Title: Locked

Rating: T

Summary: Harry awakes to find that he cannot move or talk, and finds out he has been pronounced brain dead…..

I'm so tired. Where am I? Why won't my eyes open? Wait I know this place, smell of disinfectant, I'm in the infirmary. Why am I in the infirmary? What was I doing?

I remember the battle with Voldemort, I remember so many dying, so many I could not save, but then what happened?

I hear nothing. It must be late at night. People are sleeping. I think I can hear people talking in the distance, what are they saying. They sounds so far away. The voices are moving closer, I can hear them better.

"Molly, he's just not getting better. It has been 6 months, maybe it is time." That's McGonagall's voice, who is she talking about? Six months, no one has been sick for the past six months, what's going on?

"Minerva, he's just a boy, how can you say that. Harry saved us, and now, now you just want to turn away from him?" They are talking about ME? Wait what's going on?

Six months?

"The boy lost too much blood and his spine was broken. Had he been brought straight here, he would have been just fine, but no one found him amongst the battle for over a day, the fact that he was alive at all is a miracle. But I think it is time to accept that he is never going to wake, let Pomfery give him the potion to allow him to peacefully leave us.

WHAT? DON'T LET ME DIE! I'M STILL HERE! Please someone, ANYONE, please.

Why can't I move? Why won't my body move? PLEASE MOVE!

"I wouldn't do that" who is that? Sounds out of breath, Snape? But, but I saw him die?

"Severus, what?" McGonagall does not sound very happy.

"I heard him, he's still in there. Look, a tear." Someone is touching my cheek.

"I knew he would n- us- you wanted-I just-." Stay awake, what is Mrs. Weasley saying? No don't go to sleep now. So tired.

"Harry, I need you- Focus, I'm going to-important that-….." Snape is talking again, I just can't stay awake any longer.

Now where am I? Outside Hogwarts? But how did I…"

"Damn you Potter!" Oh Merlin, Snape is here with me. "I told you to focus and only, ONLY think about speaking. That it was very important not to fall asleep, that I would be using Legilimency, so we could hear you. I heard you when you were screaming before."

"Where are we?"

"We are inside your mind. You're sleeping mind. And I cannot leave until you wake up." Snape does not seem very happy, like I could help this. It is not like I wanted him here, or anywhere with me, for that matter. Wait a second…

"I saw you die. I saw you memories too. You saved me, you saved all of us. But, but I couldn't save you. How are you…" More tears, why am I crying?

Snape does not seem like he wants to talk. I really would like to know what is going on.

After a while he finally says, "Potter, what do you remember?"

I did not even have to speak, as I though of the last moment I could remember it was as though they were playing out in front of me. I watched as my memories showed me fighting with Voldemort, "Did Voldemort die?"

Snape looks at me as my memories fade away. "Yes, Potter, you killed him."

"Then what happened?"

"There was an explosion, when the Dark Lord died. It blew up parts of the castle and from what I have heard, it would seem that you were caught in the explosion and were injured quite badly. Neither magical medicine, nor muggle, has been able to rouse you from your coma like stance. They were about to let you go; as I am sure you remember."

"How was it you were able to hear me then if no one else could?"

"Some how you were able to connect with my mind through Legilimency, though how this was possible I am still not sure. But for now I need you to concentrate on waking up."

I was not sure how to do that, but I tried….

It worked, once again I cannot move and can smell the aromas of the infirmary.

There will be more to come if you kids like this one….. :D