Where We Were Really Meant To Be…..

Chapter 13


Chloe stood in her office at Isis packing the last of her personal belongings. She was finally done training Amy Peterson the young woman she had chosen to take over for her at Isis. Amy was a quick learner and any concerns Chloe could have possibly had with leaving Isis in her hands were ruled out in just the first few days of her training. She placed the last item in the box before reaching inside her pants pocket and pulling out her keys to the office that she had spent more then a decade working in. She placed the keys on the desk, picked up the box and left Isis behind her.

As she walked out of the building she looked up and saw Oliver leaning against her car arms folded across his chest. He pushed away from the car and walked over and took the box from her.

"Hey" he said leaning down and kissing her gently.

"Hi" she replied looking up at him smiling.

"So does this mean your all mine now?" he asked glancing down at the box then back at her.

"Real cute Ollie." She turned toward her car walked around the back and opening the trunk.

He smiled at her brightly, "So are you up for a surprise?" he asked placing the box inside the back end.


She was a little concerned about what exactly he had in mind. Oliver wasn't like normal men, while most men would bring flowers as a surprise the woman they were with Oliver kept bringing up things like trips to Paris once she finished her work at Isis. So when he said he wanted to surprise her right after she finished packing up her things there her mind automatically went to the extreme.

She didn't want him to spend his money on her. When most women saw him they saw Oliver Queen billionaire playboy, but that's not who he was to her. To her he was just Ollie the man who made her whole again after the end of her marriage and all the humiliation that had gone along with that.

"Don't worry I promise it won't be too painful," he told her as he slammed the hatch closed, "but were taking my car."

She let him lead her across the street to where he had parked. He opened the door and she climbed in.

Then he walked around the car and crawled into the drivers seat started the engine and pulled out.

"So do I get some kind of a hint here?"

"No," he told her simply with a smug smirk.

Ten minutes later they pulled up outside an old three story brownstone.

"What's this?" she asked.

"This is the new Metropolis JL Headquarters"

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah you wanna check it out?"


She jumped out of the car and he followed quickly.

Once inside she looked around then back at him she was confused the first floor looked like any ordinary house. He must have understood because he came up beside her to explain.

There's two more floors upstairs the second floor has three bedrooms and I've had them set up for the guys when their in town."

She looked over at him smiling, "and what about the third floor?"

"I had it set up as quarters for you."

"You did, but I live like fifteen minutes from here?"

"Yeah but I know, there's a pretty good chance you could be stuck here late some nights and I don't want you to have to head home at all hours."

"All right I guess that makes sense," she told him heading toward the stairs, but he grabbed her hand.

"Where are you going?"

"To check out all my new computers, that was part of the deal right?"

"Yeah but upstairs are your living quarters. Your work station is downstairs."

"In the basement?"

"Sort of," he told her mischievously.

He then led her to what looked like a closet door but when he opened the door inside was a private elevator. "Go on," he said pushing her toward the elevator. He then climbed on after her and closed the door. A light came on over head and Chloe saw a number panel on the wall next to the door Oliver punched in a seven number code and a set of elevator doors closed in front of then and she felt them moving.

When the doors reopened she followed Oliver out into a huge room. She looked around her and their were monitors covering one wall she walked over to the desk and saw a touch screen monitor inset in the top.

"Now there's plenty of more equipment in the back room but Victor thought you might want some input as to how the whole system is set up"


He stepped toward her and wrapped his arms around her waist as he pulled her to him. "So do you like your surprise?"

She stood on tip toes and kissed him passionately.

"Wow a kiss like that for this. What happens when I tell you about the satellite?" he told her before kissing her again.

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