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White bricks stack together, plastering together to form walls that corner me, keeping me in an enclosed white room. The dirt coats each pearly white wall, making the once bright walls freighting. The floor was a cold and hard concrete that stuck to my bare feet, each breath or sigh that escaped my body caused a painful reaction to tremble through my short frame. My breath became visible as the temperature dropped in the stone white walls. A small bed lay crumpled and old, filled with bugs and creatures that like to nip at my dark tanned skin.

It's been two days, or at least two long painful sleepless naps since those men stole Gretchen away from me and put me into this god forsaken place. Nothing slips through these bricked white walls in the middle of nowhere; the sun and moon have forsaken me. I shift uncomfortably on the small mattress that probably contains a pandemic of some sort. I feel blind in more than one way, all of my memories ripped from my brain, keeps me from drifting away from this small room that stays so dark, the only light that appears is the flickering lights from behind the metal door.

I rotated around, placing my chin on my knees while I wind my arms around my shins, rocking back and forth. A low murmur of words caught my attention, causing me to look at the dark metal door, rudely cut through the white bricks. A female voice, low and angry cut in, bubbling with its spite and hatred, before shuffling of feat cut the voice mid sentence. Their was a deep chuckling coming from a man, his voice now cutting deep into my chest as each angry blubber of words slapped the girl beyond the white bricked walls. The first voice answered in defeat, her voice a low murmur, cracking with defeat. Their was another chuckle coming from the angry man, then a shift of footing as the metal door swung open, revealing a pale looking Gretchen, holding crutches, she stood their, staring at me with helplessness. While a man, his eyes bright with amusement and hate that swirled deep within his beady black eyes. His black eyes narrowed as he appraised my shaking form, dark hairy eyebrows knit together as his eyes stare at me like I was a disgusting bug found under his boot. The man was average height, his frame built for exercise and danger, his shoulders stiff from the wars he has overcome, his weathered face proving the violence he has seen. His crooked nose, twisted slightly at the middle, before reaching smoothly to his angry lips that seem to snarl into a permanent scowl.
Gretchen stared at the man with an angry expression, then looking at the floor, lost in her helplessness and defeat, unable to look me in the eye. I tried to ignore the man who stepped forward towards me, kneeling down to me as his black beady eyes continued to appraise me. I spared a glance towards him, immediately regretting it as his eyes flashed to mine with unreasonable anger. Like I had no right to stare at him, I don't get what I did to him that was so bad.

Damn my memory loss to the fiery pits in hell.

His arms reached towards me, placing his dry hands on my golden tanned skin, hissing impatiently when I flinched away from him. Gretchen made a choking sound, but when we looked at her, she was staring out the door, tears rolling quietly down her cheeks. I wanted to immediately wipe them off, but the man's vice like grip tightened around my wrist, bringing me to yelp in pain. He frowned at me, bringing a knife out of his belt, his murderous eyes never leaving mine. I tried to get Gretchen's attention, that man was staring at me with murder in his eyes and has a knife, yet no one stepped forward, not even Gretchen. Which let me tell you was far more painful then the actual metal slice that wiped across my skin, creating a large bleeding welt. I choked out a scream, seeing Gretchen stare hard into the floor as I bleed into this murderous man.

"Ow!" I couldn't help but whimper after that, it hurt, and I have never experienced this before, the pain so foreign to my cut able skin. Yet not a moment later, the bleeding stopped and the skin knitted together, revealing only dried blood. I stared in astonishment as the pain evaporated and the skin mended the cut, sewing each other together until the wound had vanished. "Shit." Is that normal? How would I know? I searched the man for an answer, but he seemed to be staring at me for the same thing. I must have looked stupid, because the man snorted, slapping me hard across the face.

"Dumb blonde." Uh...ouch? What the hell is this guys problem? I was about to speak my mind when a shadow appeared in front of me, I looked up to see a furious Gretchen. She grabbed the man's arm, tightening her grip, and leaning over him so she could whisper venomous words into his ear.

"Look, General, Claire lost her memories, so I would appreciate it if you didn't use unreasonable violence on her; she is completely innocent and probably doesn't even know herself, what just happened or why she is here." She paused for a second, biting her lip, her eyes meeting mine before going back to the "Generals" "Also, she doesn't remember me, so she most likely doesn't even know have the stuff you want to ask her." The General snorted at that, rolling his eyes, and easily breaking out of Gretchen's grip.

"I don't care if she forgot her disgusting feelings for you; I want to know what the hell is she?" Gretchen's face paled as he finished his sentence, and then flushed with anger, about to start on an angry rant, but he easily turned away from him, staring at me with hate-filled eyes. I don't know what just happened and didn't know what disgusting feelings he meant, but I do know he just offended Gretchen. Anger bubbled within me, causing me to narrow my eyes at him, his eyes widening.

"General, I don't plan on telling you anything if you continue talking to Gretchen like that." I sneered at him, my voice taking a somewhat familiar tone of venom. The General looked shocked for a slight second before his eyes hardened and his scowl depend. Gretchen stood proud at that moment, her shoulders straight as she stared down at me, pride and love swirling in her eyes.

