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Alice's POV

God I hate her. Why did she have to go and fuck up my master plan? She may think she's all that and a bag of chips at the moment but I will come out of this situation victorious. Bella Swan you messed with the wrong vampire – I will have my revenge. I will have you.

I think over every strategy I have ever thought up to rid myself of the vile scum that is Isabella Swan. These few short moments I have here and there without Edward monitoring my every thought will be paramount in my killing of Isabella.

I ponder long and hard over what would be the best possible way to kill her. There are so many to choose from. I could do it fast and painless or drag it out and practically torture her. I could make it look like an accident and play innocent or I could have the entire world see that when it came down to it, the overall winner was I, Alice. What to do, what to do?

When I have finally reached my decision and planned it in great detail, I receive a very pleasing vision of one miss Bella Swan lying broken in a pool of blood. Clearly I've made the right choice. The sight of her broken, mangled body thrills me so much so that I decide to put my plan in motion immediately. I'd rather she died sooner than later.

After doing what I can to get the ball rolling on Isabella's death I finish my hunt and run to meet up with Edward back at that craptastic motel to try and figure out where my Jazzy and slutly Swan are headed next.

By the time I got back to the motel Edward was livid. Not with me of course. Apparently the desk boy was not being very forth coming with information. In fact he was being a bit tight-lipped. Honestly you would think that with Edward being the big, bad, scary vampire that he is he would be able to get a little information out of a pathetic little teenaged human.

Obviously not though. I gave him one simple task. One! Find out where they are going. It should not have been that hard. But what did he do? He fucked it up! Clearly if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. I'm the only person in the world who I can depend on anyway.

Swaying my hips seductively I saunter up to the reception desk. That move alone should have the boy begging at my feet to do my bidding, however add that to a sultry glance up through my eyelashes, a flip of my hair and a saucy wink and he shall be putty n my hands, ready for moulding, shaping and manipulating.

However just as I was finishing up my routine I realise he wasn't even paying attention to me but rather counting a large wad of bills, hundreds if I'm not mistaken (and I'm never mistaken). Some people are so rude!

"Excuse me?" I ask sweetly, "but could you kindly tell me where the … couple staying in room 23 are now? Where they're headed? Even just the direction they left in? I would be ever so grateful."

"Sorry lady. I have no idea what you are talking about. That room has been vacant for well over a week."

"But you said earlier when we talked before that my … friends were staying there tonight!" I practically scream.

"Oh, did I? I must have been mistaken." Is all he says and quite matter-of-factly as well while continuing to recount the money.

"He was quite co-operative until he opened that envelop," Edward piped up while nodding at a plain white envelope the counter top, "Inside was money and a note. He stopped talking after reading the note."

"Well, what did the note say?" I as impatiently and somewhat exasperatedly.

"I umm … wasn't paying much attention … I umm thought it was just someone's way of paying without being caught … so I umm didn't exactly … see. When I realised it was important he um … swallowed it before I could umm … get to it." He stutters out. I growl quietly. What a fucking idiot!

Peter's POV

Houston we have a problem, shit is about to hit the fan, and any other clichés you can think of. Something's comin'. Something big. And by big I don't just mean big. I mean huge! Colossal! Monumental! It shall be epic in its proportions. I know this for a fact. This fuckery shall be legen– wait for it –dary . it will be the most excitement we have seen in years.

Too bad I haven't a fuckin' baldies what'sa comin'. It's a blank – something I should see but can't. And it is real; getting on my tits. Well … my Charlotte's tits. I have been driving her up the walls and round the bend recently. But don't worry she's not the only one suffering. Oh no, I've done my fair share of it to. Blue balls anyone? Anyone other than the Major that is. I swear fucker ain't getting any and so he finds some fucked up way to cockblock me and he ain't even in the same state yet.

I get these flashes ya see. (At really inopportune moments too). Brief pictures or words or voices appear in my mind's eye, which allows me to just know shit. Big shit, small shit, useful shit, pointless shit. All kinds of shit really. It's kind of a pain if I'm bein' totally honest. The information is often incomplete, but not like it is now. No, never like this.

Normally I see/feel/hear something that gives me a general idea of what's comin'; what we're up against; what I need to do. Kinda like I see the big picture if you will but all the little, finer details are blurry. It's kinda hard to explain.

Now however I know all the little details but I can't get a good grip on the larger picture which will tie it all together nicely with a big ass fuckin' shiny red bow.

