A/N: Alright guys, this is my first ever Naruto horror story I've ever written. Hell, this my first ever horror story IN GENERAL that I've ever written! I think that I'm more of a humor and adventure person, but I feel I've done a good job in portraying the emotions that are supposed to be portrayed at the right moments, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

Now, before I get started, this story does contain rape and graphic, sexual scenes. So for those of you sensitive to things like that, may want to press that back button now. It also contains many lemons that ACTUALLY have to do with the plot of the story. And it also has foul language, but there's already foul language in the manga, so what does it matter?

Now... if you're still here reading this author note, then I'm going to just shut up and let you continue on with the story!


Kyuubi's Voice

Kyuubi's thoughts

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I Hate This Stupid Fox...!

Tenten has to admit, the mission has gone much better than she'd first thought. It's her first mission with Naruto– rather, Naruto alone, and not his other teammates accompanying him. Not that it was his choice – Sasuke had left three years ago... Sakura almost going with him. Of course, she had backed out, but...

It was a heavy burden on him, even she knew that, and she hardly knew him at all. And he's a lot different now, from then. Taller, faster. He stands straighter, and talks a little slower. And she has to admit, Naruto's a skilled ninja now. At times, he has trouble working through general troubles– like where to set up camp, and where to gather the mission's intelligence, but he's a quick strategist. Thinking a few steps ahead of even her.

But now... surprisingly, there is something seriously wrong with Naruto.

She hadn't wanted to even consider it, but he was sick. With what? She wasn't sure. All ninja were required to get vaccinated before going on missions, and most diseases were easily curable by medicine or chakra. So it wasn't probably something he'd caught in the wilderness. But whatever it was, it was impairing his ability to walk. He can barely stand. He's not even carrying anything.

"Naruto, maybe we should stop and rest... you look–"

"I said I'm fine...!" he grunts, "I don't need to stop..."

Tenten knows there's something wrong. She knows it. They need to stop.

"Well, what if I want to stop? What if I'm tired?"

Naruto forces another step, barely able to keep pace with the casually-strolling Tenten.

"We can't... we have to keep moving..."

Tenten walks around to the front of Naruto, she turns around and starts walking backwards.

"This mission isn't time-sensitive, Naruto. It's not even crucial. Just a routine checkup. Everything's all normal too. Nothing to get ourselves killed over," she tries to reassure him. "Now tell me what's wrong."

Naruto curses under his breath, clenching his fists. "It's not something I can explain, Tenten-chan, just something we can't stop for." he grumbles, holding his stomach. "How far is Konoha?"

"At this rate? A month, Naruto. But if you rest, half a day. Either way, we'll have to stop and rest eventually."

"Shit," Naruto curses, Tenten notices a bit of blood dripping from his hand. He must seriously be struggling with something if he's clenching a fist so hard that he pierces his own skin. It makes her worry about him even more. She hardly knew him, but from what she could tell, Naruto needed her assistance.

"Naruto, if you're sick, I need to know–"

"I'm not fucking sick!" Naruto explodes, his eyes turning crimson, his voice deep and rough and his back hunching over. He grips his head and shakes it, tearing at his hair. But eventually, he calms down.

Tenten was horrified. She jumped back at his outburst, falling on her butt.

"Not sick... I'm... I-I'm fine... okay...?" he hisses, "Not S-Sick.." But she stands her ground, and walks towards him.

"Naruto, I don't know what's going on, but you need to lie down. You need to rest. If you don't wake up, I'll carry you to Konoha," she coaxes him to fall onto the forest floor. She would have done so from the beginning, but his stupid pride...

Naruto's purple eyes snap open, Tenten is momentarily mystified by the elongation of his pupils.

"Tenten-chan... guh...get the fuck out of here...NOW. R-RUN."

No. She won't abandon a teammate. It wasn't her ninja way, her nindo.

"What's wrong Naruto? Just tell me what's wrong and maybe I can help you!" He hisses, hesitates, and growls, but then calms himself down enough to talk efficiently.

"When I was born, they sealed a demon into me," he laughs gutturally, "A fucking BITCH... whenever... she goes into... H-H-Hea–" She can hardly believe what she was hearing... his voice was switching back and forth between his normal voice and... a different... deeper, more ominous one. Tenten tries placating him, maybe he'll make sense if he keeps talking, "Go on Naruto. If you can't, just try to relax. I'm not going to–"

He just growls, spitting a wad of blood from his mouth, scrunching his eyes shut for a moment. He's in serious pain.

