Moonlight Fox

A Sailor Moon/ Naruto crossover

Chapter one: The fox on the moon

"Where the hell am I?" a blond haired boy said as he looked around

He saw buildings that soared into the heavens, many lights around, he then felt a pang of pain and put his hand into his chest… it was covered in blood

"Oh yeah… Sasuke tried to kill me"Naruto said as he walked about… his chest against the wall, he trailed the wall with his blood

Flash back

"Give it up Dobe!" Sasuke yelled

"No! I promised her… I swore I will bring you back, EVEN IF I HAVE TO BREAK EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY!" Naruto yelled as he charged

Both rival's attacks collided

Naruto charged with the nine tail's power and Sasuke with his cursed seal in level 2 collided wit their signature attacks

The power behind the jutsus was so much it bended the laws of phisics… a tear in the space/time continuum appeared, Sasuke noticed that Naruto was taken back by this anomaly and stabbed him with the chidori on his chest and then kicked him into the tear… Kabuto then caught Sasuke as he slumped down

"Easy there, Orochimaru-sama still needs you" Kabuto said as he smiled

Flashback end

Naruto fell to the floor and yelled in agony, fortunately for him he was near a clinic, a young girl with blue hair and eyes

"Mother come out! There is someone injured" the girl yelled

"H-help me" Naruto said as he fell to the floor… holding his chest…. His whole shirt soaked with blood

A woman who looked like an older version of the girl

"Ami, prep a bed, and prepared anesthetics and anticoagulants" the mother said

Ami dashed in and did as she was told

They tore the shirt away and gasped at the sight in front of him… there was a hole in his chest…

"Oh my god!" Ami said

Naruto coughted blood… They moved quickly and saturated the wound with the anticuagulants and anticeptics

Naruto yelled in pain put was pinned against the bed… however his wound begun to close… they couldn't see it but a red energy was flaring around his wound and it was closing, and closing fast.

They put an IV drip on him

"Amazing… his wound is closing at an amazing" Ami's mother

"But wouldn't that be cause for alarm? Would that cause cancer?" Ami said

"No… I took a bit of blood and saw it under the microscope, his T-cell count is nominal and he is overly healthy, well… not considering the hole in his chest" Ami's mother said

Naruto's eyes begun to swim left to right, moving really fast, Ami noticed this

"Mom… I think he is having a REM dream" Ami said

"You been studying… I am proud of you" Ami's mother said

"But how is he even alive to begin with? He should have asphixiated… or bleed to death… or both at the same time!" Ami said worried

"He must have a lucky star watching over him" Ami's mother said

"S…Sakura-chan… I am… sorry… I couldn't—couldn't…. bring him… back" Naruto said as a trail of tears flowed from his eyes

"I will sedate him and put some restrains on him to keep him safe" Ami's mother said

She sedated him and he fell into a deep sleep,

"Who could have done this to this kid?" Ami's mother said as he moved her head left and right

The Next day

The blond boy woke up, he was in a daze he winked in order to focus the image.

He saw around, he realised he was in a hospital-like room… but it was really clean and sterile, he was dressed in a gown.

"ughh…. Where am I?" Naruto said

He looked around once more

"Sakura-chan! Kakashi-sensei!, Tsunade-obaachan! Anyone here?" Naruto yelled

Ami's mother then entered, the wman looked a bit tired, she had a tray of medicine and a glass of water

"Here take this and drink it up the water" Ami's mother said

"Ah… thanks" Naruto said

The lady put the bed upright so Naruto could sit upright to swallow th pills and water

"Where… am I?" Naruto asked

"You are in Juuban district, I am Mizuno-sensei, question is… who are you?" Mizuno-sensei asked

"I am Uzumaki Naruto-datebayo" He said a bit weakly coughing a bit

Then a shy girl appeared from the door… at first he thought it might be Hinata, but her hair color, and actual irises got to him

*Cough cough* " W-who are you?" Naruto asked

"I am Ami Mizuno, how do you do?" she said bowing politly

"I am alive ain't I?" he said with a smile

"Barely… You where at death's door over there" Ami said

"I will be fine" he said as he tried to pull himself up, but found himsel f unable to do so, he saw the restrains on him "Uhm… can I get out of these please?" Naruto asked