I know it shall happen in the next two months but I don't know what it is or why it's coming. I know it has something to do with that manipulative little bitch my brother fucked for a while, but I can't tell you how she fits in. I can guess, but I can't know for sure. I know that said brother and his incredibly doable little mate are in the middle of this shit storm of a situation. I know there will be blood; but who's? I am unaware. I know the mind reader will lose a limb or two, yet don't know how or why. (My bet is it has something to do with the delectable little Izzy B) I know it will be close to one of the Whitlock homes in the south, but I do not know which one. I know that things will get ugly, uglier than Alice on a bad day ( and that's saying something) but for which side? I know that my brother and his mate will need me. I also know that char and I shall be right there, right by there sides, even if it means our deaths.

Rosalie's POV

Thank fuck the telepathy twins are gone. Finally I get some much-needed peace. I was going bat shit crazy here from having to constantly censor my thoughts. I mean Jesus H. Christ they're MY thoughts! If I want to think about my monkey man au natural I have the fucking right to Goddamn it! Plus the little pixie has been seriously grinding on my nerves recently. Now that Jasper's gone and stopped being her bitch she thinks I should step up and fill in for him. That is sooo not happening. Pix has another thing coming to her if she honestly thinks she can treat me Rosalie Hale, like a lap dog. Yeah, I don't think so sweetheart.

To put it bluntly I'm lad they're gone. Quite frankly I don't know nor do I care about their whereabouts in the slightest. Carlisle and Esme are unsurprisingly freaking the fuck out. Don't see why myself, the dynamic duo are over two hundred years old combined. They'll be fine. And if they're not? Big deal, we'll get over it and move on. Maybe then Jazz and Bella will come back …

Hope they're not out searching for their 'lost loves'. Especially Alice and her deluded self. It's been clear to me since day one that Alice is full of shit. And those visions she has? The majority are a pile of piss in my humble opinion. 'Oh you never bet against Alice, she's always right about the future, she knows the outcome of every situation.' Right? WRONG! You never bet against Alice for the simple fact that she changes all situations to suit herself and her needs. She's always right because she manipulates any and all situations until she appears superior. And she most definitely does NOT know the outcome of all situations. Can anyone say 'subjective visions'? Clearly she doesn't know all the outcomes. Case in point that divorce sure shocked the shit outta her.

Go Jasper! He finally took back those balls that Alice has kept from him all these years. And Little Bells? Who knew she would run off with the Major? *Cue shocked face. =O Although if I'm being honest they are kinda perfect for each other.

Alice and Eddie are trying to say that Jasper in his confused emotional state that he has been in since – get this - Alice broke it off (really? I do believe Jasper divorced her) he kidnapped Bella, Alice's future best friend and sister (again, really? Cue eye roll. I don't think so. Bella would hate Alice) to get back at her. I call bullshit. I've known Jasper since the day he got here. I know him better than Alice and we share more of a connection than he and Alice do as supposed 'mates'. He would never do such a thing no matter how much 'emotional strain' he was under. And besides, from what I've learnt of little Hells Bells in the short time we had to get to know each other, she would not stand for that shit. She would sooner have lit Jasper up like a living bonfire. Plus I think she always liked Jazz. Whenever she was here at the Cullen house she would spend an awful lot of time staring at that Major portrait Esme had hung.

Edward and Alice are obviously mentally unstable when you think about it. Although you could argue that the majority of Edward's delusions do come from Alice. She is the puppet master in all of this, pulling on the emotional strings that are Edward's loneliness and want of a mate.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't particularly like Edward. He is a pompous git with a 'holier than thou' attitude, however what the little midget has done to him is just cruel. Her manipulations will cause him to get hurt in the end up, both emotionally, as he truly believes he loves Bella and (probably) physically. With the way Edward's been running around here like a headless chicken wracked with worry and pinning for his lost love when (if) he sees Bella there is no doubt in my mind that he will most likely do something stupid due to excitement and extreme joy. And if (when) he does do something stupid the Major will rip his ass to shreds, and then will possibly turn him into a nice cosy campfire to heat Bella's skin from where Edward inevitably touched.

God I hope Edward and Alice don't catch up to them before I figure out where the fuck Jazz and Bells are headed. I would hate to miss that particular show.

I am well aware that Jasper and Bella most likely want to be alone but I miss my brother and if truth were told Bella's already like a baby sister to me. I want to see how she is. I've been keeping an eye on them since they left (Jasper obviously hasn't noticed the tracking device I put in a belt I got him a while back).

I know what you're thinking, 'tracking device? How very stalker-ish of you Rosalie0 but it's not like that. I've been getting the sense for a while now that Jasper would take off, I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't left been in the dirt; I wanted to make sure that I'd always be able to find my 'twin'. He's the person in this hellish family that I'm closest to, after my Emmett of course.