The General snarled and scowled for several long moments before nodding, his hands in tight fists. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, my shoulders relaxing to a point before stiffening when he took a step closer. The man nodded towards the door where two large guards appeared and walked over, large weapons in their hands. Each pair of eyes held disgust and hatred, I shifted uncomfortably under their gaze, my heart screaming for me to run, my muscles twitching with the desire to escape. I was just about to make a run for it when a soft and cool hand landed on my leg, a slender thumb caressing my skin, relaxing my muscles and caused another reason for my heart to race. I looked up at Gretchen, her warm hazel eyes were swirling with worry and a sickening knowledge of what was about to happen, it sent shivers down my spine to see the usual warmth in her eyes growing cold with fear.

A disgusted snort from the General broke our intense moment, causing Gretchen to look down from my eyes, backing away from me as the two guards surrounded me. She looked at the floor as they brought shackles to my wrists and dragged me upward, I whimpered slightly, confused to what was going to happen. I tried to catch Gretchen's eyes but she kept her wide hazel eyes glued to the floor as they dragged me away, her body limping after me.

We left the horrid dark cell, only for me to suddenly wish for the comfort in the cell. The cell was at least somewhat warmer, and had four walls to comfort me. This was a long and dark hallway, rats and parasites crawling on the floor as we walked past the somewhat damp walls. I swear, it was like a mid evil prison, I half expected to see a man tied to the wall with shackles, a dark and long beard with haunting empty eyes. I shivered as the men continued to push me down the hall, with Gretchen behind me, and the General in front, a smug smile on his cruel lips. We turned randomly into another hall, turning to a steep staircase leading upwards. I looked up seeing light for the first time in days, or hours, who really knows.

The General chuckled at my expression, his eyes filled with a sadistic gleam; my high hopes of escaping were suddenly crushed. The men dragged my now reluctant body up the stairs, I struggled uselessly in their hold, yelling and proving to be difficult. However, when the General turned back, taking out his sharp knife, I grew silent, fearing the cold blade against my skin. A small sob from behind me reminded me that Gretchen was still with me, I instantly relaxed, and she wouldn't let anything bad happen to me.


My eyes studied the guards and General, their expressions nearly identical. Looks like something bad is already happening.

My feet hit the last step, my eyes squinting from the sudden bright light that escaped from the doors, my eyes widening at the sight. Hundreds, maybe even thousands were outside of my little cell of hell, taking pictures, some shaking their heads in disgust, some had large smiles that showed excitement. Some just showed anger, their eyes piercing into mine, their frowns turning to fierce scowls. I shivered from the unwanted attention, getting no sympathy from the guards who continued to push me. One person yelled into the night, getting a loud applause from everyone else.

"Let the freak die!" This statement stabbed a knife through my heart, causing my blood to run cold, I shrunken into the tall angry frames next to me. The men looked down at me with disgust, pushing me a bit too roughly; I fell down on the hard floor, my tied hands tied to my back, unable to save me from my fall. I landed heavily down on the ground, tasting dirt in my mouth, my eyes stinging with tears. The crowd let out a satisfactory applause, each face excited with what was to come. I looked around, hoping to see a single sympathetic look; my heart shrank back with fear.

None, not a single face looked upset with my harsh conditions. My small body struggled on the floor, and then stopped, feeling vulnerable; I let out a small cry of help with a result of a silent reply.

Then a cool hand fell on my back causing the pain to disappear, my fear vanished at the simple touch. I turned to smile weakly at the girl's face, who returned the helpless smile. She kneeled down; her broken leg causing a bit of a struggle to get down to the floor, then wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

Unable to grab onto her, I just leaned in, nuzzling my head into the taller girl's neck, feeling Gretchen's warm breath on my neck. The cool arms lifted me up, stabilizing me, then capturing my small body in a warm embrace, holding my shaking form. I continued to rest my head on Gretchen's chest, enjoying the musical thump of her heart, until that small comfort was ripped away from me...again.

The General stood strong, grabbing a hold of Gretchen and pushing her away from me, I let out a growl, my white teeth glittering in the sunlight. The man widened his eyes, but otherwise smiled at my reaction, returning me to the guards, pushing me away from the large crowd and towards a sleek black car. I walked past angry eyes, my chin high, my eyes skimming past a small crowd of people, their eyes narrowed with uncertainty, nervous glances were shared before they departed from the angry group of people.

With one final sigh, I stepped into the black car, watching as Gretchen stepped in beside me, her eyes avoiding mine, glued to the front. I stared at her gorgeous face before my attention returned to the front was the General was giving the driver instructions. My heart was in a confused frenzy, my eyes searching for some comfort. I still am not sure why I am here, I didn't do anything wrong...right? Why would Gretchen stay with me if I did?

Unless she didn't know yet, what I did. My eyes snapped to hers, fear constricting around my heart. I can't lose her; she's the only thing that is keeping me sane at this point, even if I don't entirely recognize her. Gretchen, sensing my fearful glance, smiled reassuringly, wrapping her arms around me, allowing me to snuggle into her tall frame. She brushed her lips across my hair, sending electricity down my spine; I shivered into her embrace, resting my head against her shoulder.

A thought became clear to me while everything else was still in a confused state of mind.

I don't care what happens to me now, as long as she is safe, I can couldn't care less what happens to me.

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