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12:04 A.M.

A chill ran down Deidara's spine.

Something had chilled the air, like Death had placed it's scythe right along his throat right at the moment…, but that couldn't be right. He was alone on the rooftops, with the exception of Sasori's puppet watching him work and the two chain twins waiting to spring into action if needed. The streets below him were crawling with barbaric thugs, but they weren't aware of his presence… Yet, that is. So why the sudden apprehension? He wondered.

"Finished?" Sasori asked from his puppet.

"Impatient bastard…"

"Brat," the blonde imagined the elder narrowing his eyes across town at him. "Your hour is almost up. Are you done or not?"

"I'll get going soon, un;" he turned to face the puppet rather than staring down at the pest flooded streets. "You shouldn't worry so much Danna, un. I can take care of myself."

"No. You can't," the puppet said icily. "You're out of your league by yourself."

Deidara frowned, his temper heating and his heart feeling strained. He needed this. "You don't need to protect me when I can handle it, un."

"That's the thing, brat. You can't. You don't have the experience or the skill to handle this by yourself. The only reason no one is even allowed near this area is because it's dangerous. You're lucky I can manipulate these puppets like I can or else you'd be dead."

"I'm not a pathetic toy you can control, un."

The puppet's arm lashed out and grabbed his shirt. The twins suddenly moved also, and constricted arms. Deidara tried to struggle out of the wooden hold, but it was useless despite his temper. The puppet's joints had locked and there was no possible way he could move. The main puppet Sasori seemed to be controlling approached him in a robotic manner, as if the joints were stiff with time. It jerked his chin up roughly though, so he was forced to look into the glass eyes. This action pissed him off, and the unnecessary coldness coming from his own heart only made his temper tick that much more.

"They're looking for you," the puppet hissed. "Five hundred remaining killers are looking for your hide to skin and bring to the white haired fuck. Do you think you can handle that? Do you think you can kill that many homicidal idiots, Deidara?"

"Tch…" the blonde lowered his eyes with a snarl.

"You need me. I've sent out puppets to look for Kikaito and Len to warn them also since they are specifically looking for a blonde male."

"What the hell?" Deidara yelled and leaned forward a little against his retrained arms. "You make it sound like you're doing everything and the rest of us are sideshows, un! You can't tell me you've lost puppets, and that some of them aren't damaged, un! Do you even know if anyone is dead? Do you even care? They're all putting their fucking lives out there for us and you make it sound like you're the only immoral murder out here, un!"

"Brat, you're not even listening to me," the puppet tightened its grip; Sasori's voice now on the verge of hitting full volume. "I'm focusing on you so you don't end up dead. Yes, I'm losing puppets. No, I don't know if anyone is dead because they don't need me to baby sit them. My main priority is you!"

"And what makes me different from them, hn? You can't just trust me enough to make sure I do my part of the deal? A human life is easy enough to take, it's not that hard, un!"

"Exactly, you're human Deidara. The Kyoko and UTAUloids all have mechanical parts that make them less susceptible to physical harm. They can also use their voices at any moment. While everyone from the apartments' have records of unnatural skills. You can't compare yourself to them."

"…" Deidara grit his teeth, his heart frozen over, and his body burning; "…Just leave…"


"Did I stutter?" His eyes started to bleed hate, and the puppets holding his arms let their hold drop. But the wooden figure holding his shirt pulled him closer, as if to seriously warn him of something.

Not that he'd listen to anything at this point.

"Leave," he repeated one final time- his hand gripping the jagged wrist.

Though the city quaked with a bloody war, the air was silent, still; almost as if the universe had misplaced him for a moment. But it only took a second of quiet; a simple pause, before the puppet let go of him, and walked towards the staircase to exit. Deidara turned his harsh stare towards the twins, and they followed momentarily. And then…

He was alone.

Deidara hadn't been alone in weeks, oddly enough. Sasori had always been with him; every hour of every day, watching him silently, or chiding him quietly. That had seemed to make the elder think he needed to be watched constantly. That he was a constant unstable mess… He wasn't though, and he had the elder to thank for that, but right now, he needed to prove to his Danna that he was worth something. Worth keeping around- because if he couldn't do such a simple thing…

He'd lose Sasori no Danna forever.

