Shuichi's Songs

Rating: K+

Pairing: ShuichixYuki

Summary: Yuki and Shuichinget into a fight and Shuichi gets kicked out, this time is seems like for good. In the time leading up to Bad Luck's next concert, the novelist completely ignored Shuichi. That is, until he hears his lover's new songs.

A/N: This story does not belong to me. Eiri Yuki, my rp lover, wrote this. I claim not the characters, the anime, or the plot. All I've done is fixed it up a bit and posted it on my account for him. Love ya, Yuki. ^.~

Chapter 1: Get Out

(Eiri's POV)

"Get out!" I yelled as I threw the smaller man against the front door of my apartment. I was pissed and it was clear.
Shuichi finally did it this time. I was kicking him out and he could tell I wasn't letting him back in.

"Yuki I'm sorry please don't kick me out!" Shuichi cried as he stood up and tried to reach for me but I stepped back from him.

"Get out!" I yelled again causing him to flinch.

"But Yuki!" Shuichi yelled back.

I had enough, I didn't want to look at him or hear him. I grabbed Shuichi by the collar of his shirt and open the door throwing the boy into the hall and slammed the door in his face locking it. I stood there for a moment looking at the door. Then turned away ignoring Shuichi as he pounded on the door as he cried out my name over and over again.

Walking back to my office, I sat at my desk looking at the black broken screen on my laptop. The brat really pissed me off this time. The novel was almost finished when he came in and jumped on me, sending the laptop a crossed the room and the dead line was in two days.

Everything were gone, all my novels from start to beginning were on this computer. From the first one I wrote to the one that was due in two days. I paid no mind to the loss of the pictures that Shuichi begged me to take of us with the webcam. But I didn't mind having the 'pictures' of him on there to look at every now and then when he was away on tour and I wanted him here for other reasons. But all of it, every last bit of it, was gone.

I sighed as he reached for my phone and decided to call my publisher to try and extend my due date.

(Shuichi's POV)

"Get out!" I heard Yuki yell as I was throw against the front door of his apartment. It was clear how pissed he was due to the look in his eyes. I hated that look and it was the first time he ever gave it to me. I finally did it this time. He was kicking me out and I was sure of it.

"Yuki I'm sorry please don't kick me out!" I cried as I stood up and tried to reach for him but he stepped back from my touch.

"Get out!" Yuki yelled again causing me to flinch.

"But Yuki!" I yelled back.

I yelped as he grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and open the door throwing me into the hall and slammed the door in my face locking it. I pounded on the door with my fists but nothing. Yuki didn't open it so I gave up and sat against the wall next to the door. He was going to let me back in right?

I sat in the hall and cried knowing I really messed up this time. I only wanted to be with my lover after not seeing him for 2 weeks due to a small tour. But in the process I broke the laptop. The laptop with everything on it, all of Yuki's novels that he ever typed, all the pictures that look me forever to get with him to take them with the webcam it had. Hells there were even a few I didn't want to take but Yuki wanted them for when I was away on tour for amount of time.

I sighed as I pulled my knees to my chest and lay my head down on them, silently crying.