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(A.N: I'm finding it really fun to write about the Slytherins, so any future drabbles written about the Slytherins in Harry's year will be posted in this collection).

Those of Great Ambition
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

I. Surprise

Slytherin house was supposed to be the home of the ambitious and cunning, but Theodore often found himself wondering whether the Sorting Hat got people completely and utterly wrong sometimes. Case in point – Blaise Zabini, who had just dragged him down to the kitchens at two in the morning because he wanted fruit, and who was now sitting at the Slytherin table in the kitchens, gazing lovingly at a pineapple.

Blaise, who was one of the unhealthiest people Theodore had ever met in his life, had already eaten a whole pineapple, and was contemplating what to do with the second one. Then he picked the pineapple up and started playing catch with it. Evidently eating it straight away like a normal person was beyond Blaise.

Blaise suddenly pretended to chuck the pineapple in Theodore's direction, yelling "Surprise!"

Theodore glared at him in return. "What is wrong with you, Zabini? Has the amount of fruit you've consumed tonight been a shock to your system?"

"I was trying to make you jump," Blaise muttered sulkily. "Hey, Theo, would it still be murder if I yelled surprise?"

"I neither know nor care what you're on about."

"It's like… if I hit you with the pineapple and it killed you, would it still be murder if I'd said surprise first?"

Theodore shook his head in disbelief. "You did not just say that."

"I did, actually."

Theodore sighed. "I knew having a mass-murderer for a mother would completely addle your brains one day."