Ritsu's words had struck a chord. He realized that if he didn't change, and prove himself useful, Sasori would have to leave whether he wanted too or not. That was it though; the redhead said it before…

"-If you were of late, I would suffer for the rest of my eternity. I'd be lost and frozen as everything moved around me," he gave that smile then, the one that was ironically gentle that also held the utmost dominance. "And I could only imagine how you would fair without me.-"

Sasori could go on through life, but Deidara couldn't. He knew he couldn't. Hell, he almost ended his life as it stands…

"How stupid…" he mumbled to himself. This recollection cooled his thoughts like ice, and he remembered what he had planned so long ago…

Before the entire fiasco had started; before Deidara had called Sasori, gotten raped and landed on the redhead's doorstep- he had been planning to blow the entire city sky high. That was why he had been storing his secret clay up in the small attic, and why he would always disappear for hours on end so he could practice making the perfect piece of art. Not that anyone noticed he was gone, but…

He could remember all of it so clearly.

He could remember every day, waking up afraid; with a little hope that someone would talk to him, or not run away from him when he was brave enough to come up to someone. His hair was shorter then, and he hadn't started wearing make-up. So he wasn't known as the king quite yet, but more as a precious prince who was related to the former king; his brother. He would go to school, ready and willing some form of luck to strike his life, but every day, people would point, whisper, giggle, and smile in his direction. Though never approach him. And when he himself became brave enough to even approach his old friends, they would act surprised for a second, but then make up an excuse to leave him. It wasn't just his old friends though, everyone did this.

By sophomore year, the loneliness was unbearable.

He gave up trying to get people to see him as a human, yet somewhere he had a sliver of hope that someone would come up to him on their own accord, and greet him like any other person. Such a thing never happened though. He went to school; solemn, quiet, and above all, alone. The days were agonizingly long, and whether he was surprised about this fact or not, the pain he felt, and the swallowing ache that took over his mind, seemed new and chokingly fresh every day he woke up. Neither of his parents or step-parents noticed his change; they were too involved in themselves. His teachers neither showed any care towards him either. He was one in a thousand, and they had heard all the whispered rumors of his glorified status, and didn't think anything of him.

They were all shallow fucks.

Not one of them noticed how he always sat by himself. Not one of them noticed he never talked or raised his hand in class. His parents never saw how dim his personality had become. From being energetic, creative, and involved in life to… nothing. No one noticed, no one cared.

So Junior year, he screwed everything over and did what he wanted- his resentment towards humanity too strong. His vendetta against the city itself had already started, and he began collecting his microscopic bombs as the Mayor's stepson as leeway. He grew his hair out and started wearing makeup, his status as the king now known. He joined upperclassmen that treated him like gold, yet never actually included him.

Senior year, he had just about gone bitterly insane. But he couldn't snap yet- he had to hold out. That was how he ended up calling the redhead, who gave him more than he bargained for. Deidara had now been given the chance of a life time, to pursue his ultimate artistic career, and stay with his Danna. He fucked this up and it was all over. And he could not let that happen…

Deidara had to do this right, and he had to do it on his own.

12:10 A.M.

Sasori groaned to the heavens and clenched his teeth.

Why did Deidara have to start acting difficult now?

He again complained aloud, his frustration growing. He had yet to find Uragirimono or Itazura and he was beginning to lose every bit of his patience after that little tiff with the blonde. His puppets were diminishing and he hadn't heard from the other mercenaries to know how things were going in the search.

It was just so god damn irritating . . .!

His nails dug into his sides, and he couldn't help the anger rising from his being. But if anything, he could use it as fuel he supposed. . .

From behind the roof's exit, Gly frowned.

"Calm down Sasori . . .," he mumbled. "You're not going to win if you lose your temper. . ."

12:12 A.M.

They were overwhelmed.

