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"Oh shit... God, I wish I was human..." Mumbled Nibi while coming down from her self-induced orgasm. She was on her cozy bed, in a cell similar to Kyuubi's, only her's looked like an ordinary woman's room on the inside. She had carpet, a comfortable bed with bed frames, and a small mirror hanging on a wall across from it. On the outside of the cell, looked like a peaceful meadow, with a beautiful blue sky and nice green grass that seemed to stretch out for miles, as if it was endless.

Basically, it made Kyuubi's cell look like absolute shit.

Nibi took her three fingers outside of her wet womanhood and leaned back on her bed, still very breathless. She was still very aroused and in heat, but that last orgasm released some of the built up tension that accumulated over the years.

"Well well, look what the cat coughed up." Nibi heard, snapping her out of her daydreams she leaned up on her bed and looked forward.

She smirked, "Nice use of an expression. Still a smart-ass after all these years?"

Kyuubi grinned as she stepped between the bars of Nibi's cell, "But of course." She looked around, "And nice cell you got here. Beats the hell out of mine." She scoffed.

Nibi got off her bed and stood directly in front of her long time friend, "Well, my container and I worked a few things out, and she managed to pull some strings for me." Nibi stared at the nine fox tails flailing carelessly behind the other demon. "You look great, by the way..." she says with a flirtatious wink.

"Thanks, you do too." Says Kyuubi with a sultry grin of her own. Her eyes then lower toward Nibi's sex, "Still got a little bit of cum on your thighs though." She teased. Nibi shrugged.

"Eh, it's just the signs of a job well done."

"It's also not something I plan on having until I get released from Naruto."

Nibi showed no signs of shock as she heard this, "You really wanna get set free and reek havoc on the world, huh?"

"Well, first of all, I don't wanna reek havoc on the world, I just wanna become immortal again and be supreme ruler. Big difference." Nibi rolled her eyes. "And second, you say it as if you don't want to be released."

"I don't."

Kyuubi had look that showed disbelief, "You don't? Why in the hell do you want to stay locked up inside of a human? Especially considering the fact that they have limited lifespans?"

Nibi was now serious, "Because, I care about Yugito, and I don't want to hurt her. I mean, sure, if I could be released without harming her, then I might consider it. But I also don't want to be let free, considering how I don't know how I'll act once I'm out into the real world. Keeping me in here is what's best for everyone, and I'm perfectly fine with that."

Kyuubi held a flat expression, "Nibi-chan, with all due respect, I think that's stupid. Who cares about everyone else? We're demons. We were meant to cause damage and do whatever we please. And besides, who knows how much longer it'll be before Yugito dies? She'll be taking you with her, too."

"Not if Yugito has a child before then, where her baby will have a bit of my essence passed onto it." Says Nibi, crossing her arms under her breasts. "And I disagree with you, Kurama-chan. I don't believe all demons should be about destruction and ruling everything."

Kyuubi crossed her arms as well, "You know I hate it when you call me Kurama."

"It's your name, isn't it? Why do you want to enslave everyone anyway?"

Kyuubi's red eyes glowed for a quick second, "Because, Matatabi-chan, it's what the humans have been doing to us for all these years! All they've tried to do is capture us and use us for our power. So now, I'm going to return the favor and use them for my pleasure." 'Kurama' said with an evil grin. "And you can help me achieve this."

Matatabi shook her head, "I'd agree with you, only if I was exactly as insane as you are."

"I'm not insane." The Nine-Tails scoffs, "I just know what's right and what's wrong. I'm only doing what they tried to do to me for thousands of years. It's karma."

"Kurama, karma acts upon itself. No one uses karma for their own revenge. And besides, the people that tried using you are dead now. The only people we have to worry about are the Akatsuki and Madara Uchiha. Everyone else is innocent."

"Innocent, my ass. All humans are all the fucking same." Kyuubi hisses. Nibi could tell that she hit a nerve.

"No, they aren't. Yugito, my container, is the sweetest and most kindest human I've ever met. And Naruto seems to be a good guy, too."

"I'm not concerned with them. Naruto is a hindrance. I'm not concerned with just him, I'm going after everyone. If anything, killing him will be an act of kindness on my part, seeing as I'm not making him suffer under my rule when I get set free. Besides, he probably uses me for my power too. That's what his father wanted, anyway."

