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Jasper's POV

Damn Edward! Damn him to the fiery pits of hell. Why did he have to bring that little human into our lives? Does he not understand how dangerous this is? He nearly exposed us today for Christ's sake. In my opinion me should have just let that truck crush the weak human. He's only messing with fate.

I was kind of enjoying my life right now. Forks is an easy place for us to live. Its almost constant bad weather allows us to go outside during the day with sparkling and causing some kind of a scene. I haven't slipped up in many years and my Allie and I are in love. Why does he have to ruin it?

What if the Volturi find out? I can't, no I won't let anything happen to this family, to my Alice. Rosalie agrees with me, although she wants to save the girls humanity and piss off Eddie boy while doing it, I just want Isabella out of the picture. And I think I know just the way. However Alice believes that she and this human will be great friends. I must avoid her visions at all costs and shield my mind from Edward. Shouldn't be too hard.

*****************************Later that Night***************************

I've kept myself busy all day. I never made any definite decisions and I spent my time going over my history in my head. That will surely fool Eddie and Allie. As I reached outside the Swan residence I could hear that no one was awake however Chief Swan was passed out in front of the sports channel.

The night was calm. It seemed strange that it was not raining heavily. The moon was shining casting a supernatural glow over the Swan's front lawn.

I concentrate harder on the inside of the little house. I can clearly hear Isabella's heart beat from a room on the second floor. Conveniently there is a tree just outside her window.

With one more quick, sweeping glance at my surroundings, I scale the tree.

As I reach a branch just outside this human girl's window, I peer inside at the sleeping girls form. Her room is not what I expected of a typical teenage girl. It is neat and tidy. She has an ancient computer in one corner of the room and a bookshelf filled to the brim with worn out, classic books.

Quietly I shimmy the window open and jump inside the room.

I am immediately overwhelmed by her smell, however it does not make my throat burn. It makes my dick hard and venom pool in my mouth, and I quickly recognise it as the fragrance of Isabella's arousal. Now that I think about it she is sending out strong waves of lust, want and need teamed with euphoria to create an intoxicating cocktail of very pleasurable emotions.

Once I gain control of myself, I examine the young human and try to see why she has caught my brother's eye. She sleeps on purple bed sheets and her face is flushed. Her hair fans over her pillow and she looks extremely peaceful.

She starts to smile, obviously please with whatever dream her mind has developed, and I feel myself begin to grin back, happy that she is pleased.

This confuses me greatly! What do I care? I am here for one thing only and that is to kill this sleeping girl. But could I? Do I really want to hurt this beautiful creature in front of me in anyway?

As I internally debate Isabella rolls over in her bed and mumbles something that I didn't quite catch. She talks in her sleep. That fact intrigues me and I find myself wanting to know this human, wanting to know about her, what makes her happy, sad. I feel this magnificent pull that I have never felt before. Not in my 160 odd years. It unnerves me. Why does this insignificant human have this hold on me?

I should not feel like this! I love Alice she is my soul mate. Isabella would never want me anyways, she has Edward the golden boy and I am broken.

This thought leaves me in a blinding rage. Why does this little girl make me belittle myself so? Who is she to me but and inconvenience? With my anger and rage growing I crouch to attack, my muscles coiled to spring.

Until Isabella once again moves in her sleep, moaning and pleading and I am once again hit with the sent of her arousal. Suddenly I am not so sure this is a good idea. I feel my control slipping; her emotions are getting to me. I steel myself and prepare to leave when Isabella moans out once more in to the silence of the room, "Jasperr!"

I freeze . . .

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