They undid his restrains and Naruto pulled himself up… he streched his arms and legs and did a couple of punches and kicks

"There… good as new" Naruto said smiling with a carefree smile

"Do you have a phone number to contact your parents or guardians?" Mizuno-sensei said

"Sorry… but I am an orphan" Naruto said

"I see… so, do you have a place to stay?" Mizuno-sensei asked

"But… but… mother… we just meet him! We don't know anything about him!" Ami said

"Is okay, I am a good judge of character… and he would make a nice friend for you, since you will start a new school this coming week" Mizuno-sensei said

"School?" Naurto said raising an eyebrow

"Well yes, you and Ami will join school this Monday" Izumo-sensei said her stare coerced Naruto…

"Well this is all fine and well… but I kinda need to explore the city, do you mind handing my clothes?" Naruto said

-30-40 minutes later-

"This is my card, if anythign happens to you please use a payphone and call me, is a direct line" Izumo-sensei said as she handed Naruto her card

"Thanks a lot Mizuno-sensei, I will be back, don't worry" Naruto waved goodbye as he walked off

He walked around and found a place called Game Center Crown

He walked in and saw the games, he saw all the kids and grownups enjoying the games, he pulled gama-chan his frog shaped walled and pulled a bill from it and went to a machine that said "Change"

He put his money and tons of coins came out… he choose to play a game he saw a flyer for outside called "Sailor V"

"Uhmm… I guess I might try it" Naruto thought

After playing for a while he found himself with the highest score

After enjoying the game he passed around the residential area

He heard voices of kids

"Hey let's pull her tail"

"yeah! She might make a giant hamster"

Naruto then rushed around… he saw the kids torturing a small and frail black cat

"Oi! What the hell you think you are doing!" Naruto yelled

The kids turned around… a blur of orange, then the only thing they could feel after was pain

He saw the poor kitty it was beaten to a pulp

"oh dear Kami… what have they done to you" Naruto said

He took the kitty with him and sat in a park bench he pulled a small red pill from his jacket

He pulled a kunai and cut a bit of the pill

"Here take this… normally I don't carry them but I thought better be prepared than sorry" Naruto said giving her a piece of the red pill

Luna took a piece of the red pill and swallowed it

Luna's body begun to heal fast

Luna looked at him questionable at him

"You look hungry, wait here" Naruto said as he left

The kitten sat down and waited for him, Naruto went to a nearby convenience store and bought some milk and a bowl

He came back and saw her still waiting, what a smart kitten "I wish I knew cats where as smart as you, I could used some company, the only cat I ever meet was called Tora, he belonged to the Daimiyo's wife, but that cat was a total bitch… yeah inside joke, anyways… you seem interested in my story… wanna hear it?" Naruto asked

The cat nodded… it was kinda trippy… she showed human emotions and apparently understood what I said to her… I might not be the sharpest kunai in the pouch but I kinda know that this was not usual

He put the bowl on the floor, and poured the milk the kitty bowed to him and begun to drink the milk she finished and jumped into the bench and licked his face

He felt happy, it was the first time someone showed him any goodwill and positive emotions, he didn't care it was an animal, it felt good to have someone or somethign being kind to him

"Well… let me tell you my tale, I hope I don't bore you" Naruto said as he told his story

His tale was fille with a lot of tragedy, since his daily beatings to the fact he housed a powerful demon, about Garra and finally about his best friend's decission to leave the village to learn from the biggest traitor from Konoha, Orochimaru.