Nibi was getting frustrated with Kyuubi at the moment. She had always been good friends with her, but she seems even more stubborn and irrational than she used to be.

"You are so twisted in the head. First off, killing is never an act of kindness, unless the person asks for death itself. Second, Madara was using you to destroy Konoha, and from what I'm assuming, Naruto's father was only trying to stop you, and sealing you inside his son seemed to be the only way to stop your rampage. And third, have you even tried to get to know Naruto?"

Kyuubi's face dripped with disgust, "Why should I?"

"Because, he's probably a good guy. He's containing you inside him. He's most likely never tried doing anything for you, because you never gave him a chance. Yugito and I get along great, and she even had some things arranged to make my cell more comfortable. If you actually tried giving Naruto a chance to be friends with you,then maybe you'll see that all humans aren't as bad as you make them out to be."

"You know I can't even get close to humans anymore. Not after what happened before." Kyuubi said, trying to hide the sadness in her voice. Nibi closed her eyes and chuckled a bit, having put two and two together. Kyuubi glared at her. "What's so funny?"

Nibi shook her head. "Nothing. I just understand why you feel this way now. After we got close to the Sage of Six Paths, you were disappointed when he left and died. All of us were, Kurama. You know how it feels to get close to someone, and feel the pain of them leaving. I know, because I helped you dry your tears when you were crying. But that's life. I felt the same way, but you don't see me behaving this way."

Nibi had hit another nerve. A much bigger one this time, seeing as two small tears slid down Kyuubi's cheeks.

"Shut up..." She choked as she wiped her face with her arm."You don't know anything about me..."

Nibi wiped a tear from Kyuubi's face softly, "I know you more than you think. We both came from Juubi, remember?"

Kyuubi looked at her and glared before swatting her hand away.

"No, you don't know how I feel. I was closer to the Sage than any of you were because I'm stronger than all of you."

Nibi glared, "This is the reason why the rest of the Biju hate you. You think because you have the most tails, that you're stronger than all of us."

"Well, I am. Sorry to break it to you." Kyuubi says cockily.

Nibi just took a deep breath, not wanting to spark a confrontation, "Listen, back to where we left off. If you just calm down and let the past stay in the past, I promise you'll feel a lot better."

"Sorry Nibi, but my decision has already been made. I'm going to get set free and give mankind everything that has been coming to them."

The look in Nibi's eyes hardened, "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that."

Kyuubi's aura just gave off the smell of arrogance, "Yeah? And exactly what are you gonna do about it?"

For the next few seconds, only a pair of red glowing eyes and a pair of icy blue eyes were exchanging looks with fierce emotions within them.

*Meanwhile, in an alleyway*

"Great. You made her pass out, Ino."

"Hey, its not my fault! She's the one that always passes out so easily!"

"Only when it comes to Naruto-kun."

"Well, yeah, true. That makes it slightly understandable, I guess."

"Exactly. Now imagine what she'll do once she sees his cock..."

Ino giggled lustfully, "I think she'll die."

Tenten laughed as well, "Hehehe, well we wouldn't want that to happen, now would we?"

"Nope. And come on, lets pick her up and drop her off at our place, so we can recruit her and whatnot."

"Yeah. Ugh, her boobs are huge... and she's not even fat or anything. By the time she's twenty, I think she might have Tsunade-sama beat."

Ino and Tenten glimpsed at each other and shook their heads.


"I honestly don't see why Naruto-kun never tried to pursue her. Hinata's pretty hot!"

"Maybe he doesn't like big breasts. Maybe he likes flat-chested girls. He does like Sakura, after all."

Ino snickered, "That's cold, Tenten."

Tenten shrugged, "She's still kinda hot though."

"True, I guess. And telling by the way Naruto was handling our chests, I doubt that he only favors small boobs though." Ino says slyly.

The weapons expert grinned, "Good point. Wouldn't mind letting him doing that to us again..."

"And more... What do you think he's doing? Him and Kyuubi-sama?"

"I dunno, probably gathering up more members like we are."

"Do you think we might even get the Hokage to join us?"

