Yugi and Joey looked up in awe at Yami's house. "House? It's a freakin' mansion!" Joey exclaimed, gazing around the garden, tail wagging wildly and nearly hitting Yugi in the face. Yami laughed.

"If you think this is big just wait until you see Seto's house. It makes this look like a cottage." The hybrids' jaws dropped at the mere thought of something making this mansion look small. Yami gently tugged on their leashes, bringing them out of their amazement. He stepped out of the car, Yugi and Joey at his heels. He signalled for his driver to collect the things he had bought for the hybrids.

"Put them in my room for now." He told the driver, who nodded and started to collect the things. Yami set off up the path, the two hybrids following him and still gazing around in awe. Yami's butler opened the door before they reached it.

"Master Yami, Miss Anzu called by earlier. She insisted that you called her as soon as you got home." Yami groaned loudly, not looking forward to the conversation that was sure to follow.

"Alright, I'll call her now. Could you take these two up to the game room for me, Davies? And show them how to work everything." Davies bowed slightly and nodded.

"Of course, Sir." Yami smiled gratefully and passed the leashes into Davies' waiting hand. He turned to the hybrids.

"I have to go phone someone a moment so you two go with Davies here and check out the game room." The hybrids leapt at him in excitement, knocking him to the floor.

"Game room? Let me at it! I'll whup yer ass!" Joey barked, tail wagging fiercely. Yugi mewed happily and littered Yami's face with licks. Yami laughed at them and pushed them off of him.

"Alright you two, calm down. You go have fun. I'll join you in a minute." He stood up and walked away down the corridor, brushing himself off as he went. Joey gave an excited bark and strained at his leash, yanking Davies forward.

"Let's go already!" Davies laughed at the hybrid who was trying to pull him down the corridor.

"The game room is the other way." Joey stopped and blushed, stalking past Yugi and Davies, heading in the right direction. "Err, I knew dat! I wuz just testin' ya!" Yugi giggled loudly, following behind his friend at a more sedate pace.

Yami picked up the phone reluctantly and dialled the number he knew all too well. The phone rang several times before it was picked up.

"Hello?" Yami shuddered at the sound of the high pitched voice he hated so much.

"Anzu, its' Yami. My-" He was cut off by a shriek.

"Yami, darling! I came over earlier to see you but you weren't there! I was so upset. That butler of yours is useless, he didn't even know where you were. When we're married he just has to go." Yami growled at the audacity of the girl.

"Anzu, for the last time we are not getting married! We're not even dating! And even if we were I wouldn't get rid of Davies." Anzu huffed and Yami could tell that she was pouting.

"You shouldn't keep denying it Yami. I will marry you. Even if I have to-" Yami cut her off rudely. "Did you come over for something or just to annoy me?" Anzu literally growled at him.

"I came over to see my future husband actually." Yami leaned against the wall and sighed.

"Just to annoy me then." Anzu snarled at him angrily.

"I won't have my future husband talking to me like-" Yami cut her off again.

"Oh look at the time. Well Anzu, gotta run, I need to make sure my new pets haven't destroyed my game room. Ta ta!" He slammed the phone down, grinning at the shriek that sounded from it before he hung up. He knew how much Anzu hated animals and while hybrids weren't animals exactly, she was sure to think of them as animals anyway. Yami shook his head and headed up to the game room. He entered to the sound of Joey's unhappy yells.

He watched as Joey lost yet again to Yugi at the duel monster card game which they had found. They may have been locked up a pet shop for most of their lives but the shop owner had to keep them occupied somehow. Yami chuckled as he took in the scene before him.

"What happened to 'whupping' Yugi's ass, Joey?" The blond turned to him and waggled his eyebrows cheekily.

"I'll leave the beating of his ass ta you, master." Yugi turned bright red and lunged at the other hybrid, embarrassed that he would say something like that in front of his master. Yami's eyes widened in shock at the lewd comment before he threw back his head and laughed loudly.

He watched his little kitten chase the dog hybrid who was twice his size around the room, hissing and clawing at him. Yami waited until Joey had run past before catching Yugi and lifting him into his arms. He nuzzled Yugi's cheek, crooning at him softly.

"Did the nasty hybrid embarrass my little kitten, hmm? Does my little kitten want master to make him feel better?" Yugi blushed brighter but nodded, his lower lip trembling and jutting out as he pouted. Yami swooped down and captured Yugi's lip with his teeth, biting it softly then soothing it with his tongue. Yugi mewled at the feeling and opened his mouth to allow his master entrance. Yami moaned as he thrust his tongue into his kitten's mouth, tasting the unique flavour that was Yugi.