The kitty looked at him, her eyes had tears on her eyes, Naruto patted her body and ently stroked her haid

"Eh? You got something on your forehead… a band aid?" Naruto said as the kitty frantically tried to get rid of it

"Here let me help you kitty" he said as he pulled the band aid off

"Eh? That is a tatto or something? It looks nice" Naruto said patting her

She looked at him…

"You got no place to go uh?" Naruto said

The kitty nodded

"You are pretty smart… look, I don't know if I could help you much, I don't actually have my own place, I am living with a doctor who allowed me to live with them… but what the heck… wanna come little lady?" Naruto said as she jumped to his shoulder and blushed

Naruto and the kitten dissapered in a swirl of leaves

Ami's house

Naruto and Luna arrived at the doorstep, Naruto stealthly moved into the house and went into the room, Ami was studying and her mother was at work till late

He started to undress the cat moved her front paws covering her face and blushed, Naruto put a aquamarine pj's cortesy of Ami's hand me downs

"Well… not my first choice of colors but it will do" Naruto said

The kitty removed her paws and was glad to see him fully dressed

Naruto laid on the bed and pulled the covers.

"This bed is warm and soft" Naruto said as he got lulled to sleep

- a few hours later-

"Uzumaki-san" a british like voice said, it sounded like an english nanny, but much MUCH younger.

"urrmm… 5 more minutes Iruka-sensei" Naruto pleaded

"Uzumaki-san! I been trying to talk to you all night! By the moon please wake up!" the voice said

Naruto oppened his eyes, the kitty cat was in front of him, somehow the pose she had was a bit I dunno… sensual maybe?

"Ah… the cat from last night, did I hurt you? Are you okay?" Naruto asked

"No, Luna is not ok, I been trying to talk to you all night, you are a rather heavy sleeper" Luna said smiling

Naruto was taken back a bit

"Thanks for peeling the bandaid… it kept me from being able to communicate and hampered my sensory abilities" she said bowing a bit

Naruto winked, "Oh… you are welcome, so your name is Luna uh? Is pretty nice name" Naruto said patting her gently

Luna closed her eyes in delight at the gentleness

"Thank you so much, those kids really where brutes, I wish to first thank you so much" Luna said

"Is not problem, I hate people picking on defenseless things" Naruto said

"Uzumaki-san, I wish to ask you for a favor, please?" Luna said with a pleading voice

"what is it?" Naruto asked

"I need help searching for the our queen and the sailor senshi in order to protect this world, Uzumaki-san, please, lend me your strenght, help me protect the planet" Luna said

Naruto raised an eyebrow and patted the cat

"What can I do?" Naruto asked

"I got reliable information that a youma is gathering the energy of humans, we need to go quickly" Luna said

"Alright, lead the way, but can you hold a minute? I need to change" Naruto said as he took his PJs off

"ARG! Please… give a lady some warning!" Luna said bushing

"Oh? But aren't you a cat? Then you are naked ALL the time… aren't you?" Naruto contered

Luna blushed "THIS ISN'T TIME TO GET INTO SEMANTICS!" Luna yelled

Naruto changed clothes (the ones he was wearing on his world) and Luna jumped on his shoulder

"Say, do you have anything I could use to hide my identity Luna?" Naruto asked

Luna jumped and did a summersault, a glitter come from her body, a rolled up orange scarf with full moon symbol on it came out…

"This will help you, if I ever find any of the senshi this will help you contact them when they might need you" Luna said proud of her work

"This is the first gift I ever gotten… thank you Luna" Naruto said giving her a peck on her head, causing Luna to blush

"A-anyways we need to head out… there is something dangerous going on a jewelry store called Osa-P" Luna said

Naruto then asked Luna "How will you be able to find the other senshi?" Naruto said

"I won't be able to say who is who until I get close to them… I am sorry, but I got limited resources to finding them" Luna said

"Is okay Luna, I will help you as much as I can" Naruto said

Naruto opened the window, but unknown to them Ami's forehead begun to glow, a strange symbol appeared on her forehead

Naruto and Luna exited by the window and walked up the wall to the roof… his scarf moved wildly against the wind at night.

Naruto moved quickly undetected and silently, he was guided by Luna who told him where to go, she held on his scarf and was trashed a bit by his speed and his flips and jumps

"Naruto, what's on that pouch on your leg?" Luna asked

"is my ninja weaponry… I got a couple of kunais and wires and some explosive notes, some soldier pills and some blood pills, other than that I got a couple of jutsu scrolls to practice on… but I only got around 30 kunai and 30 shurikens, and one windmill shuriken" Naruto said as he took inventory as he ran to the store

"HELP! SOMEONE HELP!" A girl's voice sounded off

Naruto dashed in and saw a a mummy-like woman holding a red haired girl.

