Yami sighed, running a hand through his tri-coloured hair, messing it up even more as he wandered down the street, glancing through shop windows and getting more frustrated with every shop he passed. He just had to be related to the hardest person in the world to choose a gift for. His cousin, Seto Kaiba, had absolutely everything a man could ask for, making it extremely difficult to find him a gift that he didn't already have. And to make matters worse, Yami only had a day to find a gift for Seto. He sighed again, looking around at the shops that surrounded him. 'Clothes shop, shoe shop, toy shop, pet shop, sweet shop… Wait a minute.' Yami did a double-take. Pet shop?

Seto didn't have a pet, and his other cousin and Seto's younger brother was always asking for one. So a pet would be a perfect present. Yami crossed the street and peered in the window, eyes widening as he took in the sight before him. 'They sell hybrids!' Yami thought in disbelief. Hybrids were a recently created species. Scientists had experimented with adding animal DNA to human beings, thus creating hybrids, or as they were popularly known as, nekos.

They were sold as pets and treated like animals. Many were bought to be used for sex. However, they were extremely expensive, so only the rich could afford them. Luckily for Yami, his family ran one of the biggest businesses in town, giving him enough money to buy a neko for his cousin. He gazed at the nekos in the window, looking for one that he thought Seto would like.

There were different types of nekos on show, all of them wearing only a pair of boxers or bra, depending on the gender. There was a female bird hybrid with blond hair and wings, who looked about ten (1), a male panther with bright emerald eyes and flowing black hair that reached down to mid back, and many others. Two of them caught his eye. Curled up in the corner of the enclosure slept a cat hybrid, his ears and tail twitching as he dreamt. But what caught Yami's eye was that the neko looked just like him, albeit a softer version of him. Two black ears grew out of the neko's hair. His tri-coloured hair. Blond bangs framed the neko's face, swaying as the neko breathed. Black hair tipped with crimson completed the picture and as the neko blinked open sleepy, amethyst eyes, Yami knew he had to have him.

Sitting over him was the cause of the neko's awakening. A male dog hybrid sat next to the cat, tail thumping against the floor as he nudged the other hybrid with his nose, whispering to him, trying to get him to get up. A mop of shaggy golden hair covered the hybrid's head, two golden ears just visible in the wild hair. An equally shaggy tail whipped about as the dog saw the cat's tired blinks. Honey eyes were set intently on the cat, filled with affection that Yami could see even as far away as he was. He was perfect for Seto. It was obvious that the two were close, even being a cat and a dog. He was over Seto's nearly everyday, meaning that the two wouldn't miss each other. Yami turned and strode determinedly into the shop, a bell tinkling over head as he opened the door.

"Come on, Yuge. Wake up already will ya!" Yugi opened his eyes blearily, glancing up at his best friend and fellow hybrid, Joey. He yawned widely, shaking his head. "What is it, Joey?" He murmured, trying not fall asleep again. The speed of Joey's tail increased, whistling as it swung through the air. "Dere's a guy here, an' he looks just like ya, Yuge! He's got da hair and evrythin'!" Joey exclaimed, getting more excited by the minute. "He was lookin' at ya through da window an' I think he's gonna buy ya!" That caught Yugi's attention.

"Buy me? But that means we'll be separated, Joey! We might never see each other again!" Yugi's eyes filled with tears at the thought of loosing his best and only friend in the world. Joey's tail stopped and he looked like a kicked puppy (no pun intended ^-^). "I neva thought of dat." His ears drooped. When he saw Yugi's tears he hugged him tightly, wiping his tears away. "Don't worry, Yuge. If he does buy you then I'll find you, no matter what."

They looked up as they saw the attendant behind the counter open the door to the enclosure. They clutched each other tighter as the attendant reached towards them. Her face softened as she saw Yugi's tears and the desperate look on Joey's face. "Don't worry, boys." She whispered, grabbing them both by the scruff of their necks (2) and carrying them into a different room to get them ready, much to their confusion. "The nice man who just came in saw how close you two were and he didn't want to separate you from each other, so he's bought both of you. Apparently, you Joey, will be a birthday present for his cousin, while Yugi will be his pet."

She saw their faces start to look hopeful, so continued. "And that's not the best part. That man out there is Yami Atemu. His cousin is Seto Kaiba. They share a business and see each other everyday, which means that you two will be able to see each other all the time." She smiled as she saw their relieved faces and waving tails. She dressed them in some clothes and attached a collar and leash to both of their necks, a black leather one for Yugi and a blue one for Joey . She added a bright blue bow onto Joey's collar, showing that he was to be a gift. They both looked up at her and smiled, hugging her tightly, silently thanking her before she led them out to meet the man who had bought them.

(1) I wasn't sure how old Rebecca (for it is she) was so I guessed. (2) Like normal animals, they can be picked up by the back of the neck. They are slightly smaller than normal humans so it is possible for the attendant to carry them both at once. Hope you enjoyed it. ^-^