"Sing forever…!" Gumi shouted to the twins, dodging throwing knives in a bloody state.

"At the distorted bottom of the dying world

I am fated to sing prayers

With the gentle voices sleeping in the forgotten past

As I change my despair to a smile I sink to the bottom of tears."

Rin almost cried out the words, trying to make them sound as smooth as they possibly could. Though she had her eyes closed and was putting herself into the song, she knew what was happening around her. The knowing of this made her tear up, and want to fight all at the same time.

Len skidded to a stop to pivot on the ball of his foot and high kick the man chasing him. He then ran away from a large group of offenders that was shooting at him, and activated his voice.

"At the end of the desperate paradise

I seek the lost voice

I am fated to wander

From street to street, further and further away."

He paused, knowing more people were trapped in his song, but not enough. He heard a scream, and felt his soul start to die.

Please don't let that be Rin, he silently begged to the universe. Please…

He continued nonetheless, knowing this was part of his job…

"In the shadow of the closed history

I long for the stolen days

The voice that echoes in the depth of my heart is agonized by suffering

My wish doesn't reach to the everlasting paradise

It is distorted with voices and keeps vanishing away.

I want to make sure the sound of your warmth with my hands, Not hesitating to get hurt."

He lifted his eyes just enough to see past his lemon eyelashes, and saw Rin nod to him past the fools that had sank into their song. At the nod though, he opened up his range and prepared for the stronger part of the song.

"I will fight…!"

The twins yelled in unison, and the killing momentum around them started to slow as more people fell into their story. Gumi was around somewhere in the mix, slaughtering them, which wasn't necessarily needed since they were all dying anyway, but it did help.

Len felt the energy change, and so he decided to finish his part, grabbing onto his twin's hand.

"I'll take the life of the roaring voice

Let it write and sleep to the end of the world

If I can't reach you after dissolving light,

Then I'll just finish off this artificial paradise with my own hands."

The twins held onto each other's hands with a vise grip, and waited for Gumi to say her small line; ensuring it was okay to hit their final expansion.

But it never came.

And it only took that single moment of hesitation, for things to go down the bloody hill.

A frozen moment was broken with a cold scream; the twins turned back and watch a glimpse of green hair disappear with flailing legs. Rin and Len felt their pupils dilate in horror, as Gumi was dragged by unknown figures away from them.

At that moment, the two small blondes felt the air shift for the worst and their song start to lift. Len was quick after he realized this, and so he tightened his grip, and pulled Rin off in a sprint. He had to get them far away. He had to.

They'd be dead otherwise.

"Hey…, was one of those midgets a boy?"


"Aren't we lookin' for a blonde boy to bring back to Uragirimono-sama?"

"Get them!"

Rin awoke from her stunned state, and started to move her legs with her mind now focusing. They were looking for a blonde boy…?

"They must be looking for Deidara," Len finished her thought. "Which means we can't let them catch us! Come on!" the younger sibling hauled his sister down an alley, knowing they could not be caught no matter what.

Rin moved her legs and followed down the bleak road, passing bodies and splashing in puddles of blood and filth every now and then. But she was stuck on something… Len said they couldn't let those people catch them, but he had it wrong.

They couldn't catch Len.

She understood this with a whiplash of fear, and acted quickly. She took one step bigger than her brother, and rammed her hip into his, sending him into a narrow space between two buildings near an escape latter. "Rin!"

"Quiet!" She hissed quickly taking her bow off. She stepped on his stomach, making him arch his back to the ground, and she tied his hands quickly to the escape rail.

"What are you doing!"

"Hush!" She reached behind his head, undid his small ponytail, and then took off his pants and slid her skirt off.

"Rin!" Len closed his eyes tightly to hide his eyes from his sister's body. "What are you doing?"

"I can't let them get you Len," the elder twin said as she put up her hair.

"Rin, they'll kill you if they find out you're not me!"

"You don't know that! I'll just offer to trade sides because I'll blame Sasori for your 'death'. Then when I'm free I'll come back for you." She spoke quickly, putting on the shorts and zipping them up.