"What's wrong with him? A demon? That's ludicrous." Tenten then notices his eyes are turning a deeper red, the hand she's grasped is turning rigid and his fingernails are starting to lengthen.

"R-RUN, I-I w-w-won't DIE...!" the cracking of his voice sounds far worse than it sounded a second ago...

Needless to say, Tenten was quite conflicted... she just couldn't let him alone here, she had to look after him, either way. Besides, what were the odds of his story being true? Then again... why would he lie? As Tenten was starting to panic a little and noticed that she had no clue what she could do or what was even happening, it was already to late.

On Naruto's lower back, nine tails started to form, made of pure chakra. Before Tenten could even recognize them as tails, they already lashed out after her. Tenten let out a pained grunt as she was slammed to the ground by a swipe of one of Naruto's tails. The strike had come so unexpected that Tenten had to take a moment to clear her head from the strike. It hadn't hurt, actually, the fall had hurt more than the swipe, but it was more like the shock that held her down. But that was all the opening the fox inside Naruto needed.

Naruto loomed over Tenten now, and before Tenten could try to escape, all of her four limbs were pinned down by his chakra tails, effectively locking her in place. No matter how much she struggled, she just couldn't fight against it. Naruto's face got closer to hers, and she saw that his pupils were now completely slitted, and his breath was now visible, even though it wasn't cold at all. He opened his mouth slightly, and Tenten saw that he had longer canines. She feared for her life now. A bit of his saliva drooled out and dropped on her cheeks.

"N-Naruto...! Wh...What's happening to you...?" Tenten questioned as she tried to shift her head away from his, still uselessly struggling and squirming underneath him. She was seriously thinking he was out for killing her now.

"S...Sorry!" Naruto growled... he was less and less in control of his actions. His face got closer to hers, and just as Tenten closed her eyes and expected to be killed now, he leaned past it and she felt a warm, sloppy tongue run over her neck. Tenten just had time to scream out as Naruto ripped her shirt open, tearing it apart with his clawed hand. He even ripped through the bandages that held her breasts down, but he narrowly avoided to cut her skin even one bit. But Tenten wasn't quite in the right situation to be happy about this.

Naruto's face briefly twisted into a face of regret and sorrow, as he shortly regained his speech once more. "I... I can't help it... sh-she... NEEDS THIS!" Naruto's voice said before it turned into a nearly wholly feral snarl. It wouldn't take too long and Naruto would be fully possessed by the Kyuubi now. Tenten summoned up some courage and yelled at the almost completely possessed Naruto.

"Naruto! Get your act together, you hear me!" she pleaded with him, hoping that he would return to his normal, old self... before this thing inside him really did attempt to do... something... with her!

Tenten then noticed that Naruto's eyes darkened until the irises matched the color of the chakra hungrily flailing around him. As if disoriented, Naruto looks around, his grip still tight on Tenten, but his attention momentarily dispersed. Tenten jerks her head around in the grass, trying to look for something to use to her advantage.

But the movement draws Naruto's attention.

In a full and deep, guttural voice, "Oh! Finally... the boy succumbed. I was beginning to wonder when I would finally gain control... he has gotten far better at holding me back."

Tenten can hardly believe her ears, let alone what she's seeing – Naruto is gone. A demon has taken his place. She fights back her tears and tries to be strong.

"Who are you? What have you done to Naruto!"

Naruto laughs and launches his head at her fleshy neck, nibbling on her throat, kissing under her jaw, then cupping it.

"I am lucky this time... I am at full power and there is a woman capable, finally."

"What the hell did you do to Naruto?" she repeats. Naruto grins and scrapes one of his jagged incisors along her cheek, causing her skin to turn a deep red. In fear or embarrassment, she can't decide.

"Naruto-kun will return... in due time. But you can't afford to worry about him, you have your own problems, mortal girl."

"I know you're a demon." Naruto looks at her funny, then explodes in laughter again.

"Well, I damn sure hope so! I mean, am I not the embodiment of mankind's greatest fears? There is nothing else I can be! Nothing else but Kyuubi no Yoko! The most respected and feared of the tailed beasts!" Naruto's teeth glint in the light as he raises his head towards the sky. The whole scene would have reminded her of Gai-sensei just now and would have been slightly funny... if it weren't for the fact that the strongest demon of all time had her pinned to the ground.

