Sexy Songs

Rating: M To be safe. Definitely M after the Lemon is posted. XD. You know me. ^.~

Pairing: ShuichixYuki

Summary: Eiri's birthday is here. Shuichi has a concert . Guess what happens when Eiri decides to go.

A/N: Here's another by Yuki. I'll be adding a lemon shortly so keep an eye out for any updates. We don't own Gravi or it's charatcters, and we make no profit from posting these fics. This is purely for entertain purposes only.

Chapter 1:

Shuichi smiled as he looked over the song he was going to sing at the next concert.

"You sure about this, Shu?" Hiro asked him as he rubbed the back of his head after reading his best friends song. "We have never done a song quite like this."

"Yeah, I'm sure. It's Yuki's birthday present. One he can't throw into the back of the closet or throw in the garbage." The pink haired rock star grinned over his smoothie as he pulled another paper from his pocket. "And this is the other one I wanna do, too." He handed the paper to Hiro.

Unfolding the paper Hiro read over it, his eyes getting big.

"Shu, Are you out of your mind! Tohma will ring our necks if we do this one!" Hiro slammed the paper down as people around them stared.

"We won't tell him." Shuichi sipped at his strawberry beverage. "If we say we are doing a different song and change it at the last minuet without him knowing then we should be good."

Hiro sighed as he dipped his spoon into his ice cream.

"You sure Yuki won't walk out while you sing those songs?" He asked his hyper friend.

"He cant. Its a lock down club, no one can leave until its over." Shuichi smirked as he licked his lips.

Hiro laughed as he continued to eat his ice cream.

Eiri sat at his desk looking at his computer, his finger scrolling over the mouse pad at the bottom of the laptop. On top of his birthday coming up, his and Shuichi's three year anniversary was also getting close. Tired of Shuichi whining about him not getting him anything or them going anywhere, he decided to finally get the brat something this year just to shut him up. But what?

Looking over a few things he smirked and sat back after clicking buy that was under the item he chose to get his lover. This year the brat better love him for what he was getting him.

Speaking of gifts, He wondered what monstrosity his hyper lover was going to get him for his birthday. Last year it was a picture book with all his songs written and pictures of them. It sat on the book shelf behind him among the other forgotten books. For their two year anniversary, Shuichi had gotten him a t-shirt with them on it, that sat int he closet way in the back. For their one year, Shuichi got him a laptop bag he made. That also set in the closet.

Tohma sat back looking at the papers on his desk. What was he thinking putting a concert on his brother-in-laws birthday? Every year he had taken the younger blond out for dinner but looked like this year there was a change of plans.

Sighing he looked over the list of songs Bad Luck where going to sing.

"Quite a selection you picked this time, Shindou..." He said as if talking to Shuichi but no one was around.

One song he had said no to a few times, but Shuichi still insisted on singing it, so he allowed it. Maybe he shouldn't have.

Eiri: Chapter one...I know it sucks but it will get better, I can promise you that.

Shuichi: It didn't suck! It was awesome!-glomps him-

Eiri: Stop patronizing me, you damn brat. Why are you here, anyways? Aren't you supposed to be posting this for me?-glares-

Shuichi: -blinks- But I did... That how everyone knows what we're talking about.

Eiri: Baka...