Sexy Songs

Rating: M To be safe. Definitely M after the Lemon is posted. XD. You know me. ^.~

Pairing: ShuichixYuki

Summary: Eiri's birthday is here. Shuichi has a concert . Guess what happens when Eiri decides to go.

A/N: Here's another by Yuki. I'll be adding a lemon shortly so keep an eye out for any updates. We don't own Gravi or it's charatcters, and we make no profit from posting these fics. This is purely for entertain purposes only.

Chapter 4:

Shuichi smiled as he was pulled into the dressing room.

Eiri grabbed the mic from Shuichi's head and threw it across the room.

The crowd behind the curten fell quiet.

"So, Yuki, did you enjoy your songs?" Shuichi said to his lover in a sexy voice.

"Next time you dance like that, it better be just for my eyes." Eiri snapped as he started to strip his brat.

Tohma slipped into his car and lay his head on the stearing wheel. He coudlnt believe Shuichi performed like that. But with the way the crowd took it, it was worth it.

Suguru looked to Hiro who smirked at the sounds that filled the club as they started to put there things away.

In no time Eiri had Shuichi stripped and on his knees moaning at Eiri prepping him.

"Yuki stop teasing me and Just fuck me!" Shuichi moaned out as Eiri pushed his fingers deep into him.

"You teased me and now its my turn." Eiri smirked as he leaned down and bit one of Shuichi's ass cheeks causing him to yelp.

"Yuki Please!" Shuichi begged.

Eiri smirked before Undoing his own pants and pulling himself from his pants and pushed into Shuichi.

Shuichi let out a loud moan that echoed threw the room.

Tohma's eyes widen as he looked back at the club.

Hiro and Suguru froze as they looked up and heard the crowd stop moving as looked up as well.

"H-h- hap-py Bi-Birth-d-d-day Yu-yuki." Shuichi moaned out as Eiri slammed into him once more as he came within his lover. Shuichi releasing onto his hand.

The crowd mumbled to each other as Hiro looked to the controls to see that Shuichi's mic... had never been turned off.

Eiri: XD Love the end. Short I know. But hope you like it.

Shuichi: -dies of mortification- Oh My GOD! How could you do such a thing to me!

Eiri: -smirks- You liked it and you know it.

Shuichi: No!... Well, yes! But that's besides the point!-cries- You just wait, Eiri Yuki! I'll get you for this!

Eiri: -eye roll-