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The Watch - Chapter 1

Ianto was running for his life, probably. He'd managed to get a phone call through to Gwen before she and her husband ran off. The government had ordered them killed, had blown up the Hub. Ordered Torchwood killed. They didn't even answer to the government, they answered only to the Queen herself. Although Jack had started communicating more with other organizations after he took over Torchwood.

Ianto spared a moment to wish that Martha wasn't on her honeymoon. She'd be able to help them, but now it was too late, only Jack knew Martha's number. And only Martha knew The Doctor's. Ianto paused as he sat down on a doorstep as a half drunk conversation between he and Martha about The Doctor came back to him. The last time he'd seen Martha the two of them had gone out and gotten drunk, conversation had drifted from the recent loss of Owen and Tosh to Jack and then to The Doctor. Ianto learned more about The Doctor from her that night than he'd learned during his time with Torchwood 1, and more about the time Jack had been away than he'd wanted to know.

Ianto rose as an insane idea occurred to him. He'd thought what Martha had told him was odd and perhaps had been just a figment of his imagination. Something to make sense of his own screwed up childhood. He hadn't really had a chance to check and see if it was possible. But perhaps now was the time for his to find out. He was going to go see his mother.

It hadn't been easy but he'd gotten in to see his mother. He'd been so busy since Tosh and Owen had died that he hadn't even pretended to himself that he wanted to see her. His mother looked up at him from her bed. She'd been in Providence Park since Ianto had been a child. Some form of schizophrenia the doctors thought she had. No one from the government was looking for him there, after all, why would he go to the home for the mentally ill when he needed help.

Ianto cautiously sat down at the edge of her bed. His mother didn't look old enough to be his mother, looking maybe 40. She was actually quite beautiful and he knew his sister had had to deal with getting two aides from the hospital fired before they could do things they shouldn't be with patients. His mother had actually sent one to the emergency room, she was still very able to defend herself.

"Mum?" Ianto asked softly.

"Hello Ianto."

Ianto smiled, he'd managed to meet his mother during one of her more sane moments. The meds she'd been given never seemed to work quite right on her so he never knew if she was going to be hearing voices or not even if she'd recognize him.

"Mum," Ianto said again as he reached over and pulled open the bedside drawer in the nightstand next to her bed. From it he pulled out a pocket fob. He pulled it closer so he could study it. It did look like the pocket fobs that Martha had told him about. That rewrote Time Lord DNA, made them human, and held onto the consciousness of their true selves until someone convinced them to open it, then they'd be Time Lords again.

"How long have you had this watch?" Ianto asked as he looked at the back, a beautiful space scene sketched into it.

"I've always had it," she said softly, not really looking at it. Instead she focused on Ianto's face. "Is your face alright? It's scratched."

"I'm fine Mum," Ianto turned to look at her with a gentle smile. He reached out his free hand and grasped his mother's hand, turning it palm up he dropped the watch into it. "I need you to do something for me Mum. I need you to open the watch. If I'm right it'll make the voice stop." Unsaid was his concern about what type of person the voice was.

End - Chapter 1


Okay… I promised myself I wouldn't start anymore stories until I finished some but this idea won't leave me alone. This shouldn't end up being too long, but I've said that before and been very wrong.