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Healings of a Soul

Chapter Five

The Search- Part I

After he had filled out the forms documenting Jonathon as a foundling, Charlie started mapping out on a notepad the areas he wanted to check out initially in the search of the boy's past. First he should visit the hotels to check who had been the most recent visitors. He could then pull them up on the database to check for any history of children or guardianships. After he sent that information to Johnson to process, he could start the interviews with the local eateries and shops, not that there were too many, thankfully. Also, he would bring Jonathon with him everywhere just in case someone had seen him before.

The chief told his plan to his deputy, who agreed that it was probably the best they could do, and then set out with the toddler to the only place in Forks with lodgings, the Olympic Suites Inn. As he pulled into the inn, Charlie couldn't help but think it would be fruitless. If there had been visitors within the past few weeks, he should have heard of it by now. Usually people were sure to let him or one of his men know just in case there was any trouble down the road, and moreover, in such a small town, who wouldn't have found out quickly?

However, he had to take into account the possibility that the people responsible had come in from Port Angeles, the only city nearby that was only roughly an hour away. Though, trying to search in those parameters would be exponentially harder. He would only be able to get accurate information from the hotels in Port Angeles, for unlike the small and steady community of Forks, the city had many shops and restaurants with a continuous flow of people and employees moving in and out as they switched shifts. At least in Forks he knew most, if not all, of the shop keepers and employees, all of whom did not intermittently leave and return to their companies. He sighed, glancing at little Jonathon. The boy deserved that much from him at least, for it was not as if he had run away from his caretakers. No, Jonathon was just an innocent babe that got caught up in unpredictable and rather unfortunate affair. Thus, Charlie would definitely give it his all, cutting no corners in his search.

The questioning of the hotel clerk yielded nothing useful, which rapidly diminished the possibility that Jonathon was the child of a visitor to Forks. However, he would still check with all the diners, restaurants, and shops. While doing so, the townspeople were very friendly and open, not at all shocked to see the chief himself visiting their shop. Charlie had the habit of checking up on the people he protected just to make sure everything was going smoothly, a closet mother hen. But still, with every person he interviewed, none had remembered any strangers browsing their establishments or walking about, nor did they recognize the baby their chief carried in his arms. In fact, many had the same reaction as Nurse Sue, asking him if Bella and thus Renee had returned to Forks. It was not easy to continue and proceed to the next store with each denial that his family had come back to him, which merely cemented the permanence of his future loneliness. But true to his character, he persevered forth with his duty, the hardworking officer that he was. It was this quality that had enabled him to move up through the ranks rapidly and achieve the position as chief before he was even thirty years old.

The day had passed quickly and before he knew it, his clock on the dashboard blinked 8:30pm. Charlie decided to call it a night, having gotten through about half of the business on his list. He would be able to hit the rest of them tomorrow and have time left over to compile all the information gathered.

The only issue remaining for the night was where to leave little Jon. Because Forks was so very small, they had never needed an orphanage before. Any child that had been unwanted or left behind because of death always grew up with a member of the community, for everyone was always happy to help out. After much deliberation, Charlie decided that since it was quite late and he did not want to burden anyone else, he would take in Jonathon for the night. He tried to ignore the voice at the back of head nagging at him that 'Surely the decision was not at all influenced by his yearning to keep the toddler with him permanently and soothe his loneliness.'

Once the both of them were back in the Swan residence, Charlie immediately heated up another bottle of baby formula. Upon remembering that babies had to be fed periodically throughout the day, he had become worried about how Jonathon had not fussed about his hunger after the initial feeding following the discovery of the baby's existence. It did not seem like normal behavior and so Charlie wanted to make sure that the little one, who was already very tiny for his age, would not starve due to the lack of vocal indications of hunger. He placed them both in his sturdy oak chair once again for the feeding and was pleased to see that this time Jonathon nearly finished the bottle, an improvement of appetite that would surely help to increase his growth.

Charlie carried the baby with him up to the attic to rummage through and find more baby equipment they would need for the night. Thankfully, he had the foresight to cover and protect everything with plastic bags when he had put them in storage, ensuring that they would not become contaminated with dust and grime. He could now easily take the plastic off the crib and tow it down to his room for immediate use, as well as the sheets, pillows, and blankets. As an afterthought, he even grabbed a few stuffed animals for Jonathon to play with before he slept.

Returning to his bedroom, he found that he would need to change the baby's diaper. However, since it was almost time to sleep, Charlie decided a bath would also be necessary and went back up to the attic to grab the bathing tub, some water toys, and the pajama's he had forgotten earlier. After cleaning up the soiled nappy and filling up the tub with warm water, he grabbed some soap and towels from the bathroom, now prepared to give Jonathon his bath. But Jonathon was not ready to take a bath and let Charlie know his sentiments exactly…

End of Chapter Five


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