Little big planet ch4; the carnival.

Our felt friends are shown at a beach type place.

En: howd we even get here?

Sg: dunno.

Jay: don't question the plot.

Carnival queen: we have been waiting, we even got a float reserved for you. You just got to decorate it.

En: ok.

Carnival queen: why don't you visit the other curadors too.

Jay and sg: works for me.

Both blush.

En : I still cant believe its over…..

Jay: then we can all go home.

En: but my parents vanished.

Sg: and mine kicked me out.

Jay: oh…. Sorry…. Mine are dead.

En; so we are all orphans?

Sg: well our age is never explained….

Director: aye you two and that other guy!

En: why me…..

Director: get the award to the top for the picture.


Director: now wake ron by pulling his fingers.

Jay: or…..

Jay uses an air horn and ron wakes up.

Sg: that saved us time….

Director: good now heres a swimsuit for your float.

Then they reach a clock themed float.

Hans: gutentah sack people. Fix mine clock!

Jay: en you do it.

En: figures send the one with glasses…..

En gets the clock working.

Hans: thanks heres a cowbell for your float.

En takes the cowbell.

Jay: well see ya.

The 3 leave.

Hans: id fall aslewp, but I still have nightmares.

They come upon funubis and his pet bird.

Funubis: you dig for oil!

Bird: your souls are mine mortals.

En: did anyone notice the demonic bird.

Sg: no.

Jay comes back covered in dirt carrying a shovel.

Jay: phew….

Sg: how do we get it out?

Jay: hmm….

Shows en in a hamster wheel type thing.

En: I "pant" hate my "pant" life!

Sg: come on!

En: …."pant"

Sg takes funubis' bird ant puts it behind en.

Bird: I will eat your children.

En: !

En runs faster than sonic on caffeine.

Sg: yes.

Bird: lets play soccer…. With your skull.

Sg: that bird is creepy.

Jay leans over the hole and oil starts gushing out sending him in mid air.

Sg: hold on ill get something for you to land on.

En: man that was close.

Jay lands on en.

En: oye…

Funubis: here have some feathers for the float.

Jay takes the feathers.

Jay: much obliged.

Funubis : say goodbye to the nice people.

Bird: your mother plays card games in heck.

Jay: that is a creepy bird.

Carnival queen: those will do great on the float.

Shows a white float with a large picture of a sack person on it.

Jay(in link's voice): well I guess we better get going.

After putting the stuff on the float the 3 decide to do some carnival related things so as not to bore you im gunna run infomercials.

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Our 3 heroes are shown returning with carnival based merchandise(use your imagination).

Jay: ok lets find the other curadors.

They come across a dirty lamp.

Genie's voice: help im stuck and the sticker doesn't work, try giving it a scrub.

Sg: well there is a brush over there.

Shows a bunch of fire and platforms.

En: we need a better plan…..

Jay: I gots it!

Jay uses en as a washcloth and uses the sticker on the lamp freeing the genie.

Genie: thanks take this red rug roll.

Jay: try saying that 10 times fast.

They come upon emperor sario.

Sario: greetings sack jay and en. Im not a villain. I need you to set off fireworks, my mother wont let me.

Sg: ill do it Chinese person of almost unrecognizable gender that is totally not a villain.

Jay: say hows the dragon.

Sario: oh hes good infact his eggs hatched I brought pictures.

Sario hands them pictures.

Jay and en: aaaaaaaaawwwwww cute.

Sg ziplines in.

Sg: did it.

Sario: thanks heres use of my personal driver.

Driver: im crazy!

En: now what?

Jay: to the fat Australian guy!


They reach the mystic.

Mystic: gday sack jay and his 2 friends I have yet to meet.

En: we need one last thing for our float.

Mystic: you can check the crocks… mate.

Sg: awesome we get to wrestle some gators!


Sg: yeah those two.

They reach a crocodile with a didgeridoo in its mouth.

Sg: score im gunna get that now. Here aligator…

The gator eats her.

Jay: SG!

Sg(inside the gator): ew it smells and there is no light. Hey cool a psp.

Jay: don't worry ill get you out of that gator!

The crocodile eats him.


Jay(inside the gator): en help your our only hope! Cool another psp.

En: cowardly instincts….. Activating…. Must run…. Away…..

Gator: im no alligator im a crocodile! Kill!

En: no ill save them or die trying on my feat. Now what would the author do…..


En: I got it!

En runs over to the aligator.


En punches it in the gut.

Crocodile: oh noes!

It explodes yet jay and sg are somehow ok.

Sg: weird….

Jay: but effective….

En: I did it! I found courage!

Courage: huh?

Insert final fantasy fanfare here.

Sg: well lets put this stuff on the float!

Jay: right lets move.

They put the stuff on the float.

Carnival queen: this looks great now hurry the parade is starting!


The float is shown moving and a crowd of people are watching.

En: so this is what its like to have pride….

Sg: woot! Awesome adventure!

Jay: its like a dream come true…..

They reach a stage and get off the float.

Carnival queen: and the winner of best float is… jay en and sg!

The 3: woot!

Bird: may their souls boil in the pits of demise!

Jay: we won!

A large trophy is handed to them by a human hand.

En: so… where do we go from here?

Sg: dunno.

Jay: I say we stick together! All in favor.

En and sg: aye!

Jay: then its agreed we face whatever the author throws at us together.



Mystic- continued to do whatever it is he does.

Sario- started an age of peace and prosperity with the help of its new dragon guardians.

Genie- started a rug company using monkey labor.

Funubis- continued making parks with is demonic bird.

Hans glock- continued making clocks with his sons and they studder each time they hear the word predator.

The director- made a hit movie starring Will Smith and George Lopez.

Me: eventually took over Australia but until then I write stories.

You: whatever your doing now.

Jay is shown walking through the down under until he reaches a house.

Jay: ah finally home.

Jay enters and sg is shown at the stove cooking something.

Sg: hey jay.

Jay: hey sg wheres en?

En comes down the stairs.

En: your back.

Jay: yep now whats for dinner?

Jay's voiceover: the mystic managed to get us a house in the down under. So we now live together. Its got a field nearby so that's good. Anyways whatever is thrown at us, we will face it…. Together….


The bird appears in front of the end.

Bird: hail saton!

Ok now it's THE END.