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Chapter 6: Back Home

(Normal POV)

Shuichi and Eiri sat on the big L shaped couch. Shuichi was curled up in the writers arms. Wrapped around them was Shuichi favorite blanket with Ryuichi on it. His music playing in the background.

Eiri righted some at the silence before moving his hand to tip the younger mans head up and kissing him.

The singer's eyes widen at the kiss but soon relaxed as he returned it, melting into the kiss.

Pulling back the pink haired boy looked up at his lover.

"Yuki, Why did you come to the concert?"

"I was with Tohma and he dragged me along." Was all he got in return.

"Did you enjoy the show?" Shu asked him.

Eiri only shrugged, receiving pout from Shuichi.

Laying his head back on his lovers chest he thought for a moment.

"Yuki, Why did you tell me to come home? I broke your laptop. Surely then I knew you would never let me back." He tipped his head up at the older man.

Eiri looked at his brat. Yes, His again. Eyes softening he leaned down to kiss Shuichi softly.

"Because, I love you."


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