Tenten's heart, rhythm already chaotic, pounds in her chest.

"Ky-Kyuubi... no Yoko...? No, it couldn't be. That was impossible, the fourth Hokag–"

"I can see it in your eyes, finally!" Naruto's grin widens, a drunken euphoria in his excited face. "What delicious fear. It has been so long since I've felt it– it drives me wild..."

"N-No! Let go of me! Hanase! Let go!" Tenten, terror consuming her– surely this is a nightmare! Tenten continues to thrash around in the chakra tail's grip until...

The possessed ninja is licks his lips.

"Oh, your fear will be delicious...!" Naruto groans, grasping Tenten's head again and pulling her into a kiss. Tenten's shrieks are muffled by Naruto's encapsulating mouth. A long tongue slithering in between her lips. His hands are on her shoulders and climbing back down to her naked chest, taking her breasts in hand and kneading them expertly. After around thirty seconds, Naruto finally lets her breathe, and pulls back, a trail of saliva still connecting them. Tenten's breath is ragged. Naruto softly massages her chest. "Oh yes, you are a good choice. You are perfect." Curiosity overrides her fear.

"P-Perfect for what?" Naruto simply laughs.

"It is odd, to be in a male body, but not without it's benefits..." Naruto finishes dramatically. "I need an heir."

Tenten's eyes widen. A cold chill working down her spine.

"As much fun as torturing you with pleasure would be, this does have a purpose after all. You will bear my child, half-human, half-demon. While I might be damned to reside in this boy, I will not let myself die so easily." Now, Tenten's anger overrides her fear.

"Tch! What makes you think I'll fucking carry your filthy spawn? I'll just kill myself the second I get the chance–" Naruto's grin interrupts her.

"Oh, don't worry. Let me assure you, when I'm through with you, you'll want nothing more than to bear and raise my child," Tenten shrieks as Naruto lowers his face to her breasts, his long tongue ensnaring a pink erect nipple. "But before that... I think I'll settle with you begging to be pleasured by me..."

Anyone witnessing this would have noticed that Tenten is brave, to stare a demon fully in the eyes. To not shy away and go limp, to fight against a beast far greater than her.

But bravery is often foolish, Tenten realizes too late.

Naruto's red eyes are now aligned with her own, a deep swirling power radiating from them. She can't look away. She's entranced–

"Tch! N-no! I– a Genjutsu! I have to break it, before-"

"I don't have to break it. Remember, the Kyuubi said she was going let me live. She won't hurt me." Her inner self tries to reassure her.

Tenten shakes her head and tries blinking her eyes, "NO! I have to... look–"



"Even though it feels really good to keep looking?"

The Kyuubi draws her long tongue along her nipple, eliciting a scream from her.

"That's it, let it out. I want to hear your cries. Beg. Beg for more!"

"Look, it's just her eyes. You can look at them. You don't want to make her think you're afraid!"

"But I am afraid!"

"You need to look. Stare her deep in the eyes. Tell her you're not going to submit. She won't believe unless you look her in the eyes. Show her you're stronger."

"N-no... I can't look... it'll... it's a..."

"A what? A trick? Maybe she's tricking me now? Trying to make me think I shouldn't look her in the eyes– maybe that's her weakness!" Tenten is conflicted with her inner self. At one point, she could be right, but... what if she's wrong...? "You need to look. Stare her deep in the eyes. Tell her you're not going to fight. She won't believe unless you look her in the eyes. Show her who's stronger." Tenten grimaces a bit as her subconscious continues. "Look her in the eyes... tell her I'm not going to fight... show her who's stronger." Tenten starts inching her head back over to Naruto's face. Why is it so hard to move her head? "You need to look. Stare her deep in the eyes. Tell her you're going to submit. She won't believe unless you look her in the eyes. Show her she's stronger."

"She's stronger..."

"You need to look. Stare her deep in the eyes. Tell her what you feel. Show her who's stronger."

Tenten looks into her/his eyes.

"K-Kyuubi," she looks deep into them, seeing beyond the slits and into the deep abyss, getting lost in them...

Tenten shakes her head, dispelling the confusion. She's got it now. She knows what to say.