Truism 50 : Murder has its sexual side

And there were times, when in the heat of a fight, his adrenaline would pump red hot and his whole body felt like it was on fire. And he'd delight in making the other person scream out from fear and pain, delight in each injury, in each spurt of blood until the final elation of the last breath from his opponent's body came.

And those were the times he'd head back to you, covered in someone else's blood, grinning like a maniac. And he'd seize you roughly and, with the vestiges of that pure rush still singing through his body, force you roughly onto the floor or against the wall and delight in an earthier type of joy.

And those were the times you feared him, your lover, your friend.

Because those were the times you felt that maybe you were really getting a look at the monster under the mask.

At the true Daemon Spade.