Little big planet ch1; didgeridoos and dragons.

Welcome to the world of little big planet, a world full of sack people and their giddy ways. also im British! Our story begins in the down under where one little sack person will become a big star.

Shows an Australia type area.

Me: enjoy it while ya can, cuz when I rule the world, it will be all gone.

A camo sack person with a pearl necklace jeans, black shoes and a cork hat walking through this area.

Sack jay: walkin walkin….wal-wal-walk walkin.

An Australian dude stops him.

Dude: hi you look like you crave adventure.

Jay: more than a fat guy craves ice-cream.

Dude: im Bruce, and you should see the mystic.

Jay: finally. ADVENTURE!

Flapjack: hey my line!

A dingo eats flapjack.

Me: thank the me I hate that show!


Jay comes upon a kangaroo.

Kangaroo: yo dog press a to jump and r to grab stuff!

Jay: but this is a fanfic.

Kangaroo: oh sorry then…..

Jay comes across a sheep car.

Jay: cool!

Sheep: gimme a push!

He does and he rides the sheep for a bit till he sees a turtle.

Jay: this looks like an enemy!

Jay jumps on its visable brain and it fades making a Mario type noise.

Kangaroo: that was not an enemy.

Jay: oh…. I knew that…..

Jay eventually runs into Bruce

Bruce: you are ready to see the mystic in the cave of dreams.

Jay: ok that makes sense.


jay: this floor piece feels funny…

A piece of cheese rolls by and a thing bursts up and eats it, making jay collide with a bird thing.

Bird: feed the floor beast and grab my beak to pass.

Jay does stuff and cheese rolls by and the thing bursts from the floor, sending jay strait to the birds beak.

Bird: you may pass…


Bruce: be carefull these heads are evil and stuff…

Shows a bunch of blue skull…..head….things.

After dodging various heads our hero comes upon a fat guy in a loincloth, black hair, and a white beard.

Mystic: g day mate im the mystic mate and I like to say mate mate, mate mate mate mate!

Bruce: you need your medicine.


Mystic: thanks mate, sack jay you show great promise, your just what im looking for….

Jay: ok so…. What can I do to help?

Mystic: enter my didgeridoo

Jay: 0_0.….

Mystic: it's an instrument.

Jay: oh ok.

He does.

Jay: its dark here.

Jay is shown in a cosmic type area wearing a jetpack.

Jay: you have a very big didgeridoo.

Mystic's voice: why thank you.

Greetings sack jay we have been expecting you.

Jay: who said that?

Im the British narrator of lbp.

Jak: oh ok!

Well the creation curators are holding a great carnival where they will share, interact, and party like mad.

Jay: that sounds fun!

Yes well some(aka most in the game) have not responded to their invitations. This is where you come in. you must find the curators, and rid them of their annoyances so they may attend the carnival.

Jay: now that sounds like an adventure.

Normally we wouldn't ask just anyone to do this but you are different, you are you….

Jay: awesome!

Now remove the jetpack and fall in to this pothole leading to the orient.

He does and falls into a big black hole.

The orient.

Jay comes out of a black hole.

Jay: that was fun!

Emperor sario: greetings im emperor sario and im not a villain, a dragon has been attacking us nonstop. Now help fix my wall. Did I mention im not a villain.

Jay: ok!

He grabs a lantern and floats onto a platform.

Worker: move these pieces into place with levers.

Jay: aye aye working slave!


Worker: careful, there is bombs here.

Shows a blue sack person with glasses, a red vest, pants, and black shoes.

En: whats going on!

Jay walks in.

Jay: oh hi why are you here this place is gunna blow soon. Oh and im sack jay.

En: oh im en…

Jay: well im going back to my adventure.

En: what adventure?

Jay: im gunna find the curators and get them to go to a festival.

En:….can I join?

Jay: the more the merrier!

En: thanks…..jay.


En: the wall is repaired.

A dragon busts the wall.

Jay: hey that's not nice!

Sario: oh noes it's the dragon! Now escape. Im not a villain

The 2 get in a cart thing.

Jay: ill drive.

En: oh that's ok ill shoot with this anti dragon cannon.

The 2 make their escape.

En we should be sa-

The dragon flies up behind them.

En: dra-dra-dra-dra-dra-dra-

Jay: what is it en.

En: dra-dragon!

En fires the anti dragon cannon like crazy.

Dragon: owie!

They exit the cart and jump down a I cant think of a name for it.

Jay: do something hes catching up.

En: I got it!

He hands jay a medium sized rock.

Jay: why did you hand me a rock.

En: this is why.

En pushes him over the edge and en grabs a rock and jumps after him.

Jay: what was that for!

En: the rocks will increase our weight making us fall faster!

Jay: oh that's good!


Jay: yeah we escaped!

The dragon flies in.

En: !

Dragon: I will destroy this land unless my son is returned! You 2 the emperor stole it, get it back or I will destroy you.

The format changes to wide screen and zooms in on jay's eyes.

Jay(squinting): ill do it…..


Sario: you stop the dragon?

En: he says he will stop if you return his son.

Sario: oh take it to him and give him my most sincere apologies.

En: your not a villan?

Sario: no im not.

Jay: he told us hes not a villan…..a lot.

Sario: one problem… my mother is the only one who knows the combo and shes at bingo.

Jay: en do your nerd hacking thing.

En: im not a nerd! Hey a trading card!

Jay: lets think….

Sario: if you enter the rooms you can find the combo.

Jay: no time!

En: there is a certain way to do this.

Jay: insert a code randomly?

En: yep.

They do.

Tiger lark dragon snake.

The path to the egg opens up.

Jay: now lets grab the egg and go!

I say later a lot don't I….

Dragon: thank you jay I will name him after you…. Sack dragon. Say you need a lift anywhere?

Jay: yeah to the bazar.

Dragon: then hop on guys.

They do and the dragon flies off.

Dragon: squada-

Me: that's the gag for the next chapter.

En: will there be an in flight movie?

Dragon: yes… high school musical!

Jay and en: !

To be continued…