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My Children of Earth Fix-it. I'm making some references to Doctor Who, but having seen it isn't necessary to understanding this story. I'm not putting this in crossovers although I might move it there later.

The Watch - Chapter 5

"Ianto, turn that wheel on you left 3 quarter turns."

"This one?"

"Yes," she replied as she turned another wheel and pulled a couple knobs.

Ianto calmly followed his mother's instructions as they slowly placed her TARDIS on the side of one of the vehicles driving away from Torchwood.

"There!" A slight clink was heard as they lined up with the existing door.

"And you're certain no one can see us?"

"Of course," she replied with a familiar grin.

Ianto froze as he saw his mother smile the same smile he saw on his sister's face on his rare visits.

"The perception filter will take care of it. When we reach their destination we'll unhook ourselves and move onto whatever building is there and keep a lookout for your friends. In the meantime we should see if we can tap into this frequency used to hijack the children."

"Alright," Ianto agreed as he turned to look in the direction Jack was.

"You can go check on him if you like. I can handle this while you're gone. It'll still be a couple of hours until he finishes healing."

Ianto smiled quickly as he went to look at his lover. He stared as he saw that the small piece of flesh had grown several inches while he'd been in the other room. He sighed comforted with the knowledge that Jack really was going to be alright. He remained there several minutes just watching before leaving.

His mother looked at him when he returned, she easily saw how in love Ianto was with his boss. As a Timelady she had no trouble accepting her son's choice in partner. She was proud as she saw Ianto in his element, fighting for his world and his lover. She rushed around her TARDIS, happily letting her son help her, impressed with how well he followed directions and adapted to the technology in her ship.

"Mum? What does this mean?" Ianto watched confused as information was typed in an unknown language with an old fashioned type writer. Tap tap tap it went, moving as if by a phantom typist.

"Hm?" She walked confidently to his side, reached over as the typing ceased and pulled the paper out to look at it. "It's in Gallifreyan. The TARDIS has found a ship in orbit. It's identified as a #%#$ ship. Their name isn't pronounceable by humans. I've never heard of them." She started typing some things into the typewriter before it started typing its answers by itself. "The #%#$ are known for their incredible knowledge of chemicals and drugs. They have both created and healed plagues and other health problems throughout the galaxy. Unfortunately, the price of their help is very high because they're addicted to a living chemical generated by some species."

"Humans?" Ianto said hoping she wasn't going to say what he was pretty sure she was going to say.

"Oh…! They get high off the chemicals generated by human children! When puberty ends humans stop generating this chemical. They aren't just controlling them Ianto, they're planning to take them too."

End - Chapter 5


It's been awhile since I worked on this. Sorry! I've been working working working since August and finally have time to write since I'm off for the holidays. I want to finish this story soon. By the way, I'm writing this on my cellphone while I'm out to dinner with my mom. My thumbs are now killing me. *hehe* Hope you liked this update!