"Rin, you can't do this- please!"

"Len…," she puffed out her cheeks, unknotted the bow around her neck and stuffed it in her half-clothed brother's mouth. "I'm doing this whether you want me to or not…," she yanked off his tie. "I need to make sure you're safe, and this is the only way…"


Rin smiled as she fixed the tie around her neck. "Goodbye Len," she kissed his cheek. "I love you," she covered her struggling twin in filled trash bags and placed empty cans around him before she sprinted off into the darkness.

Knowing there was a good chance she may never see him again.

12:15 A.M.

Kikaito ran for his life.

He had hit full range some time ago, and his voice was still recharging. Sparing time, he kept sprinting off into the unknown while drawing a bigger crowd. The people behind him kept yelling something about looking for a blonde male, so he assumed they were looking for Deidara.

What if they had Deidara…?

Kikaito froze, and went to defensive mode. He spun around and kicked a man in his shins and followed up by smashing the underside of his palm into the man's temple. After that, his body moved on its own, and his brain went into over drive. What if these people did have Deidara? The whole point of this night was for them to win, and if they took the younger blond, then… Also by now, Kikaito was actually rather fond of the boy. He was a genius at the piano, had his own form of brilliance, and wasn't a bad mercenary either.

How was he supposed to repay Sasori…?

The blonde baritone man could remember even now the day Sasori and he had been assigned on the same job. They didn't bicker, and they worked silently, but one night they were caught when they were placing triggers. An entourage of bullets cascaded towards him, and he froze under shock. At the last moment, he heard someone shout his name. His eyes opened, and there was Sasori controlling a massive puppet that had blocked the bullets. Kikaito was truly stunned. They had barely spoken the entire time, and the only time they had heard each other's name was when their employer was giving introductions… Kikaito could remember all of this with precise clarity, and had it not been for the redhead, he'd be dead… He owed his life to Sasori; and right now, and most likely for the rest of the puppeteer's eternity- Deidara was Sasori's life.

So Kikaito had to do something…

A beyond stupid plan entered his head at the same time his phone rang. He picked it up while he dodged a sword that slashed a tip of his hair away.


"Kikaito, where are you? Me and Taito split up and I'm looking for ya."

"Sorry, brother," the elder said sincerely. "I truly am."

"What? What's going on bro?"

"I'm not sure what's going to happen, so take care of everyone- okay?"

"Kikaito? Don't hang up! What's going on? Are you being captured?"

A faint smile formed on his smooth lips. Two mili-seconds later, a crowbar was smashed into his shoulder blade, sending him to the ground.

"I love you…, otouto."


His phone was crushed, and Kikaito silently hoped his brother would forgive him.

12:20 A.M.

"This is far enough! Hurry up!"

"I got it, I got it!"

"Don't fuck around; all this blood has made me hard."

"You two are disgusting."

"Shut it Amber! You can't tell me you're not dripping right now!"

"So? I don't go around grabbing people to fuck- which is called rape by the way."

"Just shut the hell up would you!"

A lanky shirtless man with greasy, long, dark hair threw Gumi up against a building, her breathing labored. A grotesquely fat man stood beside him, looking at the green haired girl as if she was a piece of meat. Though to him, she surely was. Behind them was a fair woman with booty shorts and a skimpy top to show her large cleavage. She watched the two men fawn over their little screw toy repulsively.

"Cheh. Fine. Just get it over with so we can move on. You two don't last long anyway…," she smirked, but her statement made her receive a snarl from the fat one as the latter rid a half conscious Gumi of her clothes.

"Oh go fuck off Amber! We-"

"Uh, Joe?"

"What Jazz?" The fat man shifted his rolls to the other.

"We must have grabbed one of those robot freaks. Look," he flicked the area between Gumi's legs, and the echo of metal resounding was heard. "No pussy."

"What! So what do we do now?"

"Well…" the lanky man showed his decaying teeth. "She still has a mouth."

"Yeah, one mouth."

