Breaking and Entering Hetalia Style

It was a bright and sunny afternoon in America. Birds were singing, children were playing, and Alfred F. Jones was relaxing in his backyard. These days it seemed that the self proclaimed hero barely had anytime to relax. He was having fights with the Middle Eastern nations, had borrowed a crapload of cash from China, and then there was that oil that was seeping into his pool, er, the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, being a hero was more tense than his beloved comic books conveyed. But none of that mattered now. He was home and it was time for some heroic R&R. As he drifted to sleep he vaguely wondered what his neighbors were doing.

It was a blisteringly hot day in Mexico. And Paco Sanchez, better know as Mexico, was pissed. He idiot of a neighbor had challenged him yet again. The US or 'Alfred' had built another fence between the two. What an insult. Did he not here of the Great Senor Mexico's fence jumping skills? Had the Big Mac sauce leaked into his grease soaked brain? If he was anything like his cousin Aldofo more commonly called 'Rico' he'd get gangsta and pop a cap were the sun didn't shine! But he wasn't. He had his own way of doing things. Straitening his sombrero, he began to scale the fence. It was pretty hard climbing and not letting go of his burrito at the same time.

Alfred woke with a start as he heard a faint rustling noise. Looking up, he saw a familiar Mexican coming over the top of his fence. He narrowed his eyes. Not him again. The Mexican landed to the ground with a thump. Looking to the sky, he laughed in triumph.

"Haha! Another victory for Sir Mex-.. Put the gun down amigo!" Paco was staring into the gun barrel of his least favorite person in the world. In truth this was not the first time they had tangoed. Ugh, he was starting to sound like his older brother Spain. Hey was that a Rolex Alfred was wearing? So much for an economic crisis…

Alfred sighed and lowered the gun. "What is this the third time? Geez Paco..Matt gives me less trouble than y-" Just then the Mexican sprung on the American. The two tumbled and rolled until they fell into the swimming pool. Alfred's head was spinning. What had just happened? He looked over to see Paco swimming towards the pool ladder. Man, not even the hero could keep up with him at this rate. Alfred swum towards him panting. No more McDonald's runs in the middle of the day.

"Paco, wait!"

"No need, amigo. You want me gone, so I'm gone. Hasta la vista!' And with that the young man climbed back over the gate. Everytime the two met it was like this. Brief and confusing.

"Uh bye." Alfred stared at the gate in disbelief. Subconsciously, he reached into his pocket. His wallet was missing.

"Goddamn it, Paco!"