/I am Mew, predecessor of all common Pokemon./

\Excuse me! I am related to you enough already, Brother without you imply I descended from you!\

/Yes Jirachi, I know. Why do you think I said common Pokemon?/

\Oh, I'll just go now.\

/Anyway,/ Mew continued to Blank, /You are the one. The pivot point. Around you, the fate of the world resolves. Right now the entirety of the world depends on this question. If you could have just one wish granted to you, what would it be?/

*Oh god,* Blank thought, completely forgetting Mew was in his thoughts, *The fate of the world depends upon my wish.* Then he mentally blushed, remembering Mew's presence. He broke eye contact, severing the connecting. Then he looked at all of them and said, without hesitation; "If I could have one wish, this is what I wish for. I wish I had the ability to stop this, to stop this and undo all the wrong that has been done."

/Very good. We will grant you that wish./

[Oh shall wweee now? I thought I was the only one capable of granting wishes around here.]

/Oh shut up Jirachi. Besides, look./

To prove the point Mew transformed into Jirachi and started floating around.

[Okay okay, I'll grant the wish. Just, transform back. It's unsettling seeing you as me.]

/Good, then it is agreed. Jirachi, you will grant the wish whilst Celebi, you will put him in position./

And so began the ritual of the End of Days.