This story is from my livejournel account, im HalfGone01, just wanted to say this so no one thinks it's copying

Only Beats for Her

"GRETCHEN!" A sob escaped my throat as I ran towards the tall brunette; my heart beats against my chest harshly, yelling at me to go faster. I already know, I lost the fight, I lost my friend, I lost everything, she was-is everything. The chaos means nothing to me now, bullets flying past me, I run through flames, dust and smoke make the once sunny day black like night. I don't care though, why would I care that smoke is getting into my lungs, burning my throat and eyes, drying my mouth, my only reason to be alive is pushed against the wall, a strong, murderous hand tightly enclosed around her throat and that's all that matters. My legs push me farther, my muscles not even noticing that several of its bones that it clings on to is shattered, every push of my legs sends me closer to my dear friend and my worst enemy. Sylar. His hands tightly wound around MY Gretchen, I will kill him for making marks on her. I do not care if it kills me in the process, he has ended too many lives, and Gretchen will not be one of his victims. I scream again, making his head turn to me, his eyes dancing in amusement, a cold and mocking smirk placed on his foul lips. My heart breaks at the sight of Gretchen; she is badly beaten up, dark bruises covering her face as her eyes roll to the back of her head, a tight grimace on her usual smiling face, until she lays her tired eyes on me. Despite the situation, her eyes light up, love and loyalty showing clear through her hazel orbs, her snarling lips twitch upward into a weak smile that speaks clearer than words. I love you is written all over her face and my breaking heart reaches her and I return her words in a desperate scream, launching myself into the tall man who holds my love.

My head hits the wall several feet away from Sylar, flames licking at my face and ankles, the wind whispering menacing words into my ear. You're going to lose her, you're not fast enough, you're going to lose her. Unable to stand the words that whip around my head, stabbing deep wounds into my heart, I shake off the fire, and start again. I run to Sylar, dodging his electricity that he stole from Elle, I reached my hand out and scratched Sylars back creating large blood marks to appear on his shirt and bare skin only to immediately close and show no damage. Gretchen is now struggling, her back arching against the wall against her, her face contorted in rage as Sylar severs my arm with a quick swipe of his fingers. My body reacts quickly, sending weird signals to my brain and down my spine as my bone grows, veins wind around the white marble bone as muscles and skin grow from my elbow to stretch itself across the newly created bone, my arm entirely recreated and already in action to wipe the smirk off of Sylars face. I barely notice the cameramen from afar, refusing to help but focusing on the fight, we are creating, gasps and screams fill the air. Yet no one comes to save the helpless girl who is fighting for her loves survival, they only whisper amongst themselves, silent sympathy is shared between them as I fight a useless battle.

A flash of bright light burns off my right leg, making me fall to my knees, blood seeping down into the dirt, small gasps surround me but I just jump up with one leg and charge at Sylar. He isn't even trying, he is making a show, I can see it in his eyes as his gaze flickers to the cameras, a smile taking his lips as he watches horror flash across each face, he wants this. To be feared by all, to be seen as a god, so he makes a game out of my life, mocking me and taunting me at every turn. I hate him to no end, but now, I can only see pain, Gretchen caught by the monster I desperately wanted her to escape from. If she dies today, everything that I am today will die along with her, she has saved me from myself. I was alone for years, now twenty five, hiding from Sylar and heartbroken from the deaths of my family and she came into my life unexpectedly, opening my cold and guarded heart, unbelievably charmed by her warm, loving, hazel eyes. My heart only beats for her and I will do everything to save her, and if that proves impossible, I will end my own life to walk in the dark with her. Sylar smiles as he tightens his hold on my love, rubbing his thumb down her neck causing a fierce growl to escape from my lips; it sounded animalistic and surprised all three of us. Sylar laughed in amusement and Gretchen was sending warm reassuring glances toward me a tight smile on her lips, despite having a tight hand around her throat. An idea struck me as Sylars eyes glanced towards the cameras again, the idea pained me, but it was the only chance I had to save Gretchen.