I've narrowed down places he could be headed based on what he told me he has property wise – property not linked to the Cullens that is. Plus he's travelling with a human and due to his direction and the fact that I know that he's taking a round about route leads to three properties. Now all I have to do is figure out which one. Any of the three would be suitable …

I am knocked out of my musings by the sound of my phone ringing. I've barely pressed connect when I hear a voice I haven't in years:

"Pack your bags Blondie and stop your search. Grab the big oaf and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. I know where they are and I know where they're going. It should be one helluvan experience, so be prepared. Don't worry the info won't cost you … much, Ahahaha!"


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Jasper' POV

Bella and I stop so that I can 'feed the hum' as she so eloquently suggested. We stop at this run down little diner used mostly by truck drivers and teenagers off on road trips before collage.

I pull in outside the diner and am incredibly thankful for the chance to leave the car. The atmosphere in here has been strained at best since we left the motel. I help Bella from the car 'cause my mama raised a gentleman who knows to treat a lady right and my Bella is definitely one amazing lady.

I get to the door of the diner first and open it, allowing Bella to enter before me. Not gonna deny though, I did that partially so I can watch her hips sway. The occupants of the diner raise their heads briefly when Bella walks in but the majority of them lower them again when they quickly lose interest. Some gazes linger though, the owners of the stares feeling tremendous amounts of lust for my B.

I quickly enter behind her and wave upon wave of jealousy slams into me. Yep, she's with me asswipes. Not only is she with me but she's oo good for any of y'all anyways so just look away.

I make a not of my surroundings and am about to venture further into the diner when a scent reaches my nose. A bitter, nasty scent. A scent I know well, too well. Not good!

Not good, Jasper? Not GOOD. This is fucking terrible, horrible, horrendous, a disaster, World War 1,2 and The Southern Wars all rolled into one big ball with a bow on top. This is World War fucking 3 on the horizon. Scratch that, on the scale of bar fights to World War 3 this is off the fucking meter. It's on a war of the world's scale!

Oh great, you're back? Go away I can handle this to exaggerating ass. You said I had time.

Yeah well, time's up princess. Move over cause I'm in charge now. I will protect my mate!

Beast's POV

Must protect mate!

Kill, destroy, burn.

Disgusting bastard.

He'll want her.

He'll try to get her.

She is MINE!

Kill, maim, gouge, protect.

He'll try to take her.


Claim her.


Here. Now. Mine.

Take her.

Show him. How them all.

She's mine.

Yesss. Mine!

Claim, mark, take.

No! Protect Mate!

Protect first.

Claim after.

Claim on ashes.

Mark her.

Claim what's mine.

I own her!


Dirty rat bastard wants her.

Can't have her.


Major for fuck sake. You're not helping the situation with your insane blather. I thought you were the one that doesn't freak in stressful situations. Now get up out of your crouch and get Bella out of here. ASAFP. There, that's a good Major. Now kindly relinquish control so I can make sure she's ok.

Yeah, no dice Jazzyboy. I'll check her over. You've had your time now it's my turn. Thanks for talking me down though. Awful nice of you I must say. Now all I have to do is fine somewhere … quieter, more … private. Possibly containing a bed …

Bella's POV

On the road … again. A girl could really get bored of this. I'm still annoyed, depressed, angry … horny. Jasper's doing nothing to help me either, he's only aggravating me further. Damn self, ignorant, annoying, sexy, dominate, hot, lusty vampman.

Is it warm in here? And no I'm not saying that as some sort of substitute for 'I'm randy'. I genuinely mean I feel as if I am being roasted alive. The sun's beating down on us, and Jasper is still convinced that the human must be cold so he has the heater on and occasionally hands me a sweater.

Isn't that lovely for the self-esteem? I feel like stripping off and my boyfriend wants me to cover up. I swear, whether they are human or vampire, men are incredibly dense sometimes.

I even asked him if I could roll down the window. He gave ma a look. A look that undoubtedly asked if I was mentally stable. And then he went on to calmly mention that doing so would let out the heat. Clearly he thinks that I'll freeze to death if he allows the temperature to drop even the slightest. Idiot! If he doesn't let me cool off soon, I'll die anyway of … overheatedness. (That's a word, right?) In fairness to him he has been weird since we entered that diner we stopped at a while back. He practically killed the entire room with his glare and backed me out slowly. He has been practically mute since except for these random mutterings he says to himself. His eyes have also gotten very dark; he looks kinda like he did when he was horny except … different. I can't explain it.

He's been speeding since we left the diner too, almost as if he were late for something or as if we were running away …

But that can't be right! Major Jasper Whitlock has little to nothing to fear, right? Should I be worried? C'mon Jasper, I'm freaking out over here, talk to me! Please?

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