Summary- Harry is adopted by Charlie Swan, abandoned in the woods of Forks, Washington as a baby and knows his heritage from a young age. But he does not attend Hogwarts and meets the Cullens after graduating from an American wizarding school while training to be a healer. EC/HP

Healings of a Soul

Chapter One-

Charlie Swan was going about his normal daily routine, driving all over the outskirts of town in his cruiser checking for any anomalies in the surroundings. He was just about to turn back and would have missed seeing the bundle on the floor of the woods had it not been for the tattered but bright blue blanket that stood out from amongst the various shades of brown. Stopping the cruiser, he stepped out of the car and approached cautiously and suddenly noticed a sound of quiet sniffling in the air. Upon reaching his destination, he saw that it was an infant that was in the blue bundle which was apparently a ragged blanket insufficient to protect the baby from the elements of nature. It had no other covering that the dirty old blanket and what he presumed to be a soiled nappy, with nothing nearby to identify the poor thing.

Shocked to find this seemingly abandonment of an innocent, for he could come up with no better explanation for the situation, Charlie instinctively reached down to pick up the baby to carry back into his police cruiser. However, as soon as his hand touched the infant, the small snifflings turned into outright crying. Charlie immediately wrapped the toddler into his arms, making shushing sounds as he tried to calm it down.

"Shhh… Shhh… Everything's gonna be alright now, lil' one. We'll get you someplace safe and warm and clean you up. Yeah, a warm bath would probably be nice after being in these damp woods for God knows how long."

The wailing subsided to small sniffles once again, as if the baby could understand, maybe not the words themselves, the comfort and security that seemed to emanate from this big man that was holding him.

Charlie, with babe in hand, marched purposefully to his car and settled the baby securely in the passenger's seat before pulling out of the woods and back to the station. Whilst driving, he pondered about what could have caused this situation to arise. Could it have been a single mother who just didn't want her child anymore? Or a couple? It couldn't be that the parents had just died, for no one really went to those parts of the woods and how would the baby have ended up there anyways?

Time past quickly in the cruiser with these thoughts on his mind, and before he knew it, he had arrived back at the police station. Parking in his usual spot, he unbuckled the infant who had fallen asleep during the ride, no doubt from weariness, and carried it into the building with him. It was a sight to behold, him striding in babe in hand with such a grim expression on his face. Stopping at his deputy's desk, he told his trusted coworker and friend Taylor Johnson about how he had found the baby apparently abandoned in the woods.

"So I'm going to take this lil' tyke here to the hospital to get him checked out. Poor thing needs a bath first and new clothes, so I'll swing by my house first and before heading over. God knows I certainly have enough leftover baby supplies from when Bella was born, before she and Rene left that is…This'll probably take all afternoon, so if anyone comes in asking for me, that's where I'll be. I trust you to hold the fort while I'm taking this?"

"Sure thing, Chief. It's an awful thing that happened to the baby…speaking of which, is it a boy or a girl?"

Charlie just looked at him dumbly for a few seconds, scratching his forehead before saying,

"You know, with the shock of finding it and everything, I had completely forgot to check."

With that said, he quickly took a peek without trying to jostle the precious bundle, and in doing so, an unpleasant odor strongly filled the air. Choking a bit on his reply, he announced,

"It's a boy…and whew! He certainly needs a bath quickly! I'll be heading out now."

Charlie quickly covered up the babe again and strode out to the car, resettling the little one in the seat before pulling out of the parking lot and heading to his home. This time as he was driving, he was wondering what the boy's name was? Or had he ever been given a name?

And just as he reached home, rays of sun started peeking in through the windows of the car, a rare sight around the rainy town of Forks. It hadn't been a bad day so far, Charlie contemplated as he pulled into his driveway. Just one filled with many surprises…

End of Chapter One