"Don't worry, your mom is at the basement all tied up, but I will get rid of you first" the monster said

A kunai then her embedded into her arm, and he appeared under the red haired girl and held her as she fell down

"Is okay, I gotcha" Naruto said

Luna came out of the pillar and said to Naruto, Don't worry about the monster, kill it!" Luna said

"Who the hell are you!" The monster yelled

"do the thing" Luna said

"I don't wanna... is lame... and besides is downright embarrasing" Naruto said scratching the back of his head

"Come on... do it" Luna said pleading

Naruto sighed "Do I really have to?"

"Please?" Luna said

"okay...sheesh" Naruto said surrendered

Naruto turned around his face was serious "I am the orange fox that prances on the red moon, when darkness falls and evil prays on my home I will be there poised to attack, I will defend my home and everyone in it from the evil that threatens it, I am the Moonlight Masked Fox, and I will destroy you in the name of the moon" Naruto said doing a pose

Naruto then grabbed his kunai and put a couple of paper like note on them and threw em at the monster

The kunai exploded and Naruto ran towards the monster, however she extended her arms and pin him against the wall

"Kage bunshin no jutsu!" Naruto said as he did the sign as he was pinned against the wall

A ton of Narutos appeared and surprised the monster, but she herself made a horde of woman who had passed out come back as mindless zombies, the "clones" then attacked the other women by knocking them out with a chop to the neck

A "clone" appeared behind the monster and kicked it upwards

"U-zu-ma-ki Naruto RENDAN!" Naruto and his clones said as the made a melee combo on the monster

"AMAZING!" Luna said as she looked at the orange warrior fight the monster

Naruto then ran at the monster and kicked it upwards as the clones gave her a haymayker towards the floor

The original ran towards the monster rubbing the air around, a orb of blue light begun to form in his hand and shoved it to the monster

"RASENGAN!" Naruto yelled as the monster's body begun to turn clockwise by the sheer preasure and power of the technique he had used

The monster then was shoved into the wall, broke said wall and into the next adjacent building, the monster then begun to turn into dust

"I need to find the mother!" Naruto said as he looked around the place, he found a trap door and found the mother all tied up, he grabbed a kunai and cut the ropes and put the mother next to her daughter

"Let's get out of here Luna, don't need people asking questions" Naruto said

Naruto exited the building, and then looked up, he saw a figure dressed in black tuxedo and a white mask, they locked stares as the man exited the building via the window

"Who was that" Naruto said as he looked at Luna who was just as confused about the masked person

"We need to get out of here Luna, come on hop on" Naruto said as Luna hopped to his shoulder and left in a whirlwind of leaves, however unknown to both of them the red haired girl woke up and took a picture of the blond hero with her cellphone

"Come on… the night is falling and we need to get back home" Naruto the now proclaimed Moonlight Fox said

"Ok! Moonlight Fox-san" Luna said with a smile

Naruto jumped to a wall and begun scaling the building, he reached the top and noticed another masked figure, then realization dawned to him, since the girl has not seen him yet apparently

"EH! Sailor V? you are real?" Moonlight Fox said

Sailor V almost faceplanted, she was caught off guard, she turned around and saw a young man decked in an orange jacket and pants, with an orange scarf with a full-moon sign at the end of the scarf.

"Wow… he is hot!" She said.

Then Sailor V then begun to run away from him

"HEY! WAIT!" Moonlight Fox yelled at the feminine figure then begun to run fast jumping building to building

"HYAH! Who is this guy?" Sailor V said as she jump from roof to roof, building to building

Moonlight Fox then did a handseal

"Kage bunshin no jutsu" Moonlight Fox said as he let himself fall to the wall and hang in there giving Sailor V a false sense of security

"EH? He gave up?" Sailor V said as she stopped running

Then from all sides many copies of the orange hero appeared all of them surrounding her

"Hold on a minute Sailor V" Moonlight Fox said " I need to talk with you"

Sailor V then attacked Moonlight Fox flipped out of the way

"Sailor V kick" Sailor V yelled as Moonlight Fox blocked her kick with easy and grabbed it then twirled her towards the wall

