In his current state, Emil Sinclair was in no means prepared to talk to a girl, especially not the young and slender 'Beatrice' who haunted his dreams each night.

Currently, the young man was sitting on a bench in the park where he had first met Alfons Beck and first laid eyes on the beautiful Beatrice. He wasn't sure what thought deep inside his mind had persuaded him to return here, but it was only by sheer luck that the girl of his dreams happened to be there again the next day.

Emil kept his eyes on her, observing every move she made as she laughed with her friends. None of those friends could even come close to her beauty in Sinclair's eyes.

He jumped suddenly, sighing mentally to himself as a young man, fresh out of a bar, stumbled into him. He pushed the man out of his way in disgust, thanking Beatrice for saving him from being like that man. He leaned down to pick up his dropped book, thinking it would be wonderful if he could thank her personally.

Suddenly, Sinclair felt a presence sneak up from behind him as he noticed a tall shadow looming over him. He noted the slight curves and concluded that the person was a woman.

"Ah, excuse me!" a young feminine voice said, confirming his assumption, "I saw you looking at me and I was curious to know if you had something to say to me."

Sinclair's eyes widened as he turned around and was faced, for the first time, with a full view of his dream woman. He immediately stood up straight, looking her directly in the eye.

"I apologize miss." He said, looking her up and down very quickly, "I was simply trying to see if I knew you from somewhere, but it turns out I was wrong."

She scrutinized his face and shook her head in slight irritation.

"Don't try to lie to me," she gave him a look of distaste, "I saw you looking at me yesterday as well."

Sinclair blinked in shock. Had she really noticed him yesterday?

"I'm sorry, I think you must have mistaken me for another." He walked past her, his heart betting frantically.

"Wait!" She followed after him, her heeled shoes clicking with each quickened step.

Emil looked behind him as she pursed after him.

"My name is Beatrice!"

His heart stopped.