With a broken sob, I jumped from my position, running from a surprised Sylar and Gretchen charging towards the cameras. Sylar likes to be in the spotlight, but what if it was stolen from him. Would he release my Gretchen to reclaim what he desires? I desperately hope so. The camera men ran back in surprise as I ran towards them, a howl of rage from Sylar came, pushing me towards the cameras in strength. I jumped over the scattered bodies, my feet bounding on each step, pushing me faster and faster towards my destination. The cameras now stopped as they noticed me, my leg still healing from its burn wound, blood caking my face as not a single scratch appeared on my body. They crowded me, forgetting entirely about Sylar and Gretchen, who now was suffering from abandonment, her face broken with betrayal and hurt. It took everything within me to not race back to her, enveloping her in a bone crushing hug, but I stayed, leading the camera farther away from the furious Sylar, his face contorted in rage as he walked towards me, dragging Gretchen alongside with him. No, NO, NO! He is dragging her, not forgetting her, but actually dragging her across the distance between us. This was not part of my plan, and fear crippled my heart as Gretchen screamed in pain. I faced one of the cameras and pushed the cameras away, farther from Sylar.
"Hey kid, what do you think your doing?" My anger flared as he pushed away from me trying to catch a shot of the dangerous man dragging my love. I grabbed his neck, mirroring Sylar, at that point, I couldn't care what I looked like, I snarled at him, my eyes burning into the foolish man. His grayish blue eyes widened and he gulped on air that couldn't reach his lungs as my hand tightened.
" You are causing Sylar, that thing, to attack my love, so I am leading you away, si-" Laughter interrupted my sentence, the man was laughing, his eyes bright with disbelief and amusement.
"Your love? You mean the girl?" He laughed again; people next to him avoided eye contact as they watched my face contort in anger. He will not be missed. Without another thought, my hand tightened and made his face turn a dark maroon as air was immediately taken from his lungs, his eyes bulged in fear and he struggled in my grasp. After watching him squirm, I decided to give him a sliver of mercy, throwing him into a wall, knocking him out. Everyone else went quiet as I led then quickly from Sylar who still struggled to reach me, Gretchen was giving him a hard time, kicking and screaming, loosening his tight grip, allowing more breaths of air to be taken in by the tall brunette.

I pushed the large cameras farther away, leading them to a separate area entirely, to an area in which Sylar would be forced to drop Gretchen to get across. Not even Sylar could get through the rocky mountains without flight or using both his hands, he was still following the cameras, determination and anger etched all over his face, I had stolen his big part in this play, and he wanted it back. I expect a very bad ending for me, but maybe I can give Gretchen enough time to run away from him, and with me, dead and all of the cameras on his face he wouldn't go after Gretchen. I hope that this is true with all of my heart.

"CLAIRE!" Sylar screamed in anger, he hates being controlled. His face looked dangerous, almost inhuman, his black eyes wide with anger, his lips in a tight grimace as he screamed my name, dirt and blood coating his skin, parts of his greased, silky, black hair broke free of its neat look, draping his face in a deranged matter making his black eyes liquefy like ink. Gretchen was looking up at Sylar from the ground, her black hair matted with blood and dirt, her clothes ripped and bloodied, her fingers clawed uselessly at Sylars grip around her neck. I forced my self to turn away to the cameras, instructing them not to look at him, to tape him, just stare at the opposite direction. Sylar was very much like a child, a deranged, angry child, who just wants attention and when you refuse that attention, he could become violent to the people around him or most likely and what I am hoping for, come looking for that person who denies what he wants. I watched with anxious eyes as Sylar formed a plan in his head.

His hand loosened on Gretchen's neck, and she broke free of his hold, I let myself sigh in relief, in until that relief flared to anger and hatred again once a loud crack shot through the air as the scream soon followed. Sylar had broken Gretchen's legs, forcing her to the ground, a confident smile on his face, he knows who will walk away in this match, and he plans to come back. My hands clenched to fists as the psychopath casually strode over the rocky terrain, kicking rocks, his hands in his pockets, his smile growing as he stepped closer. The cameramen behind me cowered in fear and tried to hide behind me; I just returned the hateful smirk and just as casually walked over to him. We met somewhere in the middle of the large field filled with dangerous explosions that hide underground.

"You will die Claire, and I will go back to that feisty brunette and kill her slowly, I rather enjoyed her presence, she seemed so...confident that you would save her, yelling that I would regret me kidnapping her." He smirked in amusement as I let the anger flare inside, building in strength by each poisonous word that left his mouth. I stepped closer to him, so that we were nearly touching, I placed a hand on his shoulder and patted it.
"So you steal other people's girlfriends to replace the one you killed so many years ago? Tell me Sylar, does it hurt to know that you killed the only person alive who could possibly love you?" I shrugged and smiled as his jaw set in a hard line, but then he released it, smiling like a cat catching a mouse.
"Please, Elle was no one, but Gretchen..." he smirked as my grip on his shoulder tightened, a growl ripping through my lips.
"Gretchen would never-" I was about to go on a rant when his lips crushed onto mine, his disgusting lips touching mine. I pulled and beat on his chest, until he pulled away holding me close, just to show how much control he has over me, how his strength is compared to mine, and how easily he could do whatever he wanted. He smirked again as a confused gasp from behind him fluttered to my ears. Gretchen was looking over at us with a confused and heartbroken look on her face, her legs still broken; forcing her to watch what must have looked like a show of affection. I stared up into Sylars gaze and spit in his face, loving the shock and disgust show up on his face. With a single hand, he wiped away the spit, and stepped back, a smirk already taking his lips.

"You die tonight, Cheerleader."

The fight has begun.