The greasy haired man shrugged. "You take this one. I'm fine jacking off."


"Yeah," he turned and looked over to the woman who was leaning against the opposite building, legs wide. "Amber is."

"Fuck off…," she bit halfheartedly, to (literally) into herself that she couldn't muster the energy to focus anywhere else besides her pussy that was starting to gleam from the eerie moonlight. Her fingers would pump; hastily abuse her G-spot to where she would groan, and then go back to coating her fingers. The shorts she was wearing were down to her ankles, not accompanied by underwear- which she seemed to have not been wearing anyway.

"When a girl is horny, a girl is horny. Now be quiet and fuck."

"With pleasure," Jazz approached her, unzipping his pants and turned back to the other man. "Go ahead Joe, take your time." Jazz slammed Amber against the wall, grabbed under her thighs, and slammed his erect member into the women right after she removed her fingers.

Joe rolled his eyes, jealous, but none the less zipped down his own pants to show his significantly smaller wanker and inserted it into the green haired girl's mouth.

Gumi started to gain focus, and she almost immediately noticed there was something in her mouth there shouldn't be. Her eyes came back, and she saw a disgustingly huge man slamming the underside of his rolls into her face. Instinct was not fully there but, when a liquid was launched into her mouth, and the thing on top of her tongue softened, she bit as hard as she could, and severed the length in her mouth to spit it out. The fat man howled as his blood shot out at her like a gun, and before she understand anything, his sausage fingers pried open her mouth and started pulling. She struggled, but couldn't get away. He just kept pulling and pulling until her jaw popped. He didn't stop there though, for her yanked her head in an opposite direction, and with more pain filling her than she could ever remember, Gumi finally understood…

She was going to die in this ally, alone, naked, not even completely human, and no mouth to voice her words of sorrow. She briefly thought over her life, and decided it was a good one but… the only regret she had…:

Was she never apologized to Miku.

12:30 A.M.


"Cheshire, over."

"Cheshire here, over."

"We got a blonde boy down here. Teens, little short though, over."

"Ah. I see," Uragimono tittered. "Well, bring him up here. Over."

The white haired man felt the power of the night become pure magic. Oh, the things he could do with young Deidara in his hands. He could accomplish his goal in fact! The annihilation of Sasori's work, freedom, love, and life shall be his greatest thing he had ever set out to do; and now it was so close. All he needed was Deidara, and everything would fall into place.

"You're not hurting him."

"Oh, we'll see."

What a silly Unicorn this woman was.

Uragirimono didn't bother to look behind his shoulder to observe the glowering woman. He kept his eyes focused on the ascending elevator, positive that he possibly could complete his plan tonight. It was all just so perfect! Oh how happy he was, he could just spin!

The elevator opened, and holding a blonde teen were two gross men that resembled trolls.

The boy was not Deidara though.

"He must be one of those people Cherry runs around with- the Kyoko, they call themselves," Itazura inspected her nails. "If anything, he probably could tell us where Dei-D-Dei is, so don't get your maniac smile in a twist."

"Right…," he frowned nonetheless as he approached the small boy. "Tell me, what your name is." The boy's face hung low. His head was dripping with red from around his hair line and cheek. It seemed possible for him to be unconscious. So as Uragirimono yanked the younger's head up, but he was met with soft features.

There was something wrong. "Who are you?" He questioned harshly while holding the boy's cranium.

Rin spat in his eye.

"Chih!" Uragirimono yanked the small teen's hair, palmed the blonde's chest quickly and felt his rage flare. He slapped the blonde in the face, making the teen land roughly on the roof. He then directed his anger towards the large brutes. "Idiots, this isn't even a boy!"

Rin felt her hair pulled again, but she didn't squeal or cry to give them the satisfaction.

Uragirimono made a show of her, undoing her lightly tied hair and pulling her up by the loose strands. It was all humiliating, but she would not give up. Her hands were tied behind her and no matter how fiercely she struggled; the white haired man just tightened his grip. But she would never stop.

