Where We Were Always Meant To Be….

Chapter 1

Chloe Sullivan exited her lawyers office with a heavy heart. It had been eighteen months since she found out about Jimmy's infidelity and to this day she can still remember the pain she felt in her stomach when he confessed to her.

When he told her about his indiscretion he promised her that it was over, that it had been a mistake, that he was so sorry, and that it would never happen again. Basically he had said all the right things, and she had been stupid to believe that would be enough but it hadn't been, and after ten months she finally gave in and found a lawyer. Deep down she knew Jimmy was ready to throw in the towel too. So after eight months of lawyers offices and paperwork it was finally over. It was still hard for her to believe a few signatures could end her twelve year marriage.

'So now what do I do' she thought to herself. There were plenty of options, she could go back to their apartment and be stuck looking at the boxes he had yet to pick up, 'yeah that's not happening' she thought to herself with a bitter chuckle. There was always the option of going to Isis but she really didn't think she could focus on anything work related right now. She could always go to a bar and get smashed surely that would be the most popular decision given the day she had but she would still end up at home looking at those boxes only drunk and weepy as well.

'Well,' she thought, ' guess this means I'm heading out to the Kent Farm.' Sure Lois would probably be all for bashing Jimmy but maybe that was exactly what she needed right now to get the anger out not to mention no one was quite a good at putting things into perspective as Clark so that would take care of the sad part. Getting in her car Chloe settled in for the three hour drive to Smallville.

She arrived at the farm and slowly climbed the stairs of the front porch but as she raised her hand to knock the door swings open revealing her cousin with a sympathetic look glued to her face. 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea angry wanna scratch Jimmy's eyes out Lois I can handle but not Lois looking at me like I'm dying or something' she lets out a heavy sigh.

"Well come on in Chlo, I already made a huge pot of coffee and Clark flew over to D.C. to snag you some of Mama Kent's famous chocolate chip cookies so we have all we need for some good old fashioned girl talk" she looked at Chloe with a big smile.

"Oh Lo it was horrible," she said as she walked into the living room and slumped down to the couch, " I feel like such a failure, I mean I know this sounds crazy but why wasn't I enough. It's just so humiliating. How many people do you think know the reason for the divorce? Seriously Lo, think about it Jimmy Olsen cheated on me. I wasn't enough for Jimmy Olsen. That thought will haunt me for a really long time" she rubbed her hands down her face and let out the deep breath she felt like she had been holding all day.

Lois slowly lowered herself into the chair opposite Chloe "Okay first of all you are way too good for Jimmy, you always were but it was never my place to interfere in your marriage, I mean you have no idea how badly I want to rip his head off for the way he has hurt you and made you doubt yourself"

Lois then walked into the kitchen and poured two cups of coffee and filled a plate with cookies. When she returned to the living room she set everything on the coffee table when they both felt the sudden gust of wind behind them.

"Hey ladies" Clark greeted them with a huge grin. He then saw the cookies on the table and Chloe's sullen expression that when he remembered what today was and his smile quickly faded. "Chloe, I am so sorry is there anything you need from us" he said a small grin forming on his lips again.

"I just really would love to go crash in your old bedroom, get a good nights sleep" at least here I don't have to wake up in the morning and look at his damn boxes that he refuses to pick up, she added silently to herself.

"Of course Chloe your welcome here anytime in fact if you want you could stay here for awhile until you feel better" Clark told her with a sympathetic look.

'Great now Mr. Perfect Marriage feels sorry for me too,' she thought, knowing full well that it was not Clark she was really angry at. " No thanks Clark just tonight is all I need to get my head on straight, but if you don't mind I'm just gonna head to bed I really need some sleep." With that she headed toward the stairs.

" Hey Chloe," Lois suddenly said making her way over to her little cousin, " I know right now you probably just want to think about everything but when you're ready a am totally available for a Jimmy Olsen Bitch Fest you just say the word."

"Thank you Lo, I'll let you know," and after a quick hug she made her way to Clarks old bedroom where she took off her shoes and climbed under the covers fully dressed. She then pulled the blanket over her head and drifted to sleep.

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