"Knowing our master?" Tenten looked at her with a smile, "Heh, we just might."

Ino beamed brightly, "Thinking about it gets me excited!"

Tenten, with an unconscious Hinata slung over her shoulders, grinned, "Oh, me too..."

A fight between two Tailed Beasts could be described as exhilarating. Far more magnificent then any battle two shinobi could ever engage in. Despite the fact that Kurama and Matatabi were not in their original forms, and they didn't have nearly as much power as they would have, the battle could still be viewed as an epic fight.

Nibi's cell was destroyed. The destructive power of a Biju's chakra, let alone two of them, could destroy practically anything.

However, the battle seemed that it could go either way, that is until Nibi sent out a big ball of dark chakra from her hand, which caught Kyuubi off guard. Kyuubi blew back and landed on top of Nibi's now messy bed and found Nibi herself on top of her, pinning her down.

Kyuubi fought to get free, but to no avail, "Tch! What the hell? How are you faster and stronger than I am?"

Nibi grinned at her, "Because I told you already, Yugito and I have worked some stuff out. She gave me most of my power back before I even entered this village for this exact situation. Right now, I can break this seal and be released if I wanted to. But she trusts me with this power, and I'm going to use it to stop you."

This didn't calm Kyuubi's anger, "Get off of me! You're going to make a huge mistake!"

Nibi's face was relaxed and calm, "No, you're the one trying to make the wrong decisions. Do you think the Sage would want you to do this? He always tried promoting a world of peace, and here you go trying to throw it into chaos. Lust-filled chaos." Says Nibi.

Kyuubi only growled with outrage, thrashing around even more in a futile effort to get free. "Matatabi, I'm going to tell you one more time to let me g-unhh...?" Kyuubi moans slightly when Nibi's blue tail glides against her exposed genitalia. "W-What are you doing?"

Nibi grinned, "I've been wanting to do some things to you again for a long time, Kurama-chan. Now that I have enough power to overpower you, I think I'll do just that." She then leaned forward and planted a deep kiss onto Kyuubi's 's growls that were escaping into Nibi's mouth started out loud and fierce, but died down as Nibi continued kissing her passionately, grinding her body against hers, and rubbing her tail against Kyuubi's slit.

Matatabi broke the kiss, "Once I make you cum over and over again, and take away all this built up power from you, then maybe I'll be able to show you the light." She told her, looking deep within her pulsing red irises. Nibi could tell that Kyuubi was trying to use Genjutsu or a mind control technique at the moment, but Nibi was far too strong to succumb to it. "I'm usually not one to take advantage of someone against their will, but if it means stopping you..."

Nibi went right back to kissing Kyuubi.

Kyuubi didn't put up as much of a fight this time. In fact, Kyuubi even hesitantly opened her mouth and let Nibi's tongue enter. She could feel that Kyuubi was getting wet now, and even was starting to welcome her advances.

The Two-Tails soon let go of Kyuubi's wrists and started playing with her D-cup breasts. Kyuubi moaned a bit and didn't stop her, even when her hands were free. Nibi kneaded the soft mounds of flesh on Kyuubi's chest expertly, making her bite her lip. She let out a delayed moan when Nibi licked down her neck and slowly down her collarbone.

"No... S-Stop..." Kyuubi breathed. "Nibi, I'm gonna kill you..."

Nibi stopped her tongue just as she reached her breasts, "Oh I don't think you'd want to do that." She teases before latching her mouth onto Kyuubi's pink erect nipple, eliciting a moan from her. At this point, Nibi's tail was fully soaked in her fellow demon's juices, and began prodding itself into her entrance. She moved it past her lips and slowly inched it deep inside her.

"Mmngh...!" Kyuubi exclaims she felt penetration. As Nibi continued covering Kyuubi's large breasts in a thin coating of saliva, she inched it deeper inside of her and began fucking her with her tail.

"Mm, you're really wet, Kurama-chan... Someone must be really horny..." Nibi teases as she thrusts her tail deeper inside of her. "Does it feel good? To be overpowered for once?"

Kyuubi's moans increasing in volume was the only answer Nibi got.

"It actually does... Too bad for you, though. Everything is still going as planned."