"Shut it!" He slammed Rin down on the cement roof, breaking her mechanical nose and deepening her scars. Lifted again, the man grabbed her small chest. There wasn't much there, but enough to prove she was in fact female…

"Cheshire," a walkie-talkie buzzed. It was attached to the golden man's waist. "We've got another blonde down here. He looks older though, over."

"Send him up," he tightened his grip on Rin's hair. "And if they're not Deidara," he sneered at the half conscious girl. "Then you better hope your friend likes to talk my dear, or else you're going to be meeting death sooner than your immortal body wishes."

12:32 A.M.

Akaito sprinted. Lashed. Attacked, and pinned.

"Alright buddy," he whipped out a knife and held it to a man's throat. "Where would someone have taken hostages?"


He pierced the thin, greasy skin of the man's throat. The man hissed and tried to recoil but Akaito only pushed on the knife. "Make it quick or I'll kill you like the others."

"Th-the National Conference building! On the roof!"

"I'll…," he pondered something for a minute. Studying the man's eyes, he noticed how they quivered below him. After a still moment, he nodded. "I'll assume you're not lying, considering you don't look as stupid as the other fifteen guys I ran into," the redhead said standing up.


"Yeah, you know what all of you have in common though?"


"You're all going to die."

12:34 A. M.

Kikaito kneeled his head down in the ascending elevator, letting his predator grow. He knew he was being taken to the higher ups, and he was ready kill thanks to a little trick Sasori had taught him. He was burning, ready to growl, about to explode. He didn't question it. He had to be ready for the worst, and if that was all his friends and family laying before him, dead. He would become blind. If it was their screams of agony, he would become deaf. Kikaito knew he could never bear their sorrow, but he had to fight. So he drew all the anger, and hate from within, ready to pounce. Later he would blame everything on the tension of the night he supposed, but that was if there was a later.

He had to be ready for now.

The floors dinging away, the low light of the elevator gave the men restraining him shadowed faces to where he couldn't make out their profiles. There came a point where the machine jerked and became rickety for a few floors. The sudden shake made him calmer, and a chance to regain his polite figure that he held proudly; no matter how bad he wanted blood to flow under his hands. It was a terrible habit of his, to get so worked up that he couldn't contain his rage in dire points. Hopefully he could keep his cool long enough though, just to find out some information, and rescue who was needed.

The final bell dinged and he was pushed out the doors to his knees almost immediately. His head hanging low, he was quickly gagged, for they must have correctly assumed that he was one of the Kyoko. Kikaito guessed this was their procedure, but he didn't mind. He had done this to countless others, so this was merely a taste of what torture he had given to some.

"So…," his hair was yanked up to meet gold eyes. "You're not Deidara, but my cohorts aren't completely stupid I suppose- I know who you are."


"Ah. Yes," Uragirimono smiled. "You worked with Sasori a few years ago on the same job. It turned out to be a successful project if I remember, but only because he saved your pitiful life, correct?"


"Sasori may be great, but he does need help in bigger deals I suppose. But that doesn't mean you are worth anything. So you are going to tell me what I want to know, or else," he snapped his fingers, making a large men drag in a wide eyed Rin, still in her brother's clothes. "I'll throw this little angel overboard, and you wouldn't want that, would you?"

"…" Kikaito stared at Rin, apathy drowning his gaze. He knew better then to give away personal signals as to their relationship. Because at all costs, he needed the gag to be removed.


"Girl," Uragirimono barked, and pulled a knife to Rin's throat. "I have no patience for you."

"Patience…?" she started to laugh in harsh pants. Her disfigured face giving away tiny sparks around her missing nose. "I… I have no patience… either…"

"Hn?" The white haired man stared a little interested in the girl's airy laugh.

"Kikaito," she looked to the other blonde. "Did… Did you know Len is dead?" she smiled with hysteria. "DID YOU KNOW LEN IS DEAD?"

"Len…? Who is this Len?" Uragirimono asked.

"Ah," Itazura intervened with disinterest. "She's probably the one with the twin. Heard they're closer than anything. I would assume she's pissed."