Joey stared at them with wide eyes and a dropped jaw before slinking out of the room quietly, not wanting to see how far they would go. Yugi pressed closer to Yami, not leaving any space between them as they rubbed against each other. Yami sat down on a nearby couch and settled Yugi in his lap, releasing his mouth.

"Does my little kitten feel better now?" He panted, his breath fanning over Yugi's face and making his bangs flutter. Yugi mewled softly, looking up dazedly, unfocused amethyst eyes meeting lusty crimson. Yami smiled softly at the look and started to pet Yugi's ears. Yugi's eyelids drooped and a purr resonated from his chest. He nuzzled his face into Yami's neck, purring softly with an adorable expression on his face.

"Master." Yugi sighed, looking up and waiting as Yami leaned forward to capture his lips again. He swiped his tongue over Yugi's lips. Yugi obediently opened his mouth, allowing his master's tongue entrance. They jumped apart when a loud shriek cut through the silence. Yami looked up to see the person he least wanted to see standing in the doorway.

Anzu stood there with one of the fiercest glares he'd ever seen on her face, but it wasn't aimed at him. Yugi found himself on the receiving end of Anzu's glare. He squeaked and cuddled further into Yami's chest, seeking comfort. Anzu's glare somehow got hotter and Yugi's lip began to tremble again. Yami met her eyes and glared back, making her falter in surprise. She knew that Yami was never happy to see her but he had always at least acted civil towards her. Seeing him glare at her because of a mere boy was unexpected.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Yami snarled, leaping up from his seat and keeping Yugi safely cradled in his arms.

"I came over see my boyfriend but instead I find you cheating on me with a-a-a freakish little boy!" Yugi's eyes filled with tears and he hid his face in his master's shirt, sobbing quietly. Yami looked down as he felt something wet his shirt. He found his kitten crying into his chest, ears pressed flat against his head and tail wrapped tightly around his leg. Yami growled and turned his glare back to Anzu.

"For the last time, we are not dating! I don't even like you! Even when we were kids you were just a pathetic little girl who followed me around proclaiming that you were gonna have my babies. Get it through you're thick skull! I will never marry you and I never want to see you again!" Anzu stood there with her mouth open and eyes wide. Yami continued.

"And for your information, 'darling', this 'freakish little boy' is my new pet." Anzu jaw dropped even lower. "Pet? You bought a human boy as a pet?" Yami snorted at the stupidity of the girl and gently unwound Yugi's tail from where it was wrapped around his leg.

"He's a hybrid you stupid cow. Would you lie to meet my other hybrid?" Anzu whirled around at the growl that came from behind her. Joey was crouching on all fours(1) and stalking forward slowly, teeth bared in a snarl. Anzu backed away with a scream.

"Why the hell would you buy such a vicious creature?" Yami grinned evilly, slowly stroking Yugi's tail.

"Oh he isn't for me. He's a birthday gift for Seto. I think Seto'll like him if he can keep people like you away. Now if you would leave, I have to cheer my kitten up." Anzu was about to make an angry retort when Joey lunged at her, making her scream and run out the door. Yami laughed and gave Joey a scratch behind the ears.

"Do ya really think master'll like me?" Joey asked as he looked up with pleading eyes. Yami smiled at him gently.

"You keep chasing fan girls away and he'll adore you. Now why don't you go annoy the staff?" Joey barked happily and bounded out of the room. Yami turned to the quiet kitten in his arms. Yugi still had his face hidden in Yami's chest and his ears flat against his head. Yami gently stroked his ears, murmuring to him quietly.

"Don't listen to her, kitten. You're not a freakish little boy, you're my little kitten. And no matter what, you always will be." Yugi heaved in a breath and looked up to meet concerned crimson eyes. He gave him a watery smile then laid his cheek back on Yugi's chest, yawning widely. Yami smiled softly and walked to his bedroom.

As he entered, he saw that the hybrids' beds were on the floor near his own bed. He lay Yugi in the smaller one, watching as his kitten curled up on the cushion that lay inside, letting out a mewl of content. Yami leant down to kiss Yugi's forehead before leaving the room to let his kitten get some rest.

(1) The hybrids can walk on all fours or two legs. Hope you enjoy read and review!