Author's note: Thank you thessilian for letting me know if Legion was kept true to character or not. Also this was the end result of a quicky drabble prompt thing found on masseffect the request was 'Udina meets Legion'. This is the end result.

It joined Shepard Commander on his latest mission because its presence was required. He did not clarify the parameters of the mission and the mobile platform known, as Legion did not question it.

Now it stood before another human, Udina Ambassador, one representative to another. The human responded as most did to geth presence. A strange confusing mix of coding that equated to organic fear, anger and defence exploded from the man's audio. Shepard Commander attempted to intervene, as Creator Tali Zora remained frozen her own weapon pointed at the armed organics.

It was the first time that a creator had openly defended geth since the Morning War. This data was important.

"What is the meaning of this Shepard? You can't just stroll into the council hall with a geth at your side!

"I demand answers!" The organic continued, it's audio now an octave lower but no less agitated.

A string of numbers filled its visual range and it understood that it should express the coded response of neutrality. Organics generally reacted positively to such data. As their coding was ever changing, software without any hardware to connect with. It made organics both unpredictable and unstable, yet they thrived in spite of these limitations. The geth needed to know why and that was why it was here now.

"We do not seek hostilities. We wish to understand, not incite."

Udina Ambassador fell silent as it spoke. Though he wore an aggressive expression, the organic listened, so it continued.

"We are here to learn."

The organics visual -eyes- shifted before Udina Ambassador raised his hand causing everyone to lower their weapons.

His coding was not as primitive as they had initially affirmed.