"HYAAH!" she yelled in pain

Moonlight Fox then took his kunai out and got them ready

"Cresent Boomerang" she yelled as she threw her compact at Moonlight Fox, it was charged with energy

Naruto charged his kunai enhanced with chakra and deflected it, he then jumped and his clones followed suit and grabbed her

"HYAAH!" Sailor V yelled as a clone closed her mouth

"Quiet! I just need to talk to you, damn you are loud" Moonlight Fox said

"Who are you?" Sailor V asked

"I am an ally" Moonlight Fox said as he struggled against Sailor V's struggling

Sailor V ceased to struggle and Moonlight Fox stopped holding her and released her

Sailor V then kicked him in the nuts, however it disappeared

"Ouch, even I felt that one" Moonlight Fox said, the other clones clutched their respective jewels in phantom pain as his clone dispersed

"What the-" Sailor V said as the clones tied her up

"HENTAI! ECCHI! LET ME GO!" Sailor V yelled, Moonlight Fox then put a ball gag on her, she begun to tear up

"Listen, I just wanna talk to you, I will remove the gag ok?" Moonlight Fox said as Sailor V nodded

She gasped for air "Okay… what do you want?" Sailor V said

"Are you the princess?" Moonlight Fox said

"Maybe… are you with queen Beryl?" Sailor V asked in turn

"Beryl? Who's that? I am just here killing Youmas V" Moonlight Fox said in turn

"Okay, it seems you are clueless about her, so you must not be with her, no… I am not, I am posing as her to draw the enemy" Sailor V said

"Luna, come over here" Moonlight Fox said

A clone of Moonlight Fox came over with Luna on his arms, he then let her on the ground

"By the MOON! You are… you are Sailor Venus!" Luna said surprised "But… how did you regain your memory?" Luna asked

Moonlight Fox then heard something

"Who is there?" Moonlight Fox said as he threw a kunai

"GEH!" a voice said

A small framed creature then came out

"What the heck was that about!" said the small white cat

"EH! Artemis!" Luna yelled

"LUNA? W-what are you doing here?" Artemis yelled

"Luna? You know this cat?" Moonlight Fox Said

"Yes… he is my partner" Luna said frowning at the white cat

"Now Luna, don't get angry… we where" Artemis said

"You bastard… I was worried about you" Luna yelled angry at him

"Now Luna, I was" Artemis was saying but was cut by a rather angry Luna

"ermm… V? maybe we should give em a little privacy?" Moonlight fox said as he inched away from the literal "catfight"

"Y-yes…" V said with a sweat-drop as the both inched away slowly and surely

"anyways, you don't look like much of a fighter, you don't seem to have much *oomph* on your attacks for what I seen" Naruto said

"Oh... I got plenty of "Omph" right here" she said spanking her derrier sexily

Naruto had a slight tick and chukled

"Anyways... I hope we can meet again sometime... sorry about the tying you up..." Naruto apologised

After a while Luna huffed and walked towards Moonlight Fox

"Let's get out of here" Luna said, her tail was raised up

"Sorry V, the lady boss called quits for now" Moonlight Fox said as he vanished with Luna in a whirlwind of leaves

"Whaa! He is sooo cool" Sailor V said as she watched them disappear in green leaves

"Awww… but Mina wanted to play with kitsune-kun" Sailor V said

"You can do your boy obsessing later Minako" Artemis said

"Awww, you are no fun" Sailor V said

After they reached home Naruto asked Luna "Hey Luna, sorry to bother you, but don't you have anything that will allow me to transform into Moonlight Fox without me having to change clothing?"

"Actually I was gonna talk to you about that, here take this" Luna said as she did a summersault and a choker with a kunai appeared

"Just pull the kunai and say Moonlight power transform!" Luna said

"Luna you are amasing, remind me to get you catnip and better grade food" Naruto said patting her

Luna purred and blushed a bit, she really liked this Naruto fellah

She hoped this would last… she liked being around him.

"Very well… good night… Naruto-kun" Luna said as she lay on top of him

"Oyasumi" Naruto said as he fell asleep

Chapter End