"Oh?" he smiled. "Tell me more child."

"More?" Rin locked eyes with Kikaito across the void, blood now spilling to decorate the area around her right eye. "What more…? It's… Sasori's fault… It's Deidara's fault… It's his fault!" She suddenly lurched in the large man's grasp toward the baritone, as if she was a wild animal. "You're the one that let Sasori into our home! You're the one that wanted to help him! YOU'RE the reason Len is dead!" Rin started to lose control over her anger and started kicking.

At this moment though, Uragirimono was smiling with approval, and bent down to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. "You should avenge him… Len wouldn't want you upset over him. You must settle his death… Kill that man over there…," he gestured his head over to Kikaito. "Kill him, and I'll let you have your pick to kill either Deidara, or Sasori."

Rin calmed at these words, her fierce eyes still on the blonde baritone. "Really…?"

"I give you my word," he motioned for the man holding her to release. He did so without hesitation, and Uragirimono gave Rin the knife that was poised at her throat moments ago. "Now, kill him, and prove yourself ready to revenge your brother… who I know loved you, so very very much."

"You're right," her teeth chattered, and finally clicked. "He did."

Rin took slow, deliberate steps over to the older man, her eyes hidden by her blood clauded hair. She started mumbling incoherently. As she got closer, the phrases started to make sense, and they chilled Kikaito to the bone.

"You… you killed Len… You deserve death. You all do…" she clenched her heart, now just standing a foot from him with the knife high above her head. Rin let her arm fall, and it sliced the cloth that covered his mouth. "I want to hear you scream, Kikaito…," her hand started to quiver, but she whispered: "Sonic Boom in three… two…" the knife dropped. "One."

He understood.

Kikaito and Rin opened up their full ranges, and a deafening sound from their artificial vocal chords covered the clouding sky. People started going deaf, a massive ring already imploding. Once Kikaito felt his limbs free, he grabbed Rin and threw themselves into the elevator, heading for the ground floor.

Out of sight.

Uragirimono was the first to recover, and so he fiercely started yelling at his brutes to cut the elevator line to let the two plummet to their deaths. They nodded, and then he went to his phone to dial a quick number.

"This is Bambi," the blonde responded on the other end. "What's going on?"

"Do you have Sasori's location?" the white haired man hissed.

"Yeah, but-"

"Take him out now. I want him taken out, now. I don't care what I said before, just do it!" He slammed the phone shut.

Across the roof, Itazura stood with a smug expression, finding it entertaining that Uragirimono was starting to lose his cool and the 'control' he supposedly had over the night.

Unlike him, she had come with ear plugs.

12:39 A.M.

In the elevator, Rin started crying. She held on to Kikaito for dear life, and silently sobbed into his shirt.

"I'm sorry," she choked. "I'm so sorry."

"Ssshhhh," he hushed. "Everything is going to be alright, I promise." He started stroking her hair. "I promise you, we'll find Len's killer, and-"

"No!" She suddenly screamed. "That's it, Len's not dead!" she started breathing irregularly, seemingly about to have a panic attack. "I left him alone and unable to defend himself… if he dies, it's my fault!"

"You'll get to him, I promise." Kikaito's eyes became solemn. "I promise…"

Around the tenth floor, the elevator started shaking. The two Kyoko members looked up, sensing what was happening. They anxiously watched the numbers on the little screen above their heads lower, and realized that they may not make it. Level five… Level four… the elevator gave a rapid shake and jolted. Level three… Level two… there was a huge delay in motion and a warning bell started to go off. Level one.

The doors open. The two singers saw a flash of red, and one of them pushed. A blonde went flying out the doors, and the other stayed behind as the elevator dropped out of sight. The blonde that survived landed in Akaito's arms, the both of them stared, horrified.

The elevator was gone.

12:41 A.M.

Bambi positioned her gun and loaded it. She removed the safety, and nodded to the five trained men behind her. She was either going to kill Sasori or take him in a pulp to the asshole to be prosecuted. But either way…

She will have no regrets.